Out of my comfort zone

This weekend my longtime friend, Laura, is coming to Birmingham to teach a few yoga classes. She is a great teacher but I’m not a yogi. I cardio and pure barre every day so yoga really hasn’t been my thing.  Also y’all probably know by now I’m  tightly wound so I’m really nervous about trying to contort my body into unfamiliar positions. But trying new things is growth, Right? So here goes. I’ve got my yoga mat, my water bottle and all the requisite clothing. I’ve also gone and gotten my toes painted because well I don’t know why other than I knew there would be no socks or shoes and I at least wanted my feet to look ok. Birmingham folks, you want to join me? As long as you promise […]

Ahh Refreshing

This past week I got together with some friends. We keep these get togethers simple because the point is just being together; wine and pizza is what is on the menu. But in the summertime we try and bring a “fun drink”. This week I had the most refreshing drink.  One of my friends brought Barritt’s Ginger beer and Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka. I actually had this this drink about a month ago with some other friends but had forgotten about it. No more my friends, this drink is one to put on the summertime rotation. It is a lot like a Moscow Mule. Here are a few tips; First freeze your Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka. It really makes a difference. Second, more Ginger beer than vodka (you’ll thank me […]

Reynolds Plantation

Recently our family headed about an hour east of Atlanta to Reynolds Plantation to celebrate my Dad’s 75th. (Doesn’t he look great!) It was a great way to start summer off. Reynolds Plantation came about when two Reynolds cousins, Mercer Reynolds, Sr. and James Madison Reynolds – and their descendants – started buying land in the Greensboro, Georgia area in the late 1800s. A fishing and hunting lodge was built on land that they called “Linger Longer,” because of their desire to remain at the lodge for as long as possible. In 1979, Georgia Power completed construction of the Wallace Dam, creating the 20 mile-long Lake Oconee. And in 1985, James Madison Reynolds’ grandchildren began to develop the land that was left in trust to them.. The Ritz-Carlton took notice of all […]

We did the ‘Roo and survived

  This past weekend my family and I travelled to Manchester, Tennessee the home of the Bonaroo Music Festival. I’ll be honest I hadn’t been too fired up about this festival because I’m not a camper at all. My husband who is a big music fan has always wanted to go but knew if he wanted to have his family with him he would have to find a way for us to go without having to sleep outside and take communal showers. Luckily for him (and for us) he found the perfect way to go. Bonaroo offers day shuttle passes from Nashville. We left Nashville at 11 that morning arriving in Manchester around noon just in time for us to eat lunch and catch a new band, Joe Hertler and the Rainbow […]

Beach Reads

Last week of school…Woop Woop!! I am so done, I can’t even relate how the teachers feel. God Bless them! So I feel strange recommending summer reading but I promise these are all “light reads”. Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld Pride and Prejudice meet the 21st century. Liz, the one with the most together living in New York, returns to her hometown of Cincinnati after her father has a health scare. There she meets Dr. Darcy and it is not love at first sight.  Liz is the one who has to save each one of her sisters from themselves as well as her parents from throwing the family into bankruptcy. Stay attuned as there a lot of characters to keep track of but once you get caught up in their character (flaws) you […]

After Midnight

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I bring you my favorite salsa…After Midnight Salsa. Really I can’t describe how good it is. I first discovered After Midnight Salsa at our local Farmer’s Market. It was love at first bite. I didn’t think too much about it at first because I simply can’t get down to our farmer’s market every Saturday. But lo and behold, my office building started hosting a farmer’s market every Tuesday and my new friend appeared. I officially became hooked. Seriously, no chips required. I literally can eat it with a spoon. I’m so proud of Salsa Guy. He started simply at a Farmer’s Market and now his products are expanding to grocery stores as well as some other states. Check out his Facebook link here. I’m a Sissy […]


With Jazz Fest starting this weekend I thought it would be a great time to tell you about some of my favorite restaurants in New Orleans. Of course this list is not all inclusive by any means and I would love to know where you’ve been that I need to add. Last weekend I went on a girl’s trip to New Orleans. I was with friends that I have known literally my entire life. We laughed and laughed the entire weekend and created even more memories. We love New Orleans. It is easy for most of our group to get to and the city allows us to let loose (Ask my family about the picture I sent of me riding a mechanical bull Friday afternoon. It went all down hill from there). […]

Bahama Mamas

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We certainly did. We celebrated Easter and my daughter’s 14th birthday. What made the day even more special was celebrating with both sets of grandparents. Fun was had by all. But now we are off on Spring Break and in honor of the vacay here is a fun little cocktail recipe…the Bahama mama. Rum and more rum with pineapple juice and orange juice over ice. Yes please! xo Martha      

Peanut Butter with a Twist

Caroline has been cleansing and while I can’t go that far it has led me to try and eat more healthily. One of the items that I have come across is Peanut Butter Powder. It’s essentially powdered peanuts that have been pressed to remove much of the oil and fats. With half the fat of traditional peanut butter and lots of protein this is a great alternative. Two tablespoons of regular Peanut Butter has about 190 calories and 16 grams of fat. The Powder has 45 calories and 1.5 grams of fat in two tablespoons. Now let me be honest this is not meant to take the place of peanut butter so don’t think you can mix peanut butter powder with water and you got peanut butter, the taste is the same […]

Travel File | Mardi Gras, New Orleans-style

Today is the mother of all parties and you KNOW you need a little fix — whether you just got back or you have never been to Mardi Gras, whether you prefer your Fat Tuesday Mobile-style (à la Martha) or you think New Orleans does it best, we all need a taste today.  And, since Martha has done Stylebriefs’ Mardi Gras post for two years running, I asked for a chance to add a little New Orleans-flavored Mardi Gras nugget this year. I just got back last week from a quick weekend trip with my family to NOLA to visit my sister, who has lived in New Orleans for almost 30 years now.  Last year, I took the kids down to help celebrate with my godson as he played page to Queen of a krewe and we have […]