The One Spring Trend You Will Not See Me In…Gingham

Gingham has been everywhere I look. It is one of the Spring Trends we are being encouraged to wear.  See article here and here. Not for me. I wore gingham everyday for 12 years and the day I graduated from high school my gingham days were over. But if you didn’t wear gingham everyday growing up then I’ve got some Spring looks you need to check out. xo Martha Plus a few items you may want to try.  

Mixing It Up

Almost Time for Spring…but Not Quite Yet…. This time of year I get wooed by all the pretty Spring florals but I know that I’ve got a few more months of cooler weather.  I also know that if I wait til March or April to buy Spring items then all the fantastic pieces will be picked over. So what is a girl to do? I like to pair my Spring florals with my Winter staples.  For example take this Equipment blouse and pair with a floral sweater such as this one from Zara. Or take that floral blouse like this one from Banana Republic and open it up over a turtleneck in grey or black. Another idea, is to take your BLANKNYC suede moto jacket and pair with a sleeveless blouse like this […]

A little online shopping

Sorry I meant to get this out earlier but between too much tryptophan and and a little football game called the Iron Bowl (as well as my Vanderbilt Commodores!), I got a little behind. But with computer in hand I’ve got you hooked up on some of the best deals for you and the ones you need to find the best gift. Ann Taylor 50% off purchase + Free Shipping. I love the plaid tartan scarf in this camel color combination, a little twist on the usual red. Banana Republic 50% off (no exclusions). How often does this come around when Banana Republic offers a discount but there is no exclusions…uh never, so go take advantage of it. I love this Side Tie Camel Blazer with a touch of faux fur. But like […]

Happy Halloween…No tricks just treats

  With Halloween setting a record this year, a record high temperature, being cool will be the name of the game but I want pieces that will (1) be comfortable and (2) that I can throw on a layer  when the temperature  eventually drops. Plus Southern Living listed my neighborhood as one of the top ten places to trick or treat and we have a band party next door so I need my A game going tonight. Luckily Bergdorf Goodman 5F has some great pieces that just happen to be on sale. This sale goes on through November 9th but don’t delay these treats won’t last long. All items found under Shop the Latest. Frame Jeans in Black (69.00!) with this Kate Moss for Equipment Silk Blouse that gives me a disco feel. […]

Burnt Orange

I’ve been trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe (see here) and with Halloween upon us orange has been my inspiration (not that Tennessee Vols orange) but a rich dark orange. I discussed orange last summer here but orange really  reminds us of fall. I’ve put together a few ideas below. Look, you can wrap this Banana Republic scarf with my new favorite Equipment blouse or this JCrew dress. Pair the Zara waist coat with these white Theory pants or back to the JCrew dress. Add these heels. Take the Equipment blouse with these Paige black jeans and add the heels or the Zara waist coat. Or simply add this Tory Burch watch for just a hint.  Take this cashmere sweater with the black Paige jeans or the Theory pants. You […]

Friends and Family Listen Up

I love this time of year especially when my “in” box has a Friends and Family Coupon. Yesterday I received TWO. Drum roll please… The first was from Equipment. With the code EQFRIENDS you will receive 25% off your purchase. I love love love their silk shirts. You must go buy their classic white slim shirt. If you have one go buy another one. I’m telling you stop right now and go! I wear mine at least once a week this time of year. It is timeless and you will get a ton of wear out of it. Ok but if you already have two of the classic white shirts then here are a few items that I added to my cart. From cashmere sweaters to silk shirts I promise you won’t […]

Transitional Dressing


Consider for a minute if you took a standard, every day shirt dress and made it fabulous.  Consider if, instead of just throwing it on, you threw it on over a pair of slim black trousers and lace-up pumps.  Consider if you took the shirt dress from late summer into winter by layering a white tank or silk blouse under the unbuttoned shirt dress.  Now, what if you threw your winter coat over your shoulders for chilly mornings and late nights? I think we’re on to something.  There are some amazing shirt dresses out there just waiting for you.  Like this one or this one from Equipment and this one from Joseph.  But, I think my very favorite is the one in my mood board below. XO, cg   shirt dress | t-shirt | coat […]

it’s baaaak….

well i thought all was lost. two years ago i really wanted the vince leather pencil skirt but i decided on the leather pants instead and of course i just told myself that i would buy the skirt the next year. so last fall i was ready to whip out my credit card and purchase  my coveted skirt but alas it was not in their fall rotation. what?! how could they do this to me? didn’t they know that i had saved my pennies and was ready to splurge. eek. i was just devastated but wasn’t going to settle and decided to wait it out to see if the powers that be would rethink that disastrous decision. lo and behold my patience has paid off. the vince leather skirt is back in […]

a little bit country a little bit rock n roll

in the immortal words of donny and marie i’ll be a little bit country and a little bit of rock n roll this week. tonight i will be rocking to st. paul and the broken bones and the rolling stones and then saturday night caroline and i will be heading to garth brooks and trisha yearwood. so it got me thinking what am i going to wear? the stones will be outside and it will be hot as hades so comfort will be key. saturday night we will be inside so i have a few more options but i have a feeling i’ll be on my feet most of the night so again comfort will be important. tonight for the stones i’ve put together this outfit. for garth and trisha this weekend, […]

summer basics . . . the casual (but cool) dress


so, you are at the beach.  you run into some friends.  they say “let’s take the all the kids to dinner tonight some place where we can get a glass of wine.”  perf, right?  so, what are you going to wear??  don’t want to look like you over thought this one.  (obvi.)   but, what DO you wear when you (1) have had too much sun, (2) are not interested in busting out the full make-up kit or styling your hair, (3) are wearing casual sandals, but (4) want to look cool.  sure would be nice if you had shorn this sitch up before you got to the beach. below, i’ve hooked you up with some sweet options to keep you looking totally sick on your vacay, at the beach, or at the lake this summer. […]