Peanut Butter with a Twist

Caroline has been cleansing and while I can’t go that far it has led me to try and eat more healthily. One of the items that I have come across is Peanut Butter Powder. It’s essentially powdered peanuts that have been pressed to remove much of the oil and fats. With half the fat of traditional peanut butter and lots of protein this is a great alternative. Two tablespoons of regular Peanut Butter has about 190 calories and 16 grams of fat. The Powder has 45 calories and 1.5 grams of fat in two tablespoons. Now let me be honest this is not meant to take the place of peanut butter so don’t think you can mix peanut butter powder with water and you got peanut butter, the taste is the same […]

Travel File | Mardi Gras, New Orleans-style

Today is the mother of all parties and you KNOW you need a little fix — whether you just got back or you have never been to Mardi Gras, whether you prefer your Fat Tuesday Mobile-style (à la Martha) or you think New Orleans does it best, we all need a taste today.  And, since Martha has done Stylebriefs’ Mardi Gras post for two years running, I asked for a chance to add a little New Orleans-flavored Mardi Gras nugget this year. I just got back last week from a quick weekend trip with my family to NOLA to visit my sister, who has lived in New Orleans for almost 30 years now.  Last year, I took the kids down to help celebrate with my godson as he played page to Queen of a krewe and we have […]

TV Guide: Mozart In The Jungle

Last April, I read a great article in Vogue interviewing Lola Kirke, sister to Jemima Kirke (who plays Jessa in the Lena Dunham/HBO hit series, Girls), about her new role as Hailey, an aspiring oboist from North Carolina trying to break into the New York Symphony in the second Amazon Original Series, Mozart In the Jungle.  The article noted that the series was produced by Jason Schwartzman (one of my favorites since Rushmore), Bart Frundlich (Julianne Moore’s husband), and Roman Coppola, directed in turn by each of the three, and based on the New York Times Best Selling Novel by the same name.  Really, it had me at hello. I checked it out that night.  And, two days later I had watched the entire first season.  And, I told everyone who would […]

My Winter Reading List

This time of year I’m hibernating, either we are too cold or we are being bombarded my severe thuderstorms and as my bedside table will attest, I stock up on books. It is a sickness that I blame my mother. As I’ve said before, she fostered my love of reading and I love crawling into bed with a good book. So to those of you that I have that same love let me hook you up. My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout Lucy is hospitalized with an infection that just will not get better. Her mother, whom she hasn’t spoken with in a number of years, comes to visit and satays with her in the hospital. They gossip about people from her childhood but underneath is the deep pain Lucy […]

The Hard Reboot and The Cleanse

I am two weeks into my annual January cleanse and happy to report that I am full of energy, feeling like a million dollars, sleeping like a baby, and I can breathe in all of my clothes again.  The truth is that I love the holidays and November and December are a total joy for me each year.  I love coffee and coffee cake and sausage balls and cool cocktails at cocktail parties and dinner parties and having fun with my friends and making cinnamon rolls with my children and enjoying the company of my parents and my lovely sisters and niece and nephews and eating dinner rolls and dessert and sleeping late — and all of those really super wonderful indulgent things that say “Holidays” to me.  And, really, what adds to that […]

It’s that kind of day…

Well our weather man is predicting a little snow here in Alabama. What does that mean? Everyone is heading out making sure they have enough bread and milk in case they can’t get to the store for a few hours. But I know our friends in the Northeast are getting walloped and since we are heading into the weekend, I thought I would share some cocktail recipes courtesy of Martha Stewart. These are all easy to make and if you are heading to the store for your bread and milk anyway, you can pick up a few more items so you will truly be prepared. The recipes I chose are for a crowd.  I was talking to a friend  yesterday and she had already texted her neighbors making sure everyone had enough […]

Keeping the Girls in Check

So my love of fitness is well known. In fact if I miss a day at the Y, I’ve been told they have thought about sending out a search party because my workout at the Y is like death and taxes (always is going to happen) Lately I have been trying to update my sports bra collection. You would think that someone who spends her first waking moments exercising would have no problem in this department. But the truth is I do. I have a hard time spending a lot of money on a sports bra. Also, what is with the padding? After I exercise, I want to be able to throw my sports bra in the wash without worrying if I’m going to lose a boob in the process. Finally I […]

A new year…a new cookbook

When is the last time you cooked a meal for your family (and I’m not talking about one of the major meals) but a real for goodness sake home cooked meal. If you are like me, it has been a while. Between all the normal commitments and the holiday stress it has been a while since my family got to sit down to a meal I made. Oh sure, there may have been a couple of meals thrown together with whatever there was in the fridge so after the holidays have ended, I’ve been craving to get back in the kitchen. I use to buy a new cookbook every year but with the advent of Pinterest my cookbook buying has slowed down. Recently I read in USA Today an article about The […]

Here we go now. . .

It’s the dawn of a new day. Can you feel it???? 2016 is going to be BIG!!!  I mean big!!!  Can you feel it?  I can feel it.  I really believe you get back the energy you put out into the world.  And, that is so exciting!  Because I feel good and I am thinking big and like anything is possible!!!! I started my design business (find my contact info here) in February last year, which was a dream come true. And, it’s been a fab year – so many amazing projects and incredible clients with great taste (which makes it fun!!!)!!! And, every project only whet my whistle for more and gave me insight into what is possible.   So, I am putting my “to-do” list together and fine-tuning my vision for the year. […]