omg, what am i going to wear today???


feel me? it’s officially here.  yesterday, it started.  mark your calendar.  for the next six weeks, it will be impossible to find something to wear in the morning that won’t be cumbersome and annoying by mid-day.  freezing when we wake (and by freezing, i mean “less than 50 degrees,” obvi), hot by lunch time, then freezing again once the sun goes down.  the hardest fashion challenge to master.  ugh! enter the suede jacket. oh, snap!  gurl’s got an answer for er’thang! a short suede jacket is the perfect weight to knock the chill off in the morning and evening without feeling like you busted out your winter coat.  thrown over your shoulders or removed for mid-day, you will totally rock mid-day like the rock star you were born to be.  trust me. this also might […]

holiday gift guide . . . for the woman in need of pampering (you)


below, i have hooked you up with some indulgences for the woman who does it all and never stops.  the woman who keeps up with everything and remembers where everyone put stuff and when everyone’s events are and makes sure we all have winter coats and tennis shoes and things such as these that fit.  the woman who coordinates all the christmas gifts for both families and remembers to get all the nieces and nephews and aunts and uncles and teachers and neighbors their gifts.  for the woman who remembers to take the christmas card photo and order the cards and address the cards and stamp the cards and mail the cards.  for the woman who gets dinner on the table during the week and gets the kids to bed.  for the […]