Springing into Sweaters

  We are now 30 days from Spring Break! Whoo hoo. Here in Alabama it is already feeling like Spring. But that means that the mornings and nights are still cool. I try to buy a couple of Spring  sweaters each year because I find that my body takes a little while to acclimate to the warmer weather (kind of like still using your seat warmers in the car even when it gets warm). As you are transitioning into a new season, you want a sweater that is pale in color so you can wear it with white jeans or even a pair of shorts. I like a lightweight cashmere because I find it breathes easier. I know it is an investment but if taken care of it will last a long […]

i see a vest

    yall know i love vince and their spring line has me drooling. vince embodies what i’m always looking for, that classic look that i can also up the ante when the occasion calls for it. every vince piece that i own has lasting power and there are some pieces that i still wear many many many years later. the one piece that i still kick myself for not buying is the vince    leather pencil skirt. i kept thinking that it would be there the next year and i would be ready.  alas, when i was finally ready to take the plunge they didn’t have it this year. lesson learned. classics will never go out of style and next time i’ll bite the bullet and go for it and skip another […]

honcho poncho

continuing caroline’s theme (see caped crusade) let’s talk ponchos. this is a very tricky clothing item and to be perfectly honest, i’m still trying to figure it out. in my head, i know that it could be the perfect item to throw on in the morning when it is a little cool and you don’t want to wear a full on coat but in my heart i’m afraid that i will look like a tent. but i’m not going to give up. i think what i need to do is stay basic. if you get too funky then you are going to look like you are trying too hard. i’m also going to keep the price point low. whenever i try a new trend i find a knockoff until i’m sure i […]

brand news . . . uniqlo + j


i have been a fan of uniqlo for years now.  they are my “go-to” for bargain deals on puffer jackets for my kids and cashmere for myself. uniqlo’s long underwear, heattech, is a staple in my house for my children and myself when the temperatures dip into the 30s. i first became familiar with uniqlo back in 2009 when they launched the curated collection, uniqlo + j.  one word:  sublime.  i drooled over the collection almost daily but never purchased — i was in the last trimester of pregnancy and did not want to insult my already fragile ego with a killer jacket that was sure to be too small in my regular size. and then it vanished into thin air.  poof.  gone.  so, i thought i totally missed it.  no second chance. […]

ivory row

i have a sweater (ok two sweaters) that i love. they are the most comfortable thing i’ve ever owned (besides my dual control electric blanket). here it is. sorry about the picture but you get the idea. i bought them a number of years ago and every year i pull it out because it is like my security blanket. unfortunately it is starting to look like i’ve owned it for a long time so i’ve been on the hunt for a new one. grace sun, the designer, is no longer making this sweater but in my effort to find something similar i found the designer and her new company,ivory row. grace Chang is a designer not bound by any medium. As the co-founder of community connect inc., the company launched 3 social […]

crushing on . . .army green


the army green in the fashion week streetstyle picts i posted here earlier this week has really done a number on me . . .  i just can’t imagine anything chicer for fall.  and what an easy add to your wardrobe to keep it fresh.  feel me?   luck for us, joe fresh was feeling us and has hooked us up with some MAJOR army green for fall.  the parka literally shuts. it. down.   and, at these prices, you can be chic AND guilt free.  nice. xo, cg