An Affair of the Heart

My love affair with Jeffrey Bilhuber began when I was a much younger woman.  And even now, my heart skips a beat and my pulse quickens when I hear his name mentioned. . . .  Did you just say Jeffrey Bilhuber???  I’m sorry, what were you saying??  Could you say that again??? Because, the truth is that to this day, I want to hear anything Jeffrey has to say, I want to see anything he has done, and I want to know everything he wants to tell me.  Did I get all Kathy Bates in Misery on you???  I know.  I  try to keep that tamped down. But, but . . .  the truth is that I am absolutely DY. Ing. that he is coming to Birmingham (!!!!!) to Antiques in the Gardens in two weeks (Oct 7)!!!  I […]