Summer Essentials

I know technically summer just started last week but tell that to our weatherman who has been broadcasting 90+ degrees for the last month. So here are a few essentials to make it through. Almay Oil-Free Makeup Eraser Sticks. No matter how hard I try my eyeliner still runs so I carry these in my purse whenever that happens. Q-tips infused with makeup remover? Genius! A couple of ideas. First, put these makeup eraser sticks in a small snack bag so just in case one breaks off and spills. Second, to keep my eyeliner on I dab a plain q-tip in face powder and put right under my eyeliner and it helps the eye liner not smudge as much. Skinceuticals Body Tightening Concentrate. Lets face it. Even though I exercise everyday and […]

Scrub a dub

Ya’ll my elbows have not been looking too great. I take full responsibility for letting this body part not get the attention it needs but come on there are only so many hours in the day. Just kidding. It is too easy not to pay attention to your elbows and I simply just forgot. Well that ended a month ago and I’ve been all about the scrub and I’m pleased to report that my elbows have been looking better but it has taken some elbow grease (no pun intended). I found a great scrub at Aveda which I use in the shower as I let my conditioner soak in. I rub the scrub on my elbows and other dry patches and while it was not overnight I have seen success. The key […]

smooth infusion with a kick

aveda-smooth-infusion-2 stylebriefs smooth infusion with a kick

y’all remember when i talked about this aveda product here. well i truly didn’t think any product could get any better but i was wrong. aveda has come out with a new smoothing product, aveda smooth infusion styling creme, ┬áthat conditions and helps straighten your hair and oh by the way did i mention that it cuts your drying time. i mean what?! so friday i was getting a long overdue touch up when my stylist started using this aveda product. the bottle looked like what he had recommended before but slightly different so i asked him about it. he proceeded to tell me about what i now refer to as a miracle product. now we all leave the beauty salon with hair that looks like a million bucks but the true […]

this product is da bomb!

i have naturally wavy hair, not the gisele kind but the frizzy kind. to top it off , this week has been super crazy. between our fabulous saks event to taking my daughter to see one direction to just the normal work week i haven’t known which way is up much less having time to dry my hair. plus i hate drying my hair. i feel like it takes forever and i just don’t have that kind of time. however, i was introduced to this aveda product at my last hair appointment. i’m a skeptic at heart when it comes to hair products. i feel like a lot of products i’ve tried have made my hair greasy or weighed my hair down. so when it was recommended by my hairstylist i was […]