A little online shopping

Sorry I meant to get this out earlier but between too much tryptophan and and a little football game called the Iron Bowl (as well as my Vanderbilt Commodores!), I got a little behind. But with computer in hand I’ve got you hooked up on some of the best deals for you and the ones you need to find the best gift. Ann Taylor 50% off purchase + Free Shipping. I love the plaid tartan scarf in this camel color combination, a little twist on the usual red. Banana Republic 50% off (no exclusions). How often does this come around when Banana Republic offers a discount but there is no exclusions…uh never, so go take advantage of it. I love this Side Tie Camel Blazer with a touch of faux fur. But like […]

The Hook Up | Cyber Monday

I know.  I KNOW.  It really doesn’t exist, does it?  Because we all have super awesome home computers or fablets so we don’t have to wait until we get to the office on Monday to crank up the internet, right?  The idea of Cyber Monday seems very Y2K to me. And, yet . . . I am totally down with a few Cyber Monday sales. I don’t mean to brag – but I have knocked off, like, at least one Christmas gift from my list already – so I am WAY ahead of the rest of you b*tches!!!! This past week was crazy and I didn’t have time to focus on Christmas.  And, it also seemed like maybe it was early yet . . . but that feeling has totally vanished. So, guess what I am […]

it’s our civic duty

well, caroline and i will be blogging together from the courthouse. we both have jury duty this week. what are the odds that we would have it the same week. but we are ready… a few essentials you must carry with you: magazines (its all about the hurry up and wait); snacks (because our jury system may not wait when my stomach starts to rumble); a sweater (it gets really cold even in the summer); a little work (so it doesn’t pile up); and of course a computer because caroline and i will be  hooking you up with some cyber monday deals. i’ve listed a few to get you started xo martha   amazon: the king of cyber has deals from electronics to electric shavers. you name it, it’s on sale. plus […]