A little online shopping

Sorry I meant to get this out earlier but between too much tryptophan and and a little football game called the Iron Bowl (as well as my Vanderbilt Commodores!), I got a little behind. But with computer in hand I’ve got you hooked up on some of the best deals for you and the ones you need to find the best gift. Ann Taylor 50% off purchase + Free Shipping. I love the plaid tartan scarf in this camel color combination, a little twist on the usual red. Banana Republic 50% off (no exclusions). How often does this come around when Banana Republic offers a discount but there is no exclusions…uh never, so go take advantage of it. I love this Side Tie Camel Blazer with a touch of faux fur. But like […]


A few months ago I posted about faux furs here and then this past weekend I was perusing my Wall Street Journal and lo and behold, faux furs are hot. Even Stella McCartney, notorious anti animal, is in on the act. You got to feel good when something you talked about a while back is validated by the Wall Street Journal. But here is why I’m bringing it up again, the Christmas Party. I was talking to a friend yesterday and we were talking about what to wear to our Christmas party. I threw out there that one of my favorite “go to” Christmas outfits was my leather pants with a fur vest and I’m ready to go not to mention comfortable. From Right to Left… Adrienne Landau Fur Vest Jocelyn Fur […]

Fuzzy Wuzzy

So I love a fur vest. It is the perfect layering piece. Right now I’m wearing it with a short sleeve blouse but as the weather turns even cooler I’ll wear it with long sleeves or even a light weight sweater. It took me a while to come into the vest. I fought it for a long time because I wasn’t sure how to wear it but I’ve learned there really is not a wrong way to wear it. Be forewarned, it’s almost like you’re pregnant and everyone wants to rub your belly, everyone will want to rub on you with the fur vest because you will be so cuddly. The vest adds a rock and roll vibe to even the most conservative outfits. I also wear my fur vest with jeans […]