Splurge or Save

  I’ve really wanted to make this a regular post for a while. Y’all know from last week’s post that I splurged on this Frame blazer which meant other items in my cart had to go back. But luckily my research has found some very good items that look like a “splurge”. All of my “save” items in the picture came from Banana Republic and in fact if you read my Frame post then you know my lesser cost leopard blazer came from Banana Republic as well. This outfit with a few tweaks can take you from day to night. During the day, carry a larger handbag with a small hoop earring and in the evening add a statement earring and may be a red lipstick. Find links to all these pieces […]

My favorite purchase for Fall

As I’ve gotten older, I find myself buying less items of clothing but more “special” items. This Frame blazer goes in that category. In August, I saw this blazer but just couldn’t make myself pull the trigger. But after dreaming about it (literally) for two months I just couldn’t take it anymore and bought it. Best purchase. Why? The fit is fabulous. It is narrow at the waist but not too tight in the arms. It can be worn at work over a black shift dress or on the weekend with jeans or on a special night with leather pants and a hot pink pump. Finally, it has that “wow” factor. I’m so glad I took the plunge even if it meant some other items in my cart got put back on […]

A little online shopping

Sorry I meant to get this out earlier but between too much tryptophan and and a little football game called the Iron Bowl (as well as my Vanderbilt Commodores!), I got a little behind. But with computer in hand I’ve got you hooked up on some of the best deals for you and the ones you need to find the best gift. Ann Taylor 50% off purchase + Free Shipping. I love the plaid tartan scarf in this camel color combination, a little twist on the usual red. Banana Republic 50% off (no exclusions). How often does this come around when Banana Republic offers a discount but there is no exclusions…uh never, so go take advantage of it. I love this Side Tie Camel Blazer with a touch of faux fur. But like […]

Just loafing around

I’m obsessed this season with metallic. Ever since I wore my metallic pleated skirt from Zara and got sooo many compliments I’ve been grabbing anything metallic.  I recently came across these metallic loafers from Banana Republic. Y’all know that I’ve been feeling their shoes this season. Check out the post here. And these loafers do not disappoint. Oh and by the way, they’re on sale…$65.00. Yes you read that right. Another plus, they are so comfortable, no break in required. Take them out of the box and go! So what to wear them with? I love these cropped jeans from DL1961. If you missed the ShopBop sale  last week then no worries just go to DL1961 and enter code DLOCT16 for 30% off. Top it off with this Cashmere stupid long sleeve […]

Let’s Add a Shoe

I was sooo glad that Caroline showed y’all Banana Republic  Fall line yesterday because I’m so on top of it as well. (Insert clapping emojis here) Their line has jumped leaps and bounds. But I wanted to show a few pairs of shoes that I may or may not have ordered. The colors and the fabrics are just tres chic. And after seeing Caroline’s post the least that I could do was buy some shoes to go with her suggestions. I love these Madison 12 hour Pumps in Secret Plum but these Pumps with the Block Heel in Bright Red would be a great statement piece as well. Ok but my favorite No 1 shoe hands down from their Fall Collection is this Blyss Heeled Sandal in Loch Green. I’m thinking about […]

Top Banana

So, I was scrolling through the runway pics from NYFW on my Vogue Runway app last night, stopping only for the eye-catching or the notable.  Obvi. (Who has time for 400 collections?). Then I came upon a right smart rust-colored suede dress that made me stop the scroll.  And, that’s when I saw it – “Banana Republic.”  Wait, what?????  I said “Boy, Bye” to BR about 6 or 7 years ago when BR began to get really boring and staid and maybe kind of sad.  A little to heavy on the safe but boring workwear angle and not really trying to keep pfresh with current fash.  BTWs, inexpensive doesn’t have to be boring.  I don’t have to tell you that. . . . but somebody needed to tell BR. And, then, this.  Whoa!  What happened??  So I […]

Opposing Forces: Must v. Lust

So this time next week, I will be on Spring Break with family and friends and looking forward to a much needed get away. I’m starting my packing list which always means a few new purchases. But I know it can be an expensive time of year so here are a few ideas which can go from must to lust depending on what your budget allows. I also love mixing up high end and lower end items. It’s more fun that way. I’m a big fan of a lightweight scarf for Spring. You can wrap it around your neck or your shoulders to add a little more layer. I found this one from Banana Republic or if you can this light weight cashmere scarf from Rag and Bone is a beautiful color […]

Leather Weather

Say what? I know Caroline has done a great job this week talking about getting us ready for Spring Break and if you haven’t already  go check out her blog posts here and here. She has us covered in what to wear for our swimsuit needs. But, Pippa Middleton shows us how to rock leather for spring which is a trend I love.  Fourteen years ago I bought a lightweight tan leather jacket to celebrate my daughter’s birth (BTW a jacket is a great purchase after giving birth because goodness knows you aren’t buying leather pants after childbirth) So any event I still have that leather jacket and wear it every Spring. The point is a leather jacket is something everyone should invest in. You are still going to have those cool […]

Burnt Orange

I’ve been trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe (see here) and with Halloween upon us orange has been my inspiration (not that Tennessee Vols orange) but a rich dark orange. I discussed orange last summer here but orange really  reminds us of fall. I’ve put together a few ideas below. Look, you can wrap this Banana Republic scarf with my new favorite Equipment blouse or this JCrew dress. Pair the Zara waist coat with these white Theory pants or back to the JCrew dress. Add these heels. Take the Equipment blouse with these Paige black jeans and add the heels or the Zara waist coat. Or simply add this Tory Burch watch for just a hint.  Take this cashmere sweater with the black Paige jeans or the Theory pants. You […]

Put a lid on it

  Last weekend we headed to Tuscaloosa for another Alabama football game and while I will never compete with the twenty something at the games I do like to up my game (no pun intended). One of the easiest ways to do that is the hat. Ya’ll know that I love the Janessa Leone, see here and here. But when I saw my friend in Tuscaloosa with her Janessa Leone she suggested that I bring it up again. I never get tired of these hats. The colors, the shapes, the price points. I could go on and on but the point is that hats are fabulous. My next purchase is going to be either this one or this one. Decisions decisions… Here are a few other alternatives as well. xo Martha