ladies of luxembourg gardens | #fdf: tory’s hip pad in paris


after being at the playground at luxembourg gardens in paris for less than 30 minutes, my son declared, unsolicited, that “paris is better than disney world!!!!”  booyah!!  oh, yea!  oh, yea!!  score two points for outdoor activities and non-tech entertainment!!!  too bad we had to travel half a world away to get there. but, luxembourg gardens were better than disney world for me, too. because, honestly, my first thought is not to throw on my new chloé frock to take the kids to play on a tuesday afternoon.  i think i was maybe more blown away by the ladies of luxembourg than any other venue in paris.  ooh-la-la! la-la! la-la!!   so very stylish. . . i hooked you up with a few photos below so you can feel their beat. xo, cg   […]

go far with goyar(d). . .


do you find that you assign everyone a “cool” quotient on a scale from “totally uncool” all the way up to “super cool” and, then, the pinnacle, “could not get any cooler” (a really tough category to crack, since most of us have some room for improvement)? really? it’s just me? margot shaw, editor in chief of flower magazine, is one of the few people that i had placed squarely into the “could not get any cooler” category. that was until the other day. i ran into margot in the atlanta airport where she was returning from a flower show in east hampton. and she was carrying not one but two (TWO!!!!!) emerald green goyard tote bags. mind. blown. and just like that, someone who really could not get any cooler just […]