down-at-the-heels . . .

okay. I really cannot believe we are back to this shoe. the first thing I thought when I saw it was, “really?” and then I realized that I always think that the first time I see I trend. the last time I considered this shoe was for my senior prom at coffee high school when I bought some “dip and dye” mid-heels at the bakers on the corner across from orange julius at regency square mall. (my mother did not think it appropriate for a 17 year old to wear stilettos. my, how the times change). and, I would not have thought they could be cool or pretty until I saw the picture below at and then, I knew I needed a pair of mid-heel, pointed toe shoes. I think the […]

ray ban aviator giveaway . . .

what is mary kate wearing?  that’s right!  the most notable thing she has on in this picture is her ray ban aviators and not her new 10 carat engagement ring. don’t forget about stylebriefs ray ban aviator giveaway!  for a chance to win, you must follow our stylebriefs blog at, by entering your email address in the “follow” box in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.  (hint, you must do this from your desktop or laptop computer; you can’t follow from your mobile devices.  suck.  i know.)  the deadline to enter is midnight on march 28.  come on!  what are you waiting for?

leather in the spring

if you’ve seen caroline or me out during the colder months, there is a good chance you’ve seen us rocking our leather pants. we love our leather pants. they can be dressed up or down and can take any outfit to the next level. but what about leather in the spring. i have to admit it took me a while to embrace this trend. i have always thought of leather as a cold weather fabric but that is simply not the case. leather is a great transition piece. throw a leather jacket over a tshirt and with the perfect pair jeans and you are ready to hit the town (or to your child’s baseball game). even this pencil skirt from jcrew-a great outfit for the office or for a night out. so […]

do your skirts hang low . . . (part two)

as promised, i have collected a few great looking midi and longish skirts that have great looking price tags as well.  i like the idea of wearing these with a mule for a really modern look. either a crop or a long tank in the summer; a cropped or belted long blazer for a more polished look. (Lupita, that’s two “no tucks”).  the topshop silk midi sundress by unique, above, would be perf for dinner out once the nights get warmer. there are already so many great options out there.  as the spring merchandise hits the stores this week, you are sure to find many more.  if you do, post them on our facebook page!!!  i am in the market, girl! mango striped midi skirt, $69 topshop forest green slip skirt, $56 […]

the statement necklace is my version of the tie

by martha men are so lucky. as a lawyer i’m required to wear a suit more days than not. boring! unless i want to spend a fortune on a new suit for every day of the week i go around looking the same every day. men, on the other hand, can change up their business attire with one tie. one tie, oh the humanity. that’s not fair, not to mention the fact that they can wear comfortable shoes while we are wearing heels that pinch our toes. it took me a while to figure it out but i now change necklaces to add a new layer to my business attire. look at these pictures. these necklaces are just some from my collection. there are some beautiful necklaces out there with all different […]

ray ban aviator giveaway!!!!

we are counting down the days here at stylebriefs until spring break. it has been a long cold winter in alabama and we are looking forward to some warm sunshine! but whether you will be hitting the slopes, basking in the warm rays, or hitting the big city on your break, stylebriefs knows you will look way cooler in a new pair of ray ban aviators. who’s your mama? follow us at before midnight march 28 to be entered in the stylebriefs ray ban aviator giveaway. (follow us by entering your email address in the lower right-hand corner at  one lucky follower, selected at random, will win a pair of ray ban aviators like the ones featured on Kate, above. only one entry per person. winner will be announced on march […]

and the winner is . . .

we interrupt regularly scheduled programming here at stylebriefs to bring you this special report on the oscars. we don’t miss a red carpet and the oscars are, well, the academy awards of red carpets! below, we each have selected our favorites. which ones did you love and which ones needed to stop? by martha this is hard. i haven’t seen anything that really really blew me away and honestly the ones that usually hit it out of the park only made it to first base. now in saying all that there were some beautiful dresses. lupita nyong’s beautiful blue plunging dress was breathtaking. cate blanchett looks like old time hollywood. i also loved jennifer lawrence’s dress with the diamonds draping down her back but maybe she wants to rethink the high heels […]

do your skirts hang low . . . (part one)

do they waffle to and fro? if your skirts don’t hang low, they should. skirts are long (for spring), and long is good (if you are over 5’4″). no longer reserved for the “Jessas” of the world, the spring runways moved the longer, somewhat flowy skirt to the forefront. since my legs are not my favorite body part, my heart lept with joy as the longer skirts just kept coming down the runways. from the looks below, i get the idea that a longer skirt done right can be very refined AND sexy – and to be honest, i haven’t felt that way about a long or midi skirt in a long time. stay tuned for “do your skirts hang low” part two, which will post next monday. i’m pulling together some […]

building a bridge to spring . . .

the end of february makes me anxious for spring. and each year I am surprised at how hard it can be to transition my wardrobe without (a) freezing to death, (b) looking ridiculous, or (c) getting super depressed that I am still stuck in dark, drab woolens when it is 65 degrees by lunchtime. this year I am determined to build a bridge between my mostly winter and mostly summer wardrobes by grabbing a few pieces earmarked just for spring. this look from zara is both stylish and a good bridge. being boxy, mock turtle, and cropped makes the jacket on trend for spring (the fall runways have more of the same, so I think it is a good bet it will work next spring as well). i suspect all of our […]