Fab Design Friday: Roberta Freymann’s Amanda


For this issue of Fab Design Friday, I want to take you back.  Back to Boston’s very ’80s ballad to Amanda, back a couple of years to the Roberta Roller Rabbit fad, and to a back issue of Elle Decor. It probably has not been four years since we all got a little swept away with Roberta Freymann’s Roberta Roller Rabbit trunk shows full of crazy kaftans and kurtas for cover-ups – until we all realized that while the fabrics were gorgeous, the traditional cut of the tops and cover-ups was perhaps less than flattering.  And, since then, outside of buying pjs for my kids from the website once a year, Roberta Freeman was pretty much off my radar. Last month when I was in East Hampton, I tucked in the Robert Freymann […]

girl crush . . . ms. claiborne . . .


i was thrilled last week when an un-expected package arrived at my door. at first, i couldn’t think what it could be and then i remembered. . . yay!!!! i had pre-ordered claiborne swanson frank’s newest book, young hollywood, from amazon months ago and it had finally, finally arrived!!!!! the book is amazing and gorgeous and lovely to flip through. claiborne is a photographer with a stylist’s eye and the combination produces some of the most captivating photographs of women, in this case, young starlets in hollywood. you really need this book. . .  or maybe you need to do what i plan on doing . . .  give it to everyone for christmas (can you imagine a world where your christmas shopping was half complete in september??).  click here to order […]