Hair Jewelry

Jen Atkin who has styled hair  for some of the most glamorous and trendsetting stars- Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Emma Stone, Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, Cindy Crawford, Katy Perry, and Christina Hendricks (to name a few); who BTW all have fabulous hair has now teamed up with jewelry brand Chloe + Isabel to create a 13-piece line of super-chic hair adornments. And not any run of the mill of the hair accessories but things of beauty which will even elevate that gym bun to a new level. When it is hot as blazes and you want to pull your hair back these hair accessories will allow you to remain cool and chic. Plus they will take you from day to night; to summer to fall all at a great price point. […]

Gift Guide Teenagers Part 2

One of the most  popular requests I receive is for the  Teenage Gift Guide for Girls.  When I was that age, the three things on everyone of my friends’ list was clothes, money and jewelry. My list hasn’t changed in 30+ years. But now the teen years are hard, too old for dolls and let’s face it a lot of the clothes marketed towards teenage girls well… So I’m back at it this week with another gift guide. Check here and here for last week’s Gift Guides for Boys and Girls Jewelry: I’ve tried to give ideas under each one of the categories that I always asked for. Jewelry can be hard. I want to give a piece of jewelry with some meaning but also at a good price point. I love […]

summer basics: the jean skirt | bonus: girl crush


in the zone from my knees to my hip, my legs are a hard nut to crack.  regular exercise hasn’t exactly yielded the confidence i am looking for.  so, in the summer, i am always searching for ways to stay cool (as in “not burn up”) and hip (as in “not look old”) without actually baring a ton of skin in the above-the-knee territory.  (this is very thin reed, to be sure). enter the jean skirt.  a faded jean or white denim skirt cut just above the knee is the perfect summer solution – a basic for every wardrobe.  it can totally carry all those airy and fierce summer tops and shoes you are dying to rock without sacrificing your self-confidence. below, i have hooked you up with a mood board to help you feel […]

the catch|the transport tote


i absolutely promise to let go of saddle/caramel colored leather and not blog about it for while. . .  after today.   did you just cringe??? hold up, hold up!  if i was limited to just one thing that is going to be enormous for spring, it would have to be “anything leather/suede in saddle/caramel leather.”   promise.  it’s big. and, the transport tote from madewell is the absolute perfect way to dip your foot in the water for this trend, while at the same time purchasing a well-made and timeless bag that you will have and love for a decade.  it comes in a variety of options to fit your lifestyle.  and it’s at a price that i think we can all afford. so, if you haven’t grabbed something in saddle leather […]

it’s a golden morning

  well the golden globes are over and we’ve got our favorites and our “not sure why you wore that” from the night.  i like the golden globes over the oscars, mainly because i don’t get to see that many movies and the golden globes seem to be a little more relaxed. plus who can resist tina and amy? so here you go: best dressed: naomi watts; the strapless yellow is a wonderful burst of sunshine on this gray day emily blunt; i love the white with the turquouise earrings reese witherspoon; she already sparkles but this dress brought it to a new level emma stone; now i debated long and hard on this one; love the pants but lose the bow anna farris; so unexpected but it works diane kruger; oh […]

brand news . . . hervé van der straeten

jewelry is always a strong call at christmas, am i right?  not only is it an easy gift to give but i think we all enjoy a little som’n, som’n this time of year.  for me there is no better call than hervé van der straeten.   hervé, if i can call him hervé, is an artist and designer probably better known for his metal works in furniture and lighting but is building a crazy good name in jewelry.  he is said to be at the very forefront of the minimalist jewelry movement (think céline and the row) and his pieces, all in thin, 24-karat plated brass, are marked by clean lines that break with convention.   take it from me, you can (and will) wear his pieces every where.   my dear, sweet […]

pono means good

yall know that i love a statement necklace. it sometimes is the only way i feel i can dress up a suit. i fell in love with pono by joan goodman the last few years and i try and collect a piece or two every year. The word Pono is an ideal of goodness in Hawaiian, meaning righteousness, moral quality, virtue, and benefit. i honestly didn’t know that before this jewelry caught my eye but i wonder if that is what in part drew me to it. right now there are certain pieces on sale. each one of these pieces can take you from late summer to early fall and will be pieces that i promise you will get compliments each time you put one on. xo martha

i love a name…

do yall remember when caroline posted about her monogrammed necklaces. i loved it. i thought how cool to literally have your children close to your heart. but the price point kind of chased me away. but not to be deterred, i went on a search for something similar but a little less expensive. and…i found it. check out this bracelet. it has my daughter’s name engraved in it. i wear it by itself or with other bracelets like this and ta da the price….$55.00 yep, you read that right. what a great price. i know, can you believe it? i had to ask the ladies at etc if i heard them right. so if you live here in birmingham go see for yourself, if not they will be happy to take your […]

hoop dreams . . .


i am not the girl with the extensive jewelry collection . . . .  i am more the type to find a couple of nice pieces and wear them day-in-and-day-out without change until i stumble across another piece that captures my fascination.  it is only when i am seriously moved that i change my jewelry.  i know martha (who has an amazing jewelry collection) is cringing as she reads this!!!  but i get hooked on a vibe and it could last 10 months to a year.  i am pleased to report, now is THAT time – i have found a new earring!!   the fall/winter 2014 collection for céline featured a black hoop with everything. . . and i . . . am . . . CRAZY for it!  céline is not […]

did you forget something?

recently in vogue i saw an article about the single statement earring. i have to admit that i was intrigued but could i pull it off. i’m not sure that i’m that cool to pull it off but i love the idea of wearing one chunky earring to a party (this is not a work outfit people!) which i know would lead to lots of conversation. but would the conversation circle around to “hey did you forget something? we are so busy that is certainly possible that could happen. or would people just think you meant to wear only one earring and ask you how did you decide to do that. if you are going to wear one earring, you need to go big, i mean really big. if you wear a […]