Rocking the Brook

This Spring has been insane! Running from one event to the other has required several dresses. Admittedly once I find a dress I like I tend to buy several. Why try and reinvent the wheel when you know something works. for your body type For me this Spring, it has been Ramy Brook. At first I was a little turned off because it seemed that whenever I saw someone wearing this line, it was really short. And because at 46 a short dress is not something that I feel confident in I didn’t give this line a second look. But when you desperately need something to wear, nothing is off the table. So when I was encouraged to take a second look at Ramy Brook, I said, “what the heck?!” Boy I’m […]

May 18, 1996

Today is my 20th wedding anniversary. How young do we look? It was a great day though. Everything was perfect. In the top picture we are leaving the church and can you see the relief in my face that I didn’t trip or drop my bouquet which weighed a hundred pounds. ┬áIn the bottom picture we are getting onto the trolley to head to our reception which was a blast. So much fun! My dad was cleaning out and found a cancelled check for our reception. He reminded me what a great party it was. I told him to look at like a cost per year like we do with a real expensive pair of shoes, cost per wear; not sure if that helped. Tonight we are celebrating with dinner at Highlands […]