red marks the spot

i love a red lip and am jealous of anyone who can carry it off. but it’s like painting your nails red. no sooner as i have my nails painted fire engine red is there some chore that messes them up. same with the lips you work for what seems like forever getting the lipstick just right with no bleeding or feathering outside the lip then that just can’t pass up chocolate chip cookie messes them up. and then there is all the confusion about what makeup to wear with the red lip. do you do simple clean eye or can you do bold smoky eyes with the red lips. you know what? you can do either one. the trick to what makeup to pair a red lip with is to wear […]

i’m not just going to the gym ponytail…

i love ponytails but unfortunately i start my day at the gym with a ponytail so i’m hesitant to wear one during the day. i’m also afraid that people might think i was too lazy to wash my hair (shh that might be true on some days) or the horror i just might not have had time to go to the salon for a much needed touch up. but ponytails can be beautiful. i love the low ponytail and the high ponytail. or you can jazz it up with a headband or a pretty elastic. the possibilities are endless. so the next time you just don’t have time to wash your hair, grab a pretty elastic, swipe on red lipstick and a smile and i guarantee you will turn heads. Ps did […]