A little online shopping

Sorry I meant to get this out earlier but between too much tryptophan and and a little football game called the Iron Bowl (as well as my Vanderbilt Commodores!), I got a little behind. But with computer in hand I’ve got you hooked up on some of the best deals for you and the ones you need to find the best gift. Ann Taylor 50% off purchase + Free Shipping. I love the plaid tartan scarf in this camel color combination, a little twist on the usual red. Banana Republic 50% off (no exclusions). How often does this come around when Banana Republic offers a discount but there is no exclusions…uh never, so go take advantage of it. I love this Side Tie Camel Blazer with a touch of faux fur. But like […]

Cover Story

I can remember a time in my life when I had no time (and certainly had no dollars) for the cover-up – something so seemingly unimportant.  Unimportant because: towels, right?  (If you had a beach towel to overlap and roll at your waist and a pair of flip-flops, you were good, right?).  And, now, well . . . the cover-up has really sky-rocketed up the chain of importance to me in the past decade (or so).  Because, the only time I take it off is the time that I am actually in the pool or beach or lying on a lounge chair in a just-right angle to keep my stomach looking as flat as possible.  Otherwise, I don’t so much as get up to go to the bathroom (whether it is 5 yards away or 50) without […]

Transitional Dressing


Consider for a minute if you took a standard, every day shirt dress and made it fabulous.  Consider if, instead of just throwing it on, you threw it on over a pair of slim black trousers and lace-up pumps.  Consider if you took the shirt dress from late summer into winter by layering a white tank or silk blouse under the unbuttoned shirt dress.  Now, what if you threw your winter coat over your shoulders for chilly mornings and late nights? I think we’re on to something.  There are some amazing shirt dresses out there just waiting for you.  Like this one or this one from Equipment and this one from Joseph.  But, I think my very favorite is the one in my mood board below. XO, cg   shirt dress | t-shirt | coat […]

a little bit country a little bit rock n roll

in the immortal words of donny and marie i’ll be a little bit country and a little bit of rock n roll this week. tonight i will be rocking to st. paul and the broken bones and the rolling stones and then saturday night caroline and i will be heading to garth brooks and trisha yearwood. so it got me thinking what am i going to wear? the stones will be outside and it will be hot as hades so comfort will be key. saturday night we will be inside so i have a few more options but i have a feeling i’ll be on my feet most of the night so again comfort will be important. tonight for the stones i’ve put together this outfit. for garth and trisha this weekend, […]