ladies of luxembourg gardens | #fdf: tory’s hip pad in paris


after being at the playground at luxembourg gardens in paris for less than 30 minutes, my son declared, unsolicited, that “paris is better than disney world!!!!”  booyah!!  oh, yea!  oh, yea!!  score two points for outdoor activities and non-tech entertainment!!!  too bad we had to travel half a world away to get there. but, luxembourg gardens were better than disney world for me, too. because, honestly, my first thought is not to throw on my new chloé frock to take the kids to play on a tuesday afternoon.  i think i was maybe more blown away by the ladies of luxembourg than any other venue in paris.  ooh-la-la! la-la! la-la!!   so very stylish. . . i hooked you up with a few photos below so you can feel their beat. xo, cg   […]

streets of paris . . . hot guys. cool chicks. hip cafés.


it’s not that every one or every place in the 6th arrondissement of paris is chic.  that is definitely not the case.  it’s just that they have more than their quotient.  you just can’t walk around anywhere in the world and literally stumble across this many incredibly chic and cool people and places.  not greenwich village.  not silver lake.  not brera.  not wynwood.  not hackney. not williamsburg.  no where.  and that is huge. . . and it’s the guys, really.  when the guys are playing their fashion game up this high, i think the ladies have no choice but to follow — or lead, as it may be. and perhaps there is a synergy.  the 6th is chocked full of so many hip little cafés, brasserie and nouveau gelato places that more people […]

the amazing doors of paris . . .


the doors of paris are absolutely jaw-dropping, yet, certainly something easily missed.  henning (can’t believe i can’t remember his last name . . . but he was always just “henning”), an older gentleman with a rounded face and bright, smiling eyes and the director of the hollins abroad paris program for almost a quarter century, used to admonish daily the young of ladies hollins to “look up!”  with that, he would scold:  when walking the streets of paris, you must not fall into the trap of regarding the ground in front of you as you walk along.  rather, look up!  behold the beauty of paris, which can only truly be appreciated in the view above the asphalt. this morning, as i ran out to grab some croissants and a baguette at the corner bakery while my children […]

streets of paris . . .


i left on saturday for paris with my family in tow . . . i lived there for a year almost a quarter century ago and haven’t really been back.  my son asked me why, if i loved paris so much (as i claimed), it had taken so long for me to go back.  after reflection, i answered honestly that life held too many other priorities in the years between. when i lived in paris as a student, i hit the streets each day armed with a “carte orange” (monthly metro pass – cabs were a luxury rarely afforded), a “plan de paris” (map of paris), and precious few francs in my pocket (the dollar was at historic lows against the franc in the early ’90s).  i spent most of my days padding […]

burlap chic | simple summer sandal | book review


alexander wang’s new capsule collection reminds me of one of my favorite episodes of one of my favorites shows – the time lucy, ricky, fred, and ethel head to paris and lucy goes on a hunger strike to force ricky to buy her a “jacques marçelle” original.  ricky and fred get tricky and have a local tailor to sew jacques marcelle labels into dresses out of burlap potato sacks.  lucy and ethel have total swagger in their new frocks until they learn the joke is on them and, then, of course, they are humiliated.  but then it turns out the joke is on jacques marçelle who, on seeing lucy and ethel on the streets of paris, designs a capsule collection all in burlap and exactly like the pieces lucy and ethel were wearing […]

new years day . . .

All is quiet on New Year’s Day A world in white gets underway I want to be with you Be with you night and day Nothing changes on New Year’s Day On New Year’s Day I will be with you again I will be with you again . . . u2 new years’ day war, (c) 1982. this song brings back such strong memories for me. . .  junior high school and coming of age. . . including developing a taste in music. this song is, for me, always the perfect way to start the year. . . it’s great to take a moment to reflect on how far i’ve come and to think how far i’ve left to go . . . here’s hoping 2015 is a great one for you. […]