It’s Bananas!

Who doesn’t love Rachel Zoe. I really miss the Rachel Zoe Project, especially after the Emmys just aired. Y’all remember, we would see what she saw at Fashion Week and then what she was going to take from the shows and put her clients in for the Oscars. When I watch the various award shows I always try and see if I can figure out who was dressed by Rachel Zoe. In my opinion more of the Emmy nominees could have used her help. What I’m really excited about is at this year’s Linly Heflin Fashion Show on October 5th, Rachel Zoe is the featured designer. Her theme for the look is 30’s meet 90’s hybrid. Here is what Rachel Zoe said about the collection: “I found similarities between imagery of Marlene […]

A little history lesson

Do you know who Linly Heflin is? Let me tell you a little bit about her as she had an incredible impact on my home state. She was born January 6th, 1887 to Mr. And Mrs. John Franklin Graham. When she was 23 years old, she married Harrington Phillips Heflin. He  attended Vanderbilt for college and law school.  (a good man!) The couple moved to Birmingham where Linly became an impact on her town at such a young age. When World War 1 started in 1917, she felt compelled to help.  She organized a group of women to help roll bandages. However, just a few short months later, in January 1918, she came down with the flu and died. Shortly thereafter her friends got together to start a philanthropic organization for their […]