Patch it Up

After refreshing some jeans for Fall with the Shopbop sale, I decided I needed to do something with my old jeans. You know because they fit just perfectly now after being worn for a few years. Browsing through Zara I saw there they have a Comic meets Denim section and it came to me. I needed patches. Luckily I remembered that Saks had a great selection. I also found assorted patches here and here But don’t limit yourself to pair of jeans. Have fun and patch it up on a jean jacket, denim skirt, vest or even a small clutch. Also check out this article from InStyle  It has some great ideas on how to style your patches. The trick is don’t limit yourself. You can do one patch; twenty patches; in a circle, […]

Transition Piece: Creamy Culottes

I can’t even think about boots or puffers or overcoats or sweaters until we get some relief from the heat.  And, BTWs, I was done with everything summer in my closet about two weeks ago.  The tail end of a season that’s slow to move on always means a hard time pulling a look together. I’ve got my eyes on some cream colored culottes.  I’ve had a thing for creamy wide leg cropped denim since I captured this amazingly chic chick crossing the street in Paris back in July.  She’s the one in middle, above.  Are you dying?????  Me. Too.  And, while her long, lean legs certainly add to her casual elegance, I think you can see from the others pics that the look is solid, fresh for now and for the transition […]

New Name | Hot Look


This look from the Fall Runways is Kill. Ing. Me.  OMG.  Are you dying???? If my post on Tuesday was about my favorite look from the Spring Collections, today’s is about the hands-down hottest look so far for Fall.  And that’s without even seeing Chloé or Céline or any of my normal faves.  And, this time, the winner is from a brand I had never heard of before:  Brock Collection. Brock Collection is a husband and wife team, Kristopher Brock and Laura Vassar, that launched their brand about 3 years ago.   Take one look at Laura Vasser and I think you will feel like I do:  girl crush!  She is gorgeous and oozes cool girl chic.  And, so maybe I am having a tough time separating the clothes from my desire to be Laura Vassar. […]

What To Grab: The Nordstrom Sale


I spent the weekend scouring the Nordstrom sale to pull an edit for you of the best of the best.  Nordstrom has an epic sale for two weeks every Fall and puts select items on sale for up to 40% off.  Better get on it – stock is getting lower by the day and I keep having to revise this post the best things seem to evaporate into thin air.  If you can find something, it’s a great time to grab regularly-priced merch at a steep discount.  With free-shipping and free returns, it’s called smart shopping if you can locate that closet staple you know you need for Fall but haven’t purchased yet (think booties, overcoat, rainboots) or, even to grab a Christmas gift or two for the teen or tween who likes to […]

“In” Print . . .

I guess it is true enough that when fashion dominants like Valentino, Gucci, and Saint Laurent all lean in on a fashion trend the rest of us are helpless, really.  All three of their Resort and Fall Collections were replete with prints in vibrant colors.  And, true to form, this Fall, the streets (where we look for inspiration, right??) are full of fab looking ladies rocking colorful prints.  The truth is, a print, when used sparingly (as in, limited to just one item) is a great way to keep your wardrobe from falling into doldrums.  A print adds complexity and depth.  A print adds sophistication. Take this Mara Hoffman midi dress.  Really, who does graphic prints better than she?  I can see this dress working through the Fall with your ankle boots or these fab […]

Shoulder to Shoulder


The Spring runways revealed that the off-the-shoulder top is sure bet for several seasons to come.  And why not?  It’s a look that is universally flattering, regardless of whether you have good arms or shoulders. So, it’s both slenderizing and chic. Jackpot.  I love having in my arsenal a “big gun” top that can turn an ordinary pair of black slacks into a shut-it-down cocktail look and can still work for the average evening out.  And, with the holidays right around the corner, it seems like a fab, structured off-the-shoulder top is a pretty sound investment to carry you through the season. There are several fantastic options but I think my favorites are this one (also available in wine) by Tibi and this one by Topshop in navy or white.  Either could easily […]

Weekend Uniform


Here’s what happens with me just about every Saturday: I have to run around doing a million things all day long; I don’t want to look like crap because I know I will see a ton of people; but, really, I do NOT want to have to put a lot of effort into this; AND, this is important, I HAVE to be comfortable.  Feel me??? Never is there a better season for a uniform than Fall.  I just feel like this is when I get to relax on Saturday and still look super fash.  How?  There’s a simple formula.  Start with a great and comfortable pair of dark denim like these by Madewell or these by Mango (you know I am pushing high waisted jeans (so much more comfortable!!) and also I love it […]

The new silhouette . . .


There’s a new game in town.  It’s called a high waist. And, it’s going to ignite your brain and make you wince.  All at the same time.  Literally, it makes me want to grab a broomstick and give those waist twists a try that mom used to push on me back in 8th grade. The look is so good that it can’t be denied, tho.   And, it’s growing.  Everywhere you look, waists are rising. It is literally (have I already used that word?) killing me how cool peeps are looking with their blouses and sweaters tucked in their high-waists with their cropped flare denim and lady-like pumps and quilted bags. And you can either wear a belt OR rock the high-waist sans belt.  Mind. Blown. So, you know it just about time […]

It’s all in the jeans. . .


Instead of “harder, better, faster, stronger,” that which makes us cooler these days is, indeed, “lighter, looser, higher.”  Jeans are front and center on the streets of New York Fashion Week and if your jeans are not a faded or destroyed version of rather loose fitting Levi’s then you might as well stay home. . . . Wait, what? It’s true.  The only denim that matters these days, IMHO, are faded and destroyed Levi’s, cropped (or rolled) just above the ankle, and with a straight but narrow leg. Is this giving you some major heartburn?  I know.  It’s a tough transition.  We have all gotten used to the look of dark, narrow denim.  It’s going to take a minute to get used to the look of Levi’s on your body again.  And, if […]

Enter to Win the Most Amazing Jeans


My absolute favorite of all favorite brands of jeans is Re/Done.  They take old Levi’s, perfectly broken-in and soft, and re-work the tailoring to bring an amazingly flattering product seemingly bespoke to your body.  They have 10 measurement points in their Fit Guide to help you figure out the exact perfect fit.  And, the look is cutting edge fresh – lighter, higher, and a bit looser than the looks we have been living with for the past decade.  And, while expensive, this is a pair of jeans that will always be your favorite, your go-to, your Saturday-and-I-need-to-be-comfortable, your Friday-night-and-I-need-to-look-hot jeans!!!  Promise! And you are in luck!  Goop has partnered with Re/Done to giveaway 5 pairs for Fall.  And the more you share the more entries you can nab!!  I don’t know about you, […]