This post is dedicated to my friend Kerri

Just got back from Spring Break. We had a great time. I truly decompressed while we were gone. I mean no cell phone for almost a week, but more about that later. So who is Kerri you ask? She is my wonderful friend who taught us lots of lessons about what not to do when getting a spray tan. Here is my/her top ten list of what not to do when getting a spray tan: Listen to the instructions. The instructions are there for a reason. If you don’t listen, disastrous results will happen. Put your palms face down. Have you ever seen someone with tan palms…no which is why your palms need to go face down. When your front has been sprayed and it is time to turn don’t put your […]

Bahama Mamas

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We certainly did. We celebrated Easter and my daughter’s 14th birthday. What made the day even more special was celebrating with both sets of grandparents. Fun was had by all. But now we are off on Spring Break and in honor of the vacay here is a fun little cocktail recipe…the Bahama mama. Rum and more rum with pineapple juice and orange juice over ice. Yes please! xo Martha      

Opposing Forces: Must v. Lust

So this time next week, I will be on Spring Break with family and friends and looking forward to a much needed get away. I’m starting my packing list which always means a few new purchases. But I know it can be an expensive time of year so here are a few ideas which can go from must to lust depending on what your budget allows. I also love mixing up high end and lower end items. It’s more fun that way. I’m a big fan of a lightweight scarf for Spring. You can wrap it around your neck or your shoulders to add a little more layer. I found this one from Banana Republic or if you can this light weight cashmere scarf from Rag and Bone is a beautiful color […]


as i’m sitting hearing looking out my window at work i’m thinking of last week when my view was quite different which led me to start thinking about the margarita. i know, crazy but something about the margarita. it was the only alcoholic drink that i craved when i was pregnant and i went all around town looking for a non-alcoholic one but alas it does not exist. so here are a few of may favorite recipes to tide us over until we can hit the beach again. the basic: 1-1/2 oz. silver tequila 1 oz. cointreau 1/2 oz. fresh lime juice splash simple syrup salt rim combine all ingredients in an ice-filled cocktail shaker. shake until cold and strain into a chilled salt-rimmed glass.   pomegrante: 2 oz. tequila splash of […]

counting down the days to spring break

what am i talking about; counting down the minutes to spring break. with winter, the flu and just general blahs, i’m done. seriously done and i can’t wait to be sitting by the pool with friends by my side and a libation in my hand. but i also know that i need to protect the largest organ of my body, my skin from the sun’s rays because no one wants to look like magda from something about mary. now for everyday use, i usually wear spf 30 but i know i have to take it up a notch when i’m heading further south. so about this time i start doing some research and talking to my dermatologist friends and get their thoughts about sunscreen, brands, type etc… the brand that kept being […]

whatcha gonna do? do you wanna get down?

tell me, whatcha gonna do? do you wanna get down? get your back up off the wall! dance! come on!                                                                                                                                 – kool & the gang spring break is now in full bloom and while it might be a bit nippier than any of us hoped, it can still totally rock. is there anything better than good friends, some rockin’ tunes, and a refreshing cocktail? maybe we can talk […]

margaritas or hot chocolate

it will officially be spring break here in the ‘ham at 2:50 cst but who’s counting down…i think everyone needs a break about this time (i know you are thinking but didn’t your kids miss 6 days of school already because of the snow. well yes but that is totally different; that’s survival mode, this is a true break) the city pretty much shuts down during this week whether you travel or stay at home which leads me to the title. will you be drinking hot chocolate or margaritas on your break. the majority of people do travel during spring break to either the snow for skiing or to the beaches for sun. we are the latter. my family does not handle the cold weather very well. someday i will tell the […]

5 great . . . hats for the pool or beach

i feel like nothing ages me more than wearing a hat in the sun by the pool or beach.  twenty-somethings just do NOT wear wide-brimmed hats in the sun . . . or do they?????  when researching this post, the photos below of rockstars and movie stars alike have totally inspired me to rock my panama with confidence!!!  i pulled together five great panama hat options so all pocketbooks can get a piece of the action. so grab your hat and slather on your 60 spf face sunscreen and work it, girl! #springbreak #killingit looks like eva l. knows that a pair of ray ban aviators MAKE the hat. . . .  don’t forget about stylebriefs ray ban aviator giveaway!  for a chance to win follow stylebriefs  by clicking here and then […]