Patch it Up

After refreshing some jeans for Fall with the Shopbop sale, I decided I needed to do something with my old jeans. You know because they fit just perfectly now after being worn for a few years. Browsing through Zara I saw there they have a Comic meets Denim section and it came to me. I needed patches. Luckily I remembered that Saks had a great selection. I also found assorted patches here and here But don’t limit yourself to pair of jeans. Have fun and patch it up on a jean jacket, denim skirt, vest or even a small clutch. Also check out this article from InStyle  It has some great ideas on how to style your patches. The trick is don’t limit yourself. You can do one patch; twenty patches; in a circle, […]

Best Black Boots

These black boots hit my inbox yesterday and sent me into the stratosphere.  Every year I seem to be hunting a different boot.  This year: the black ankle boot.  I was in Chicago for work last week and cruised all the major shoe departments, doing my re-con, so that I would be able to spot a good shoe when it came my way.  And, then, these, and boom!  I knew I had hit the jackpot.  A chunk heel, pointed-toe ankle boot at a great price – these black ankle boots by & Other Stories hit the perfect pitch, capturing the peak of chic for Fall ’16. A couple of other notes:  If you don’t have a trench, you better get on it.  The trench is everything this Fall. This one from Mango is a great […]

Light is air

Caroline has transitioning us into fall. Check out these great posts here and here. One of my annual fall forays is going out with my daughter and finding the perfect fall jean. It is much more fun for my daughter since she has the longest legs eva but when I came across these new jeans from 7 For All Mankind I was like Whoa Nelly! Weightless, soft, and you’ll barely notice you even have them on- the all new b(air) denim collection from 7 For All Mankind. These jeans are perfect for this time of year when it is still hot as hades but you are sooo tired of shorts. These jeans don’t stick to your legs when you are sweating like a pig The jeans are created with a 8.5oz stretch denim fabric that allows the denim […]

Simon says

I’m about trying to simplifying things. I find that when things get complicated then I’m unhappy. The same goes for my clothes and accessories. I run late because I can’t decide what to wear, question whether something matches etc…Before heading off to Spring Break I cleaned out my closet and packed a big bag to send to Thred Up, again simplifying things. When I first heard about Simon Miller I was skeptical, would it be worth the price of putting another item in my closet. Simon Miller actually launched as menswear in 2008 but this season brought out womenswear and accessories including two purses (yes, just two bucket bags) and a beautiful collection of hammered silver jewelry.. The clean lines was exactly what I was looking for. The fact that this purse […]

Enter to Win the Most Amazing Jeans


My absolute favorite of all favorite brands of jeans is Re/Done.  They take old Levi’s, perfectly broken-in and soft, and re-work the tailoring to bring an amazingly flattering product seemingly bespoke to your body.  They have 10 measurement points in their Fit Guide to help you figure out the exact perfect fit.  And, the look is cutting edge fresh – lighter, higher, and a bit looser than the looks we have been living with for the past decade.  And, while expensive, this is a pair of jeans that will always be your favorite, your go-to, your Saturday-and-I-need-to-be-comfortable, your Friday-night-and-I-need-to-look-hot jeans!!!  Promise! And you are in luck!  Goop has partnered with Re/Done to giveaway 5 pairs for Fall.  And the more you share the more entries you can nab!!  I don’t know about you, […]

the six pairs of jeans you must have

this past weekend my daughter and i were doing a little fall shopping. we were on the hunt for jeans so it got me thinking about the jeans i have and the ones that i need. now my list of six does not include white jeans. it’s past labor day and i know people say that we can wear them past labor day but white jeans just do not do it for me so i’m always glad to put them away. “jorts” are also not on my list nor are daisy dukes. i’m 44 people and those looks passed me a long time ago and let’s just say “jorts” never made it into my rotation (thank goodness). so my top six includes a flare, a gray (this is a great neutral) a […]

The Suede Edit

Fab green suede dress from Zara and the Spring 2015 runway inspires a fab look for fall.

News Flash:  Suede is totally hot for Fall.  So hot, it appears most on-line retailers have added a “Leather” category in their pull down menus and most of those pieces, outside of a stray moto jacket, are various and sundry richly hued suede options for Fall.  The runways led the way on this (particularly Gucci and Burberry) and all the high street retailers have followed suit, wagering that you are going to be way into suede come Fall. The variety and the coolness factor of the pieces available so far is amazeballs.  That means there has never been a better time to dip your toe in. And here’s another news flash:  I’ve already pulled the trigger on a couple of items.  I know. It’s early yet.  But, here is my rule of thumb:  when the September […]

the basics: white denim | bonus: in the news


i can’t imagine not having them.  but, do you have a pair of white jeans that are actually flattering?  me either. here’s the deal:  you HAVE to own them.  and you WANT to wear them.  but, when you go to put them on, you feel like your legs have def looked better, right?  there has to be a trick or a key or a headline that i missed on the subject of hitting the right note with white denim. wish i had the answer to this one for you.  i am still looking myself.  but, here are some things that i have learned: if your white jeans are too tight, i.e., they pucker on the side seam, your legs will look heavier than they are.  white (and lightly colored) denim seems to be much more […]

pull ’em up, girls! jeans are riding high . . .

let’s get down to brass tacks: you are going to have to buy some lighter wash denim with a slightly higher waist.   people keep asking me the same thing:  “what do i buy?” and “where do i buy?”  right.  tricky questions.  there is a huge personal element in this transaction.  your true denim self will have to step up and choose what wash, size, and tailoring is right for you.  but, below, i have hooked you up with some advice on five key elements (brand, sizing, tailoring, wash, and rise) as well as a couple of places to buy to get you started. brand: first things first, i really think this needs to be a Levi’s 501 or something created to look the same.  yes.  that’s right.  did you just cringe?  well, it […]

trendspotting . . .#fashionweek #streetstyle


are you a deranged people-watcher like me?  my husband calls this “staring,” and thinks it’s rude; I call it a “hobby” and think it is “fascinating” – so he just needs to chill.   enter our collective obsession with “street style” and we can now luckily engage in people-watching from the comfort of our own homes and offices and avoid any discussion of the point at which observing crosses over into impermissibly rude staring. and never is street style better than by-ways of the bi-annual designer collections in new york, london, milan, and paris, now known as “fashion week.” below, i have hooked you up with a selection of trends i spotted over the past month to spark your creativity as we leap head-first into fall and pull a look together from our own closets, […]