Not a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Blog Post

  Ok so a little tongue in cheek but if you pull almost any blog post it is about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Don’t get me wrong it is a great sale and you should check your closet to see what you need and then go check out the sale. But last week my pocketbook took a hit.  I had my dog’s teeth cleaned which man is expensive and then to top it off it was time to register for school and pay for dance team uniforms (not mine, with a sigh of relief). So when I needed to refresh a few of my makeup items it was time to head to the drugstore. I love discovering drug store items. One I feel good about saving money and two, if I’m out […]


  What in the world? Strobing is the make up trick of highlighting the areas of your face that get the most light such as the forehead, the bridge of your nose and your cheekbones. Why would you do that? Well glad you asked. For instance, strobing your nose will slim it, strobing your cheekbones will make them pop and so forth. I’m a fan of strobing because I feel like you are lit from within compared to contouring which uses a darker shade of foundation to give shape to your face.  I’m also uncomfortable with contouring.  So the trick to strobing is using warm gold tones. Don’t use silver unless you are really pale. Just start with a little bit, step away, and then if you need to come back and add […]