Winter Reading List

There is nothing better than cuddling up on a cold winter day with a good book. Of course here in Alabama we vacillate between 20 degrees and 70 degrees but it doesn’t change the fact that I love to read. I have a few books on my nightstand that I’ve either finished, started or waiting to start. The Whistler by John Grisham Last weekend when I was lying in bed recovering from a fall on the ice (20 degree weather) I just wanted something easy to ready. John Grisham delivered. As a litigator, I’m in front of judges every day and expect that I will be given the courtesy of the court listening to my arguments based on the law. But what happens if that judge doesn’t listen to those arguments ¬†but […]

i have a reading nook

yall know i love to read. in the winter there is nothing better than snuggling in my nook with my warm blanket and a good book. now in all honesty, i like the lighter side of books; may be because i read enough “heavy” material¬† in law school and continue to at work, plus with the news today there is nothing wrong with some escapism. but just know you won’t find aristotle or the history of the french revolution on this list. leaving time by jodi picoult i know several of yall have read her other books but this was my first book and man did i pick a doozy. it has been on the nyt best sellers list and one of amazon’s best sellers. this is a page turner from the […]