An Affair of the Heart

My love affair with Jeffrey Bilhuber began when I was a much younger woman.  And even now, my heart skips a beat and my pulse quickens when I hear his name mentioned. . . .  Did you just say Jeffrey Bilhuber???  I’m sorry, what were you saying??  Could you say that again??? Because, the truth is that to this day, I want to hear anything Jeffrey has to say, I want to see anything he has done, and I want to know everything he wants to tell me.  Did I get all Kathy Bates in Misery on you???  I know.  I  try to keep that tamped down. But, but . . .  the truth is that I am absolutely DY. Ing. that he is coming to Birmingham (!!!!!) to Antiques in the Gardens in two weeks (Oct 7)!!!  I […]

Orange Crush

  Collage Vintage is one of my favorite fashion blogs by far and I am crazy for this study on orange.  Orange is my favorite color – it always makes me melt and I feel like it’s universally flattering to the complexion.  I bought this same skirt from Zara this Fall and have been enjoying wearing it with tucked in blouses and heels. But this blew me away.  Deep, dark green and orange.  Wow.  And, from my posts, you know I am already coo-coo crazy for the Chanel slingbacks (still trying to figure out how to get my hands on a pair) and the Chanel quilted bag is a classic.  But the combo of the mid-heel and the midi-skirt is a daring ensemble that I feel may only be available to the […]