What to wear…what to wear

With less than a week to go for the Linly Heflin Fashion Show, the question comes down to what to wear. I tell you our weathermen are making it very difficult with 85+ temperatures but with a promise of cooler weather next week the countdown is on. When you attend an event where everyone will have their “A” game, the pressure can be intense. But I’m so glad that Haute Hippie is the feature designer. As I said here, Haute Hippie is multi generational and can make this 46 year old feel a little hip. The dilemma will be narrowing down the choices. Can’t get to the show? Luckily Gus Mayer will be having a truck show with all the fabulous Haute Hippie clothing. With the holidays right upon us this would […]


I know I’ve been MIA. This has been the summer of change. First I changed law firms after being with my first firm for twenty years. It has been a good and exciting change but still it has been a transition. Second, Caroline has decided to stop blogging on Stylebriefs and concentrate on her interior design. I am excited for her new adventure. But when Gus Mayer asked me to help out with the Linly Heflin Fashion show I thought it would be a great opportunity to get back in the swing of things. The Linly Heflin Fashion Show is October 18th in Birmingham. It is always a great event and I never know how they top it each year but they do. Based on what I’ve seen so far, this year […]

The Zoe is a Must Go

I brought up the fabulous Rachel Zoe here and want to talk about her Fall 2016 line. Romance was the vision bringing the glamour of the 30’s and 90’s.  Zoe’s vernacular means glamour, and even the daytime separates made you think you were heading out for a special occasion. Metallic silk fringe, yes please. A black hair calf bomber sign me up.  For nighttime, a dreamy silk slip dress with beaded lace panels, or great velvet black-tie separates that looked as though they’d be as easy to wear as your favorite sweats. You can see all these looks at the Linly Heflin Fashion Show sponsored by Gus Mayer on October 5th at The Club. Go get your tickets here.  Want to see more? Gus Mayer will be hosting the Rachel Zoe truck show […]


I’m a huge fan of Bobbi Brown. I think it is because her looks are so natural and don’t look like a procession of clowns. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is celebrating 25 years by releasing a “greatest hits” palette of 40 of it most popular nude eye shades in flat, shimmer, sparkle and metallic formulas. For day time simply wipe any of these shadows over your lids. (I’m even a fan of the shimmer for day if you don’t use a heavy hand) But for evening simply wet your liner brush to layer a more intense color along the lash line. This set is perfect for when you are running from your day job to an evening out like I’ll be doing on October 5th when I head to The Club for the […]

Gus Mayer brings it

No, I’m not talking about a type of hot dog and for my Birmingham and Nashville peeps y’all already knew that. Gus Mayer  is a family-owned, upscale specialty department store that is known for its high-end fashions. Founded in 1900 the store carries labels from Alexander McQueen, Escada, St. John and Contemporary labels such as 10 Crosby, Alice and Olivia, Fifteen Twenty, Mother and Ramy Brook just to name a few. Oh and by the way, their shoe department is second to none. I love going to Gus Mayer because I know every time I walk in I’m going to be greeted with a smile and the best customer service and leaving looking more beautiful. So it makes total sense that they are sponsoring the Linly Heflin Fashion Show. October 5th with the […]

It’s Bananas!

Who doesn’t love Rachel Zoe. I really miss the Rachel Zoe Project, especially after the Emmys just aired. Y’all remember, we would see what she saw at Fashion Week and then what she was going to take from the shows and put her clients in for the Oscars. When I watch the various award shows I always try and see if I can figure out who was dressed by Rachel Zoe. In my opinion more of the Emmy nominees could have used her help. What I’m really excited about is at this year’s Linly Heflin Fashion Show on October 5th, Rachel Zoe is the featured designer. Her theme for the look is 30’s meet 90’s hybrid. Here is what Rachel Zoe said about the collection: “I found similarities between imagery of Marlene […]

A little history lesson

Do you know who Linly Heflin is? Let me tell you a little bit about her as she had an incredible impact on my home state. She was born January 6th, 1887 to Mr. And Mrs. John Franklin Graham. When she was 23 years old, she married Harrington Phillips Heflin. He  attended Vanderbilt for college and law school.  (a good man!) The couple moved to Birmingham where Linly became an impact on her town at such a young age. When World War 1 started in 1917, she felt compelled to help.  She organized a group of women to help roll bandages. However, just a few short months later, in January 1918, she came down with the flu and died. Shortly thereafter her friends got together to start a philanthropic organization for their […]