Leather Weather

Say what? I know Caroline has done a great job this week talking about getting us ready for Spring Break and if you haven’t already ¬†go check out her blog posts here and here. She has us covered in what to wear for our swimsuit needs. But, Pippa Middleton shows us how to rock leather for spring which is a trend I love. ¬†Fourteen years ago I bought a lightweight tan leather jacket to celebrate my daughter’s birth (BTW a jacket is a great purchase after giving birth because goodness knows you aren’t buying leather pants after childbirth) So any event I still have that leather jacket and wear it every Spring. The point is a leather jacket is something everyone should invest in. You are still going to have those cool […]

i love my arms

i admit it. i have really good arms (thanks to pure barre) so i try to accentuate them while concealing some other body parts that aren’t my favorite. we hear it all the time dress to showcase your best feature. in the summer it’s easy, sleeveless is everywhere so you can imagine my delight when i’ve seen the sleeveless turtleneck everywhere this fall. personally i like a chunky sleeveless knit, not a a cotton or merino wool that lays close to the body. personal preference but i think it is more flattering by having a thick knit on top with either a pencil skirt or skinny jeans. don’t go thick and flare. not flattering at all. check out the mood board below but the sleeveless turtleneck is a way to drift into […]

peekaboo…who’s there?

i’m almost giddy with excitement, we had a temperature drop from 100 to 85 today and i got notification that my september vogue would be here any day, but we are still in the warmer time of year so i’m still all about the transition piece. it can be hard because you are just dying to put on one of the fabulous fall colors. it is also hard because a lot of fashion spreads are geared to the younger set and let’s face it at forty-four, while i feel younger most days, i can’t dress like that unless you are kylie jenner celebrating your eighteenth birthday (but that’s a whole other post). so i love the peekaboo looks that i’ve been seeing. it is conservative with a bit of mystery. adds a […]