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OPI polish gift idea for teenage girls

Caroline said it best yesterday, the pressure is on. I’ve finished the main part of my Christmas shopping now it is just running around picking up last minute items for the stockings. When I’m filling my stockings for my family, I like to have a mixture between necessities and fun items. I remember my freshmen year in college, living in the dorm, and my mom gave me a roll of quarters for the washing machine. I thought that was the best gift, but she was also considerate and put one of my favorite lipsticks in there as well. Like Caroline did yesterday, I’ve linked you to Amazon Prime items so your teenager’s stocking can be filled in plenty of time for Christmas. So the Teenage Girl, we’ve talked about Gift Guides here […]

The Quick Grab | Last Minute Life Savers


Are you ready?  Me either. I feel like I’ve had literally a nano-second to pull all of Christmas together.  Wasn’t Thanksgiving, like, last week?  I really just kind of feel like a contestant on the Price Is Right playing the grocery game where I have to get all the items on the conveyor belt and under budget before the timer goes off and so I am frantically running around crazy just grabbing things and throwing them on the belt. Feel me? Luckily for us, I took a moment out of my nano-second to pull together a few of my fave-o-favorite gifts to give that are affordable, in-stock, available from Amazon Prime for shipping and receipt before the weekend and a guaranteed success.  Word. And, hey!  Good luck out there! XO, cg 1 Lee […]

Gift Guide: The Family Pet

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I’ve been a little preoccupied with the humans in my life and what to buy them for Christmas when the one that loves me no matter what has not been getting as much attention as she deserves. So this one is for you Daisy and all my other furry friends that don’t ask much except a belly rub and an occasional treat. The Sweater. How cute is this sweater from Banana Republic? I love this one as well. (especially when Daisy is not on her best behavior)I get bundled up when I take Daisy for a walk in the mornings, shouldn’t she. She’ll be styling as well. Harry Barker Dog Treats. I honestly can’t remember how I learned about these dog treats but Daisy’s good behavior […]

The Hook Up | Cyber Monday

I know.  I KNOW.  It really doesn’t exist, does it?  Because we all have super awesome home computers or fablets so we don’t have to wait until we get to the office on Monday to crank up the internet, right?  The idea of Cyber Monday seems very Y2K to me. And, yet . . . I am totally down with a few Cyber Monday sales. I don’t mean to brag – but I have knocked off, like, at least one Christmas gift from my list already – so I am WAY ahead of the rest of you b*tches!!!! This past week was crazy and I didn’t have time to focus on Christmas.  And, it also seemed like maybe it was early yet . . . but that feeling has totally vanished. So, guess what I am […]

Gift Idea | The Family Gift

I love, love, love a gift for the entire family that encourages us to do things together and to enjoy our family time. One the best gifts we ever gave our family was a GoPro. It is so much fun to watch footage from all the crazy things we do together from kayaking to zip-lining to riding the waves at the beach. If you haven’t gotten one yet, check them out (here). You will have tons of fun with this!  Promise! XO, cg

Gift Guide Families

About this time, you’ve probably eaten too much turkey and dressing and decided to see what the Stylebriefs girls have up their sleeve. Well it’s another Gift Guide. This one is for the family. You’ve made it through Thanksgiving but we need to get your prepared for Christmas and New Years when there seems to be a lot more togetherness. I promise the ideas, I’ve posted will have the family in stitches. Game of Phones: Everyone has their cell phones out anyway, we might as well make a game of it. Each player, with cell phone in hand. One person draws a card and the players use their phone the fastest to create an emoji, find a photo you’ve taken or use Google images to find the image closet to the card. […]

Gift Guide Teenagers Part 2

One of the most  popular requests I receive is for the  Teenage Gift Guide for Girls.  When I was that age, the three things on everyone of my friends’ list was clothes, money and jewelry. My list hasn’t changed in 30+ years. But now the teen years are hard, too old for dolls and let’s face it a lot of the clothes marketed towards teenage girls well… So I’m back at it this week with another gift guide. Check here and here for last week’s Gift Guides for Boys and Girls Jewelry: I’ve tried to give ideas under each one of the categories that I always asked for. Jewelry can be hard. I want to give a piece of jewelry with some meaning but also at a good price point. I love […]

Gift Guide for the Teenage Boy

At y’all’s request, I went to my elves and told them I needed ideas for the young men. This wasn’t too hard as I’ve found the boys once you give them enough food will start to open up and let you know what they want for Christmas. I’ll be honest, some of the items you’ll see could be for the young women as well as some of the older men in our lives. Needless to say this was a fun one: 1.Swagway, the electric skateboard. I’ve already started seeing these pop up in my neighborhood but every person I talked to had this on their list.  Simply stand on your Swagway and it will magically balance for you. The dual-action motors respond to your body movement. Shift your weight forward and it accelerates […]

Gift Guide | For the Teenagers

The thirteen and up is probably one of the most difficult age groups to shop for Christmas. Everything has to be just right but luckily my crack research team (13 year old daughter and her friends) have hooked me up and in turn y’all. I love the Brixton Hat Collection. At $6o.00 it is perfect price point for the teenage set. It is a little smaller than the Janessa Leone hat for women so it fits your teenager perfectly. Bobbi Brown Mini Long Wear Cream Stick Duo- $20.00. These are two great neutral colors for the eyes that are a hint of makeup without being too garish. They are easy to apply and something that she can throw into her purse or back pack The Photo Cube by Vupoint. This gift for $99.00 […]

Gift Guide | For the Guys


During this month of whirlwind purchases, I am sometimes guilty of getting all wrapped up in my extended small-gift Christmas list, including teachers, neighbors, friends and children’s friends that I end up neglecting those most important to me.  This has certainly been true from time to time of my sweet husband.  And, that is just SO not fair.  He works hard to provide for us and deserves a thoughtful and nice gift under the tree.  Feel me?  So, it’s time to up the Daddy Gift Giving Game.  Below is a collection of gifts guaranteed to say “I love you” and to bring a smile to your numero uno. . . Ho, ho, ho! CG 1 Sonos Play:5, $499 The ultimate smart speaker for streaming music.  This baby will change your life.  Miles and miles of internal […]