The White Denim Workaround: 8 Fab Summer Dresses on a Budge

So, the weather has been crazy temperate (I know, right???) this Spring.  But, that one week of hot weather we had a couple of weeks ago kicked my mind into high gear wondering, “What am I going to wear this summer????”  Because I just don’t have the legs for shorts anymore (not sure they were every entirely the best call for me) and I just can’t bear the thought of heavy cotton denim (albeit white) during the day during the summer.  When it is 90 degrees by 10 am (starting any day now), you just can’t torture yourself with long denim.  There have to be alternatives to white denim or J.Crew chino shorts, right??? I need a white denim workaround. And, I have a couple of ground rules: (1) it can’t be expensive […]

Easy Breezy

There is nothing easier than summer dressing when you have a couple of go-to dresses and some sporty shoes.  It’s the 5-minute fashion fix and it’s fool proof.  I am loving this one from J. Crew (*30% off through today with this code).  And, file under #tbt – I am loving my new Tevas!!  They look great with summer frocks and crop jeans, too.  Super fresh!  Get them on sale for $30 right now at – no code needed. xo, cg J. Crew silk smocked waist dress. *$158 or $110 on sale, Isabel Marant set of 2 gold-plated and beaded necklaces.  $121, Warby Parker Everett Navy shades.  $95, Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre in Blondie.  $22, Muzungo Sisters Sicilian Straw Pom-pom tote, $370, Teva Flatforms in french blue, $29,

Well Suited

Yo!  Guess what???  Spring break is, like, now.  I know.  You ready?  Me either.  The good news is that there actually is enough time to order stuff, and get it here, before you leave.  This week (I have MWF this week) I am going to focus on a different, but equally important, element for your beach sitch each day.  Today, suit options.  Wednesday and Friday, I’ll hit you back with cover-ups and sandals, respectively.  But, you better get on it, girl, times a wastin’ . . . Let’s start with this:  If you have a perfect body or love your abs and your arms and your derriere, you really don’t need any help here from me.  You can probably handle this sitch pretty well on on your own.  And, if you are looking for […]

summer basics: the jean skirt | bonus: girl crush


in the zone from my knees to my hip, my legs are a hard nut to crack.  regular exercise hasn’t exactly yielded the confidence i am looking for.  so, in the summer, i am always searching for ways to stay cool (as in “not burn up”) and hip (as in “not look old”) without actually baring a ton of skin in the above-the-knee territory.  (this is very thin reed, to be sure). enter the jean skirt.  a faded jean or white denim skirt cut just above the knee is the perfect summer solution – a basic for every wardrobe.  it can totally carry all those airy and fierce summer tops and shoes you are dying to rock without sacrificing your self-confidence. below, i have hooked you up with a mood board to help you feel […]

the basics: white denim | bonus: in the news


i can’t imagine not having them.  but, do you have a pair of white jeans that are actually flattering?  me either. here’s the deal:  you HAVE to own them.  and you WANT to wear them.  but, when you go to put them on, you feel like your legs have def looked better, right?  there has to be a trick or a key or a headline that i missed on the subject of hitting the right note with white denim. wish i had the answer to this one for you.  i am still looking myself.  but, here are some things that i have learned: if your white jeans are too tight, i.e., they pucker on the side seam, your legs will look heavier than they are.  white (and lightly colored) denim seems to be much more […]

going brogue . . .


hey guess what?  it’s me again.   here to tell you that another super masculine flat shoe is en fuego and that you HAVE to have it.  that’s right.  i. am. not. blinking. what are you going to do about it??? hold up, hold up!  er’body just chill.  you can totally make this work.  and you are going to love oxfords.  promise.   i had resisted, myself.  but now, i am in love!!  here is what happened:  i got all comfortable in flat shoes this summer and fall with my stan smith adidias and my chloe cork wedges.  and then it got cold and, really, i do not have any winter shoes that do not have a heel.  and i was kind of missing the comfort although, honestly, i am not sure […]