Winter Reading List

There is nothing better than cuddling up on a cold winter day with a good book. Of course here in Alabama we vacillate between 20 degrees and 70 degrees but it doesn’t change the fact that I love to read. I have a few books on my nightstand that I’ve either finished, started or waiting to start. The Whistler by John Grisham Last weekend when I was lying in bed recovering from a fall on the ice (20 degree weather) I just wanted something easy to ready. John Grisham delivered. As a litigator, I’m in front of judges every day and expect that I will be given the courtesy of the court listening to my arguments based on the law. But what happens if that judge doesn’t listen to those arguments  but […]

Beach Reads

Last week of school…Woop Woop!! I am so done, I can’t even relate how the teachers feel. God Bless them! So I feel strange recommending summer reading but I promise these are all “light reads”. Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld Pride and Prejudice meet the 21st century. Liz, the one with the most together living in New York, returns to her hometown of Cincinnati after her father has a health scare. There she meets Dr. Darcy and it is not love at first sight.  Liz is the one who has to save each one of her sisters from themselves as well as her parents from throwing the family into bankruptcy. Stay attuned as there a lot of characters to keep track of but once you get caught up in their character (flaws) you […]

Fall Booklist


With Christmas some 60 days away (do you hate me now??), I had the jarring thought yesterday that I really need to kick it in high gear and start gathering a couple of Christmas gifts so as to lighten the financial burden on the last 30 days of the year.  There are so many jaw-droppingly gorgeous books out there this season that I have really become obssessed – OBSSESSED – with coffee table books.  OMG, are you bored already?  Seriously?  My favorite gift to give or receive is a beautiful coffee table book.  You can never have too many books, right??  I mean, who does not need a no-brainer way to make every table, coffee table, console, side table, or bookshelf look more chic and refined?  And all you have to do is […]

holiday gift guide . . .books


i am #obsessed with books.  in my mind, there is no greater gift to give or to receive than a beautiful coffee table book or a hardback copy of a great new read. even if you aren’t crazy for books, every trinket, tchotchke, or potted plant in your house looks better when set atop a pedestal of gorgeous books. regardless of whether your gift relates to the personal interests of the recipient or is a new release for the avid reader, with a clever inscription from you on the title page, the book will serve as a quiet reminder of a time, a place, a love, or a friendship, every time the book is opened. in this age of digital everything, the weight of the book in your hand, and the crisp turn of […]

there’s a long weekend coming up…whatcha going to read

i love to read. from the time i was a little girl, one of my favorite activities was to crawl up into a big chair with a great book. i have a few suggestions. all of these i have read, the last one that i just can’t wait to pick up. the husband’s secret by liane moriarty you will not be able to put this book down. i’ve told everyone i know from my mother to my friends and everyone has loved this book. i was a little hesitant at first because it is by an australian author and i wasn’t sure i would be able to relate, oh but i was wrong. Cecilia Fitzpatrick lives to be perfect: a perfect marriage, three perfect daughters, and a perfectly organized life. Then she […]