No way…Ouai

Summertime is officially here which for me means  my hair goes through the ringer. Between working out and having to wash and blow dry it everyday to the sun damage from being outside my hair is in definite need of TLC. Along comes Ouai (pronounced way) haircare to the rescue.  Just released in this past Spring, I’ve seen Ouai haircare products in no less than five magazines and I was intrigued. Developed by Jen Atkins, recently named the most influential hair stylist in the world by The New York Times. The woman has serious cred. Ouai has only a few products limited to shampoo and conditioner and a couple of styling products but the one I’m most excited about is this treatment masque. This product was made for me. Ms. Atkins suggests putting […]

Mid Day Essence

Lately I feel like around 3 o’clock my face just starts to droop, not in an anti-aging ind of droop but I’m tired and my face looks like it kind of droop Unfortunately there is no nap time for me (or you) so I’ve been looking for a pick me up. I’ve even gone to the restroom and splashed cold water on my face to wake my skin up but lets be honest, then you have to start all over with your makeup. So when I was reading my Marie Claire I saw this article on SK-II. I was intrigued because it is a spray that goes right over your makeup. This product is so hydrating and convenient!  Whenever I spray this mid day essence, it doesn’t leave a residue or an oily […]

I nailed it…

This past weekend I had my last dark coat (OPI Guys and Galaxies) placed on my nails. My manicurist chastised me for going dark but I told her when the temps are still falling to the 40s in April then I am justified. She agreed reluctantly but told me this was it, next time I needed to lighten up. Ok I started doing some research on this important topic I love a gel. I’ve tried alternatives see here which is great when I’m by myself but let’s face it, gel is where it is when you have the time for someone else to do your nails. I know that the UV rays are not the best thing for my hands but it is hard to resist the gel nail that I literally can do anything […]

Beach Bag Beauty Basics

What’s the inside of your beach bag sitch?  I have this idea that my beach bag is permanently sitting on go — just sitting there waiting for the next trip to come along, already packed up, no thought required.  And, then, I’m all “Wait . . . what??  Who used up all my sunscreen???  I swear this was full the last time I used it.”  Or “Ew, yuck!!! Who didn’t put the cap back on???  Nasty!!”  Or “Is this already all gone???” and you try and bend the lip gloss stick to see if you can swipe the sides to scrape one final use out of the tube.  And you turn your bag upside down and a 1/2 cup of sand falls out.  And then you realize that you are the culprit and no […]

A rose by any other name

Not new to the make up line, Dolce and Gabbana launched their first line of cosmetics in 2009. However this year they celebrate the rose, from a strong pink to a nude shade of lipstick this line of lipsticks scream Spring. For the lips Dolce Gabbana introduces the first Dolce Gabbana matte formula, which provides an exceptionally creamy and velvety finish. I know I’ve been blogging a lot about make up but I’m itching for Spring; however, it takes me a little while to pull the trigger on clothes purchases because I have to see what the needs/wants are so it is easier for me to buy makeup initially. Dolce and Gabanna Rosa 2016 Collection is inspired by their recently released rose fragrance. The Rosa Makeup Collection is infused with a sweet fragrance that […]

Red Carpet Ready

I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day. My sweetie and I spent it at home with a great home cooked meal and the movie Spotlight. I was determined to at least see one of the movies up for an Academy Award. It was very well written and while the topic is a heavy one the focus is on the making of the story and not the subject of the story. Would highly recommend it. But on to better things. New York Fashion Week is in full swing right now. I love seeing what the designers, like Zac Posen, are showing what we will be wearing come Fall.  He is one the iconic designers that you just love seeing what he brings to the table,  plus I can’t get enough of his […]

A Little Nuggett

I love sharing little beauty finds that don’t require a bank loan to try. This one…Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins is perfect. I was perusing Tar-get when I came across this little gem. My lips have been so chapped. Every morning I swipe my chapstick on my lips before heading out the door but that doesn’t seem to be enough this winter.  I really needed something more. Vaseline Lip Therapy Tin has only three ingredients, shea butter, petrolatum and vitamin e. There are four flavors, Original, Rosy Lips, Cocoa Butter and Aloe. So far I’ve tried Rosy Lips and Cocoa Butter. I’m already a big fan of Vaseline. Who hasn’t read all the uses Vaseline can have but this Tin takes it to a new level. It can fit into my purse, pocket, and desk […]

Do you tinkle?

Say what? I know that was my reaction. Friday I had lunch with some friends and I was told about tinkling. Ok hang with me. The Tinkle pack is classified as eyebrow shapers but what my friends tell me is that this same device can be used for that light hair we have on our face as well as act like an exfoliator. Now listen. I was skeptical too but one of my friends who was on board with this phenomen is a very good dermatologist and she was agreeing that we all need to do this. Also here is a New York Times article she forwarded to me that does even a better job of explaining this phenomen for you. Each razor can be used 10 times. I asked if it […]


  What in the world? Strobing is the make up trick of highlighting the areas of your face that get the most light such as the forehead, the bridge of your nose and your cheekbones. Why would you do that? Well glad you asked. For instance, strobing your nose will slim it, strobing your cheekbones will make them pop and so forth. I’m a fan of strobing because I feel like you are lit from within compared to contouring which uses a darker shade of foundation to give shape to your face.  I’m also uncomfortable with contouring.  So the trick to strobing is using warm gold tones. Don’t use silver unless you are really pale. Just start with a little bit, step away, and then if you need to come back and add […]

A little holiday sparkle

With holiday parties just around the corner, I try and find a way to refresh the make up. Lately, this Bobbi Brown eye shadow caught my eye so I wandered up to  my neighborhood Bobbi Brown counter to check it out. In the process I walked away with a new eye shadow and a new technique to applying the eye shadow that I just had to pass along to yall. I’ve been reading about the Limited Edition Sequin Eye Shadow and just had to check it out. Now don’t freak out, I promise it looks darker in the case than on the eye. The shadow is infused with flecks of metallic shimmer which just gives you the pop you need. But I promise it goes on so light that you can wear […]