Super Fly Mother’s Day Gift Guide

A well curated collection.  Word.  Why not forward this email to your significant other (with a simple note “Number __???”) who is probably desperate for an idea of what you want or would like or think is cool????  Better get crackin’.  The day is next Sunday.  Good luck!! xo, cg 1. PB 0110 Tan Leather Shoulder Bag (because she wouldn’t buy it for herself and she deserves a beautiful everyday bag) | 2. Farmgirl Florist Burlap Wrapped Bouquet (these are amazeballs and you can never go wrong with jaw-droppingly gorgeous flowers) 3.  Charlotte Chesnais Gold Plate Bangle (because it’s classic and a keepsake – and so is she) | 4.  Beyonce Formation Tour Tickets (because all girls love Sasha Fierce) | 5. Cire Trudon Josephine Candle (perhaps the loveliest in the world) | 6. Sleeper […]