weekend getaway . . .

it’s those few weekends when the weather is nice and the kids are still in school that have us all craving a weekend getaway before all the summer craziness begins.  this weekend i am heading to south georgia to tour furlow gateway’s house (feeding my design obsession).  so, what DO you throw in the overnight bag when you want to look chic but not like you are trying too hard???  below, i pulled together some great looks to keep you looking super fly. feel the getaway calling you?  why not get into the groove? xo, cg  black t-shirt | sunglasses | leather tote | fatigue shorts | brass bangle | cork wedges    top | silver earrings | silver bangle | fold-over clutch | levi’s | sandals dress | necklace | earrings | cuff | clutch

the catch . . . fab bag, great price


pssst. . . . wanna get in on this???  zara has an amazingly chic bag for $49.  (get it here)  i am so crazy for it that i literally cannot stand it.  what makes this bag so cool (besides the price)???  for starters, it’s a dead ringer for céline spring 2015 – the rounded lines and clipped corners, the narrow handles, and the full grain leather – all emulate the céline aesthetic this spring.  then the color.  the color is fierce.  imagine it with your typical summer palette of white and chambray.  but then throw it on with head to toe black and now you have stumbled into cool girl chic way beyond the norm.  and, did i mention that this deep (almost but not quite navy) blue is way on trend for spring? […]

chunk of change. . .


whether you’re all about culottes right now or not, chances are you are considering at least one pair of cropped pants.   crops have been on the scene for a while, to be sure, but this spring, they are front and center.  what’s so different this time around?  well, this trip the fuller-leg crop called shotgun, so skinny crop is stuck in the back seat. right.  and, that means? well, it means it’s time to consider the chunk or stack heel sandal.   it’s the perfect way to rock a crop with volume.  the more substantial heel balances the wider proportion.  and, it will look great and fresh and hip.  trust me on this. below, i’ve hooked you up with five fab options plus some street picts to help you feel the groove. xo, cg 1. […]

culotte or not?


i busted out my culottes for the first time yesterday.  oh yeah,  i did. and, i am not going to lie. . . i felt self conscious. and then my husband started making jokes. . . but he ALWAYS makes fun of EVERYTHING i wear (his favorite sport, to be sure, but always in a loving “can’t i tease you?”  kind of way.).  that he teased is nothing new.  but this time i felt vulnerable.  and i am a bold, unflinching “earlier adopter” of fashion that strikes my tastes. and yet. . . so, i am torn.  i honestly think they look great in all the pictures i see.  i get the practicality – easier than a skirt for running around. they are modern.  they were comfortable.  they are perfect for this […]

omg, what am i going to wear today???


feel me? it’s officially here.  yesterday, it started.  mark your calendar.  for the next six weeks, it will be impossible to find something to wear in the morning that won’t be cumbersome and annoying by mid-day.  freezing when we wake (and by freezing, i mean “less than 50 degrees,” obvi), hot by lunch time, then freezing again once the sun goes down.  the hardest fashion challenge to master.  ugh! enter the suede jacket. oh, snap!  gurl’s got an answer for er’thang! a short suede jacket is the perfect weight to knock the chill off in the morning and evening without feeling like you busted out your winter coat.  thrown over your shoulders or removed for mid-day, you will totally rock mid-day like the rock star you were born to be.  trust me. this also might […]

denim on denim


mango’s new “denim on denim” campaign for spring had me at hello.  if you were thinking of peacing out on this, just chill for a minute.  mango does really good denim.  for real.  and this collection is maybe their best yet.  the destroyed black jeans, the shirt dress, and the denim skirt top my list.  but, with prices hovering around $59, i think i can stack a couple of these babies up. below, i have hooked you up with picts from the campaign, but be sure to check the full collection out here. xo, cg p.s. i am getting so excited!!!  fashion week starts tomorrow!!! although most of the great shows are not until the weekend, i can’t wait to get the party started. p.p.s. don’t forget about our giveaway!  if you […]

emerson fry | cool spring collection


last week, emerson fry released their “cool spring collection” and it’s cause for celebration. whew! just when we were all getting bored with our black sweaters and dark jeans!!! hip, hip, hooray! as you might have figured out by now, emerson fry is my favorite, foolproof solution to looking chic on a daily basis without breaking the bank. (check my post on the fall collection here). as i type this, i am sporting the drop-sleeved double-faced top and luxe crewneck from the fall/winter 2014 collection (find them here and here) . . .  that i have probably worn, like, 100 times since purchasing last fall.  i can’t tell you how many times i have put them both through the wash and they still look fantastic. though the pieces are not exactly cheap, the […]

a case for stripes (spring’s hottest trend)

i often play yin to martha’s yang and vice versa.  the case of stripes is a perfect example.  while martha just can’t do stripes (read her post here), i am a fanatic!  from napoleon’s council room at malmaison (see below), to the nautical stripes of the french mariner, whether in decorating or for the wearing, i have not met many stripes that i do not truly love.  i probably have 30 nautical stripe shirts in my closet!  yikes!  is that bad? making a case for stripes, to me, they are classic, chic and sophisticated.  they neither come in nor go out of style.  that stripes are on trend for spring is cause for celebration.  they are both flattering and phenomenal.  promise. i found this fantastic striped combo at zara and scooped it up […]

there was just a hint…

this past weekend there was finally some much needed sunshine and we warmed into the 60’s. now i know that will be short lived (hello! a chance of snow flurries; i didn’t mean that fast a turnaround) but whenever that happens i can’t help myself but start drooling over the spring items that are flooding my in box. but i don’t want to buy something that will just sit in my closet for the next three months waiting for it to warm up for good. so this time of year when making a “spring” purchase, i first look in my closet to see how i can “warm” it up with layers so it gets some good use right now. here is a sweater i found on shopbop. with a touch of linen […]

did you hear that?


shhhh . . . listen . . . listen to the ground: there is movement all around. there is something goin’ down and i can feel it. on the waves of the air, there is dancin’ out there. if it’s somethin’ we can share, we can steal it. and that sweet city woman, she moves through the light, controlling my mind and my soul. when you reach out for me yeah, and the feelin’ is bright, then I get night fever, night fever. we know how to do it. gimme that night fever, night fever. we know how to show it. night fever the bee gees, saturday night fever (c) 1977. the seventies are back, baby.  and, really, it’s more than a feeling. (should i stop there or keep going?).  while the 70s might […]