Fab Design Friday: Roberta Freymann’s Amanda


For this issue of Fab Design Friday, I want to take you back.  Back to Boston’s very ’80s ballad to Amanda, back a couple of years to the Roberta Roller Rabbit fad, and to a back issue of Elle Decor. It probably has not been four years since we all got a little swept away with Roberta Freymann’s Roberta Roller Rabbit trunk shows full of crazy kaftans and kurtas for cover-ups – until we all realized that while the fabrics were gorgeous, the traditional cut of the tops and cover-ups was perhaps less than flattering.  And, since then, outside of buying pjs for my kids from the website once a year, Roberta Freeman was pretty much off my radar. Last month when I was in East Hampton, I tucked in the Robert Freymann […]