I know I’ve been MIA. This has been the summer of change. First I changed law firms after being with my first firm for twenty years. It has been a good and exciting change but still it has been a transition. Second, Caroline has decided to stop blogging on Stylebriefs and concentrate on her interior design. I am excited for her new adventure. But when Gus Mayer asked me to help out with the Linly Heflin Fashion show I thought it would be a great opportunity to get back in the swing of things. The Linly Heflin Fashion Show is October 18th in Birmingham. It is always a great event and I never know how they top it each year but they do. Based on what I’ve seen so far, this year […]

The Zoe is a Must Go

I brought up the fabulous Rachel Zoe here and want to talk about her Fall 2016 line. Romance was the vision bringing the glamour of the 30’s and 90’s.  Zoe’s vernacular means glamour, and even the daytime separates made you think you were heading out for a special occasion. Metallic silk fringe, yes please. A black hair calf bomber sign me up.  For nighttime, a dreamy silk slip dress with beaded lace panels, or great velvet black-tie separates that looked as though they’d be as easy to wear as your favorite sweats. You can see all these looks at the Linly Heflin Fashion Show sponsored by Gus Mayer on October 5th at The Club. Go get your tickets here.  Want to see more? Gus Mayer will be hosting the Rachel Zoe truck show […]

Shoulder to Shoulder


The Spring runways revealed that the off-the-shoulder top is sure bet for several seasons to come.  And why not?  It’s a look that is universally flattering, regardless of whether you have good arms or shoulders. So, it’s both slenderizing and chic. Jackpot.  I love having in my arsenal a “big gun” top that can turn an ordinary pair of black slacks into a shut-it-down cocktail look and can still work for the average evening out.  And, with the holidays right around the corner, it seems like a fab, structured off-the-shoulder top is a pretty sound investment to carry you through the season. There are several fantastic options but I think my favorites are this one (also available in wine) by Tibi and this one by Topshop in navy or white.  Either could easily […]

It’s All In The Bag


Yay!  We have finally hit the sweet spot.  That’s right!  It’s official.  We are now far enough into the Fall Season for a mid-season sale.  This is my favorite of all sales because it always hits right when you actually need to freshen up your closet (instead of when sales usually hit — when it’s already time to change the closet out) and when there is still really good stock on the items you are coveting. And what a lucky day it is!!  Shopbop.com is having their Friends & Family Sale through the weekend.  Click here to get the code here for 25% off all regularly priced merchandise. I have my eye on a number of things, especially considering my birthday is coming up.  This Rachel Zoe dress is totally sick!  (They […]

Boot up


Can you smell that?  It’s in the air.  It’s faint but present, still.   That’s the distant smell of boot weather.  It’s headed this way, for sure.  It could be here any day now. Are you ready?  Me either. . . So, one of my chicest design clients was over yesterday for help with fitting her jeans (hey! we are full service here at CG Decoration LLC!!!).  We chose a fab and very flattering pair from among the 5 she had ordered.  She asked what shoes would go with the narrow-legged cropped flare jeans we selected.  Among the options, I suggested the jeans would be perfect with ankle boots.  “What? With these?” she asked. But of course!  I love the look!  And I love a good ankle boot.  It is by far the […]



Probably the piece I am most excited about for Fall is a camel gilet that I grabbed from Zara last week. Fascinating since I am not sure if I am pronouncing “gilet” correctly or not.  However you pronounce it, the look is hot for Fall.  There are a variety of options in the higher price ranges, like this one from Victoria Beckham, this sick one from 3.1 Phillip Lim, and this closet staple from Alexander Wang.  But, I am totally loving my $170 Zara version, thank you very much.  This is how I intend to style it for Fall when I am looking to step out.  But, don’t get me wrong, I expect that the highest and best use of this baby is an everyday look — with the same long sleeve […]

i love a cute bootie

no, not that kind although after 844 pure barre classes that bootie looks pretty good too. i’m talking about the wedge bootie. i’ve been on the hunt for the perfect bootie and i also promised a friend that i would be on the lookout for one that i thought would fit her needs too.  i didn’t think it was going to be that hard. i mean, it’s a boot, but this has been a several year process. some i’ve tried have been too high of a wedge and then we have the whole comfort factor. i’m really hard on shoes so they have to be able to stand up to some wear and tear. i’ve think i found one in the dv by dolce vita. the minute i tried it on it […]

fuzzy wuzzy was a bear

or in this case, my fur vest. a few years ago i got turned onto the fur vest. it is the perfect layering piece here in alabama. when the weather starts to turn a little cool i can throw one over a shirt to keep the cold at bay and when the temp drops even more i throw it over a heavier sweater. i also love the fur vest because i can change it up. i wear it with a pair of blue jeans for a casual saturday. i wear it with a pair of pants when i’m heading to work and i even wear it with a dress when i’m hitting the town. it is so versatile! i’ve posted a few from one of my favorite brands, jocelyn. i like this […]

i had a coat

the year was 1996. it was a beautiful white coat, just the right weight and a great coat to throw over a cocktail dress or even a pair of jeans and i wore it all of the time. south alabama was experiencing one of its coldest days ever, the kind that even my northern brethern would say “dang its cold” one of my dear friends was getting married and we all gathered to celebrate. because it was so unexpectedly cold, heaters were brought in to the reception. unfortunately yours truly got a little too close and well you know, a friend was screaming “drop and roll” and there went the coat. i’ve been on a search ever since. i feel like the goldilocks and the three bears. coats i’ve tried have been […]

when the saints come marching in

i’m honestly not sure how i found the brand, all saints. if i had to make a guess, i would assume that i read about it some magazine but i can’t promise you that is where i found this great line but i can promise you that you won’t be disappointed. just as a little background, so you can sound really smart when someone compliments your new all saints outfit. the fashion line started in 1994 by two british fashion designers. it was initially a menswear line. two years later it expanded into womenswear but it wasn’t until 2009 that all saints crossed the pond and landed in the us. it is sold in stand alone stores, department stores and via the web. its looks are known for its muted tones, browns, […]