Track Star


Guess what is a really big thing this Spring??  Track pants.  Hold up, hold up, hold up. . . don’t peace out on me until you have heard me out.  I can feel your eyes rolling even as I right this, but just hang with me for just a second. . . Last September during the Spring 2016 shows, Claire Waight Keller sent five or six different looks down the runway at Chloé that included extremely chic track pants — that’s right, track pants with the stripes down the side — and then Alessandro Michele sent a sweet pair of embroidered bell track pants down the runway at Gucci.  Then, Tory Burch included two different types of track pants in her Fall 2016 show last month.  And, now, open any fash mag […]


The bomber jacket made a showing last spring and, from the looks of the pre-fall and resort collections, it’s here to stay for several more seasons.  There are a ton of great options out there at really fab prices.  Also, most of the options are in lightweight fabrics, which make the bomber a perfect layering piece as we start the transition into warmer weather toward the end of the month and early next month. Check out this one and this one by Topshop, this one by StellaSport for Adidas, this one by Zara, and this one by Gucci (which sort of galvanized the look as a keeper when it hit the Resort Runway). And, don’t be tempted to save the bomber for your jeans.  I pulled together a mood board to help […]

Top Fashion Moments of 2015


When I look back on it, 2015 seems like a watershed year in fashion, though I am not sure I appreciated the magnitude as it was unfolding.  By year-end, we saw our outlook on shoes, jeans, sunglasses, and decade-focus had shifted.  Pretty seismic changes on the Richter scale of fashion.   And I wonder what that reflects in our culture, generally.  Or is it just that, in the digital age, fashion flies as swiftly as the zeros and ones that carry it into and out of the smartphones we hold?  We shall see. . . In any event, I have enjoyed a look back with an eye toward what really moved the needle of fashion.  But tell me, what did I miss??? xo, cg   Year in Review: Top Fashion Moments of 2015  Chloé’s Fall […]

My New Shoe Obsession . . .

I have gotten into this thing where I hook into a shoe at the start of a season and wear it like a broken record.  I end up tailoring my outfits to the shoe and not the other way around. And, I am pretty sure this is driven by a need for comfort (insert sigh, heavy with resign) and also because I feel like my life moves so fast that I really, really need a uniform — a dependably cool and comfortable shoe is a major part of that.  This spring and summer and up until this week when it turned cold (for, like, a day) it was the Chloé cork-heeled wedge for me, which I have worn literally every day for 6 months and they still look new and are in fab […]

Belle du jour . . .


So, I’ve been seeing this bell-sleeve sweater around all fashion week month in the street style photos.  To be sure, I’d seen it before.  It was the star and very first look down the runway in the Céline Fall 2015 show. But, um . . . I just wasn’t into it.  Not when it came down the runway and not when I saw it in all the street style photos.  Too editorial.  Not practical.  Too much, really. And, then I was flitting around the internet over the weekend helping a friend in DC put her closet together for Fall and I found it.  I came upon this suede bell sleeved top from Front Row Shop and my heart skipped a beat.  First, it’s navy and I love, love, love navy for fall (it looks so chic with […]

summer beauty: the japanese scalp brush | bonus: resort report


i feel my summer hair sitch coming on . . .  like when i move a little piece of hair out of my face or tuck it behind my ear and it feels all crunchy????  from the pool to the drenching sweat that is summer outdoor activity in the south to washing the hair way too often to the hair dryer to the curling iron to crunch. . .  that is where you’ll find me . . . until now!!  OMG . . . this thing is amazing.  the japanese figured out a decade ago that the world could really use a better brush and got on it.  the s-heart-s scalp brush (whatevs on the name) puts all it’s energy into the scalp which, it turns out, yields dividends all the way down […]

omg, what am i going to wear today???


feel me? it’s officially here.  yesterday, it started.  mark your calendar.  for the next six weeks, it will be impossible to find something to wear in the morning that won’t be cumbersome and annoying by mid-day.  freezing when we wake (and by freezing, i mean “less than 50 degrees,” obvi), hot by lunch time, then freezing again once the sun goes down.  the hardest fashion challenge to master.  ugh! enter the suede jacket. oh, snap!  gurl’s got an answer for er’thang! a short suede jacket is the perfect weight to knock the chill off in the morning and evening without feeling like you busted out your winter coat.  thrown over your shoulders or removed for mid-day, you will totally rock mid-day like the rock star you were born to be.  trust me. this also might […]

did you hear that?


shhhh . . . listen . . . listen to the ground: there is movement all around. there is something goin’ down and i can feel it. on the waves of the air, there is dancin’ out there. if it’s somethin’ we can share, we can steal it. and that sweet city woman, she moves through the light, controlling my mind and my soul. when you reach out for me yeah, and the feelin’ is bright, then I get night fever, night fever. we know how to do it. gimme that night fever, night fever. we know how to show it. night fever the bee gees, saturday night fever (c) 1977. the seventies are back, baby.  and, really, it’s more than a feeling. (should i stop there or keep going?).  while the 70s might […]

what to wear now . . . mid-summer edition


i am pretty much ready to break up with everything in my closet. and, newsflash! we are only halfway through the season called summer. srsly . . . i am going to need some MAJOR inspo if i am going to keep my summer looks rockin’ from now until late september.  cue the sleeve roll. i did some work over the weekend and pulled together two smokin’ hot looks for total i-am-not-trying-too-hard casual fashion perfection. . . . check it out! sometimes, reasonably priced classics are just the shot of espresso my wardrobe needs to make it through, like the eddie borgo gold studs, the current elliott faded denim skirt, the maxwell military jacket, or the jenni kayne pria muscle tee.  i think i could live in any of those. any one of […]