#frf . . .commune kitchen (for the love of bottle green)


time again for my bi-monthly column, #frf (fab room friday).  this week:  a kitchen by commune.  i am not sure i have ever, like, EVER considered decorating with bottle green.  it has just never kindled my creative fires.  and then this amazing kitchen came along and stopped me dead in my tracks. . . commune is a design shop that is a modern-day bauhaus.  the collective design force covers the waterfront of design from graphic media and advertising to interior design and architecture, to interior merchandising.  the kitchen i feature here is the home of ramen shimshiri, one of the four founders of commune, whose kitchen renovation and design of his 1920’s los feliz, california, home focused on saving and maintaining the gothic-arched windows that were original.  those arches are amaze-balls, to be sure, but […]

#frf . . . carrier and company


my first love, even before fashion, is interior design. . .  everyone who is a shelter magazine junkie, raise your hand.  k.  i think you can see my point.  and, i have been itching to bring a smidge of design up in here.  so, i have shamelessly, shamelessly stolen the title “fabulous room friday” from one of my favorite, favorite blogs, la dolce vita by interior designer paloma contraras (you really should be following – her blog is amaze-balls).  then, i changed it up only as much as i feel like my high school english teacher would require to avoid a plagiarism challenge (she was a really laid back chick). introducing my new column “#frf”.  what do you think?  too close??? of course, the best thing i could do here is come up […]