Scrub a dub

Ya’ll my elbows have not been looking too great. I take full responsibility for letting this body part not get the attention it needs but come on there are only so many hours in the day. Just kidding. It is too easy not to pay attention to your elbows and I simply just forgot. Well that ended a month ago and I’ve been all about the scrub and I’m pleased to report that my elbows have been looking better but it has taken some elbow grease (no pun intended). I found a great scrub at Aveda which I use in the shower as I let my conditioner soak in. I rub the scrub on my elbows and other dry patches and while it was not overnight I have seen success. The key […]

Signature Scent


Back a dozen or so years ago, when Nolita was hardly a shopping destination, I stumbled into a tiny little pale pink shop on Elizabeth Street called Calypso Christine Celle and walked out with a cashmere sweater and a bottle of perfume in an intoxicating aroma that would become my favorite and, eventually, my signature scent.   We all kind of have one of those, don’t we?? The perfume was Calypso’s own Mimosa and every other year or so I would mecca to NYC and stop by Calypso to replenish, occasionally purchasing a candle in the same scent. And, then Calypso franchised into Calypso St. Barth – something major.  And, then, they stopped making my perfume. Gloom, despair and agony on me. Then, whilst researching for a post and perusing the local Calypso — […]

sweet dreams

It hit me like a ton of bricks…last week while out of town for work I noticed that I looked tired and worn down. Yes, I was working really hard but it was because I forgot my pillow. Yikes! I wasn’t sleeping well and even though I’m one of those people that  only needs 6 to 7 hours of sleep a night, I need it to be good sleep. My pillow is key and even more so my pillow case. Notice I said “my pillow case” because no one is allowed to use my pillow case. Seriously, you say, a pillow case?! You are crazy (which isn’t too far from the truth) but let me tell you about this pillow case. Bella notte has the most luxurious satin pillow cases and as […]

Feeling blue…

So I’ve been out of town for work this week missing my family which always brings about the blues… so the other day, in an effort to stock up on some makeup I needed before heading out, I went to the Bobbi Brown counter for my favorite eye shadow, “Black chocolate” and oh my it has left the rotation of her products. I love the dark brown color and the sparkle. So what was I to do? The ladies at the counter suggested Rich navy. I was hesitant because for one it was really dark and second, please we all remember those horrible pictures of the blue shadow up to the brow line, but I’m game for anything so I decided to give it a try. You know what,  it’s fabulous. This […]

September one and I’ve got a “cure”

Well September is upon us and to me that means summer is ending. We are back in school, with a routine and every now and then we will get a hint of fall weather, but to me that also means I need to get real serious about my skin because of the sun that I allowed over the summer. This one I’m going to tell you about is pretty cool and you can literally feel it and see it working as you use it if you follow the directions but just be forewarned it may gross you out first. Read further for explanation… but the “cure” is awesome I love an exfoliator but some exfoliants I’ve used in the past have been too harsh and in my opinion did more harm than […]

Feel Like a Natural Woman?

Michael Kors fall 2015 campaign featuring Natasha Poly.

I get that Carole King’s life was way sucky before she met the person she sings about in (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman. That much is pretty clear.  It’s also clear from the song that “feeling like a natural woman” is totally awesome.  What I am not sure I have ever really known is exactly what it means to “feel like a natural woman.”  What is that? And then, I saw Natasha Poly in the Michael Kors Fall 2015 ad campaign.  And, I said to myself, “#currentmood – natural woman.”  That is, I feel like getting my natural thing on with my nails. Because one thing is clear:  these nails Shut. It. Down. I have been in a nail color funk all summer long.  Whilst totally awesome for last Fall and Winter, the […]

Beauty Bits: Wonder Glow


Ever pad to the bathroom sink first thing in the morning, take a peak at your skin in the mirror, and say, “Ugh!  This is going to be a tough one!”  I know.  Me too. And, whether I had to be up with a child in the middle of the night or didn’t sleep well because I had a second glass of wine (a sure sign aging, in my book), or, really, any day that I am not on a kale-rich cleanse, I used to always wish I had a little beauty flash to lend a helping hand with the skin-tone.  To be sure, I have a couple dozen face and anti-aging elixirs, salves, and pommades that help turn back the hands of time.  That’s not what I am talking about here. I am […]

smooth infusion with a kick

aveda-smooth-infusion-2 stylebriefs smooth infusion with a kick

y’all remember when i talked about this aveda product here. well i truly didn’t think any product could get any better but i was wrong. aveda has come out with a new smoothing product, aveda smooth infusion styling creme,  that conditions and helps straighten your hair and oh by the way did i mention that it cuts your drying time. i mean what?! so friday i was getting a long overdue touch up when my stylist started using this aveda product. the bottle looked like what he had recommended before but slightly different so i asked him about it. he proceeded to tell me about what i now refer to as a miracle product. now we all leave the beauty salon with hair that looks like a million bucks but the true […]

working up a sweat

i thought one of the perks of turning 40 was that i wouldn’t have to worry about acne. well that really is the case with the exception of an occasional pimple.  however with this heat i occasionally develop “backne”  which who wants to see when you you are wanting to wear a strappy top or one of the off the shoulder tops that caroline showed us here. or me here. i know to “cure” this dilemma i need to stay out of the heat and when i do sweat i need to take a shower to wash away the dirt and grime. but seriously? that’s not feasible. so i talked to my dermatologist to get suggestions. she recommended that whenever i start to sweat to make sure i immediately wipe away the sweat […]

summer beauty: the japanese scalp brush | bonus: resort report


i feel my summer hair sitch coming on . . .  like when i move a little piece of hair out of my face or tuck it behind my ear and it feels all crunchy????  from the pool to the drenching sweat that is summer outdoor activity in the south to washing the hair way too often to the hair dryer to the curling iron to crunch. . .  that is where you’ll find me . . . until now!!  OMG . . . this thing is amazing.  the japanese figured out a decade ago that the world could really use a better brush and got on it.  the s-heart-s scalp brush (whatevs on the name) puts all it’s energy into the scalp which, it turns out, yields dividends all the way down […]