ahhh . . . spring!

i was ready to break up with winter back in december. . . can’t express the joy in my heart at the slightest glimpse of spring. i bought these cherry tree branches yesterday, so the blooms are just getting started. (they are sure to be in full glory while we are on spring break. note to self: think ahead). but here is hoping that these little bursts of pink and the other blooms swollen with potential will put a little spring in your step.

i’m married to a rock star…yes me

did you know that i’m married to rock star. my husband, brent, is in the band brent thompson overdrive (bto for short) and he and his band mates rock it out. he and his friend tommy terrell have been playing for longer than either one wants to admit.  their friend kevin taterek joined the band and now along with a key board player and a drummer, you have a bona fide rock band. if you’ve been down dexter avenue any of the last few halloweens you’ve seen them play at the annual neighborhood party where they play all of the songs that we grew up with. the neighbors, young and old, love the band tomorrow night they will be at oteys in crestline village where they have promised an awesome show and […]

excuse me for being a little mushy…

i love my friends. i’ve been blessed my entire life with wonderful friends throughout all stages of my life… the friends you made when your mom took you to playgroup, to friends you got in trouble with for staying out past curfew, to  friends you made in college who like you loved late night food runs, to friends you have the first time you truly were on your own, to friends you have because your children were friends, to friends who are just friends just because. i’m the first to admit that i do not do enough to tell these women how much they have meant to me. you know, we are all so busy with our families, our work, going to the grocery store, taking our children to one activity to […]

what a glorious day

ok to counter caroline’s la croix post, i had to post about today. (tacos and margaritas) it was 65 degrees and sunny and for my birmingham peeps you know what a blessing that was. can we say worst winter ever. (i know for my northern friends, no sympathy). i am one of those people that just go go go and have hard time stopping. but i got most of my chores done this morning and then got a call from my better half that we were meeting friends up the street to sit outside for margaritas and tacos. on a day like today it was hard to say no. the pictures say it all. hope your weekend was just as glorious

la croix is the new black . . .

is it just me, or is everyone obsessed, obsessed with la croix? and by everyone, I mean me. and, also, they stack it up in the aisle of the grocery store like they do bread and milk on days when we are expecting snow because there is just not enough space on the shelf for all the la croix that will be sold before the mid-week restocking. and, it really is like my black [insert name of your favorite clothing item here]. it’s a “go to” on days when my fat jeans don’t fit, it immediately makes me feel skinnier, and it really does go with anything. with spring break around the corner, I can feel my addiction interest growing as if by drinking more la croix, wearing my swimsuit will miraculously […]

heading home…

by martha my family and i are heading home this weekend for my favorite holiday, mardi gras. ever since i was little i have loved this holiday. the floats, the pageantry, the candy, it is a special time. now that i’m older i still love it just for different reasons.  going home for mardi gras allows me to  see my parents and reconnect with friends. and who can turn away a good moon pie and dancing to a marching band along the streets of mobile? not me! for weeks, the streets of downtown mobile are filled with the sights and sounds of live marching bands, brilliant-colored floats and of course the crowds of parade goers that is mardi gras in mobile. this picture of my daughter shows all the beads that she […]

Valentines Day

ironically Valentines Day is based upon a martyr. according to legend, a Catholic martyr imprisoned in 5 AD signed a letter to the jailer’s daughter who had visited him in prison, ” Your Valentine”.  sometimes I feel like a martyr around this holiday. growing up you first  worry that no one will be your valentine, then you worry your valentine might leave. then as you get older with children you have the pressure of creating the perfect valentines for your child to take to the class party. ahh does it ever end? it does if you let it. see these cookies. they’re not perfect but my daughter and I made them together. to me they’re the perfect valentine. happy valentine’s day

this is the beginning …

this blog all started at 5 am at our local y. our names are caroline gidiere and martha thompson.  one is from north alabama and the other is from south alabama but we met in the middle. we are probably a lot like you… you know, bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let you forget you’re a man . . . all while staying on the cutting edge of fashion, right? we are passionate about our families, fashion, staying fit, and all things beautiful and on the side we both just happen to practice law.  so we thought, “why not put our interests and skills together?” we hope this blog will inspire you, give you a break from the everyday tasks and even make you laugh. […]

It is the most wonderful time of year…Mardi Gras!

So I couldn’t help myself. I know Caroline discussed New Orleans Mardi Gras this morning but since Mobile had the original Mardi Gras and it truly is my favorite holiday of the year I had to share. When my husband and I married almost twenty years ago my one request was that we go home to Mardi Gras every year. In these twenty years I’ve only missed one. Admittedly sometimes the trip is short. This year I literally hopped off a plane from Miami on Friday afternoon and headed straight down south. But it was worth it. The weather was fabulous, I got to see my parents and some friends but most importantly got to catch a few parades. I’ve discussed Mardi Gras a number of times here, and here, as well let you […]