Splurge or Save

  I’ve really wanted to make this a regular post for a while. Y’all know from last week’s post that I splurged on this Frame blazer which meant other items in my cart had to go back. But luckily my research has found some very good items that look like a “splurge”. All of my “save” items in the picture came from Banana Republic and in fact if you read my Frame post then you know my lesser cost leopard blazer came from Banana Republic as well. This outfit with a few tweaks can take you from day to night. During the day, carry a larger handbag with a small hoop earring and in the evening add a statement earring and may be a red lipstick. Find links to all these pieces […]

What to wear…what to wear

With less than a week to go for the Linly Heflin Fashion Show, the question comes down to what to wear. I tell you our weathermen are making it very difficult with 85+ temperatures but with a promise of cooler weather next week the countdown is on. When you attend an event where everyone will have their “A” game, the pressure can be intense. But I’m so glad that Haute Hippie is the feature designer. As I said here, Haute Hippie is multi generational and can make this 46 year old feel a little hip. The dilemma will be narrowing down the choices. Can’t get to the show? Luckily Gus Mayer will be having a truck show with all the fabulous Haute Hippie clothing. With the holidays right upon us this would […]

My favorite purchase for Fall

As I’ve gotten older, I find myself buying less items of clothing but more “special” items. This Frame blazer goes in that category. In August, I saw this blazer but just couldn’t make myself pull the trigger. But after dreaming about it (literally) for two months I just couldn’t take it anymore and bought it. Best purchase. Why? The fit is fabulous. It is narrow at the waist but not too tight in the arms. It can be worn at work over a black shift dress or on the weekend with jeans or on a special night with leather pants and a hot pink pump. Finally, it has that “wow” factor. I’m so glad I took the plunge even if it meant some other items in my cart got put back on […]


I know I’ve been MIA. This has been the summer of change. First I changed law firms after being with my first firm for twenty years. It has been a good and exciting change but still it has been a transition. Second, Caroline has decided to stop blogging on Stylebriefs and concentrate on her interior design. I am excited for her new adventure. But when Gus Mayer asked me to help out with the Linly Heflin Fashion show I thought it would be a great opportunity to get back in the swing of things. The Linly Heflin Fashion Show is October 18th in Birmingham. It is always a great event and I never know how they top it each year but they do. Based on what I’ve seen so far, this year […]

Rocking the Brook

This Spring has been insane! Running from one event to the other has required several dresses. Admittedly once I find a dress I like I tend to buy several. Why try and reinvent the wheel when you know something works. for your body type For me this Spring, it has been Ramy Brook. At first I was a little turned off because it seemed that whenever I saw someone wearing this line, it was really short. And because at 46 a short dress is not something that I feel confident in I didn’t give this line a second look. But when you desperately need something to wear, nothing is off the table. So when I was encouraged to take a second look at Ramy Brook, I said, “what the heck?!” Boy I’m […]

Pack it on the rear

Last year my daughter was heading to Universal and really wanted a fanny pack. My reply was “say what”? But she insisted so I sent her to Amazon with her birthday money where she found a gold snake skin fanny pack. I thought she was crazy but she wore that pack everywhere and even when she got back she still carries or should I say her cute butt does that fanny pack. PS in full disclosure she also added a fur key chain. Well what do I know? Both Alexander Wang and Chanel featured the fanny pack in their spring shows so now the fanny pack is the “It” bag. But have fun with it. The ones below are really nice but for this fad, I would go funky like this one […]

It’s getting serious ya’ll… Shoe Version

Did you get the email that Shopbop is having its sale. Yep, save up to 25% off on some Spring essentials. with code GOBIG17. Get on the bandwagon because it is time and I’ve got a few must buy items in the shoe department. I’ll have more as the week goes on. Have fun!! Pedro Garcia Wedge Sandals: Ok peeps this isn’t the first time I’ve let you know about this must buy. Seriously I know it is an investment but I promise you will wear them ALL THE TIME! Every friend that has taken my advice and bought these shoes never ever regrets it. Go Buy Right Now! Tory Burch Flip Flops: These are a classic and if you have any idea that you will be at the pool sometime in […]

The One Spring Trend You Will Not See Me In…Gingham

Gingham has been everywhere I look. It is one of the Spring Trends we are being encouraged to wear.  See article here and here. Not for me. I wore gingham everyday for 12 years and the day I graduated from high school my gingham days were over. But if you didn’t wear gingham everyday growing up then I’ve got some Spring looks you need to check out. xo Martha Plus a few items you may want to try.  

Springing into Sweaters

  We are now 30 days from Spring Break! Whoo hoo. Here in Alabama it is already feeling like Spring. But that means that the mornings and nights are still cool. I try to buy a couple of Spring  sweaters each year because I find that my body takes a little while to acclimate to the warmer weather (kind of like still using your seat warmers in the car even when it gets warm). As you are transitioning into a new season, you want a sweater that is pale in color so you can wear it with white jeans or even a pair of shorts. I like a lightweight cashmere because I find it breathes easier. I know it is an investment but if taken care of it will last a long […]

Mixing It Up

Almost Time for Spring…but Not Quite Yet…. This time of year I get wooed by all the pretty Spring florals but I know that I’ve got a few more months of cooler weather.  I also know that if I wait til March or April to buy Spring items then all the fantastic pieces will be picked over. So what is a girl to do? I like to pair my Spring florals with my Winter staples.  For example take this Equipment blouse and pair with a floral sweater such as this one from Zara. Or take that floral blouse like this one from Banana Republic and open it up over a turtleneck in grey or black. Another idea, is to take your BLANKNYC suede moto jacket and pair with a sleeveless blouse like this […]