Check. It. Out.

Psst. . . want to know the hottest ticket for Fall???  The checked blazer.  I know, right?  Doesn’t sound too sexy. Until you check out all the street style picts from Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks.  The ladies of the street are looking way hip and jaw-droppingly gorgeous in their wool, checked blazers.  You can totally rock your LSD when you take the checked blazer in a fresh new direction — pair it with a slim pair of black, cropped, boot cut denim (ones from Madewell are my all time faves – having a hard time taking them off these days), a chic tote (like the Balenciaga ones that have by now attained cult following status), and a smart poplin blouse, with maybe a . . . wait for it . . . […]

Patch it Up

After refreshing some jeans for Fall with the Shopbop sale, I decided I needed to do something with my old jeans. You know because they fit just perfectly now after being worn for a few years. Browsing through Zara I saw there they have a Comic meets Denim section and it came to me. I needed patches. Luckily I remembered that Saks had a great selection. I also found assorted patches here and here But don’t limit yourself to pair of jeans. Have fun and patch it up on a jean jacket, denim skirt, vest or even a small clutch. Also check out this article from InStyle  It has some great ideas on how to style your patches. The trick is don’t limit yourself. You can do one patch; twenty patches; in a circle, […]

New Shoe Obsession: My Stans and Me


Since retiring from the practice of law and becoming a full time designer last year, my lifestyle has changed dramatically — in more ways than one, but certainly in the shoe department.  I used to wear heels every single day of my life.  Because I mainly wore dressier clothes and sat at a desk all day.  It was totally doable.  And, my feet were used to being crunched into heels. Now, I find I put on heels only for weekends nights out, church and the occasional mid-week cocktail party.  I am on my feet all day long running around sourcing things for my clients, spending the day at ADAC pulling fabrics, combing antique stores or running around doing things at my children’s school or for and with my kids.  For a month or […]

The new silhouette . . .


There’s a new game in town.  It’s called a high waist. And, it’s going to ignite your brain and make you wince.  All at the same time.  Literally, it makes me want to grab a broomstick and give those waist twists a try that mom used to push on me back in 8th grade. The look is so good that it can’t be denied, tho.   And, it’s growing.  Everywhere you look, waists are rising. It is literally (have I already used that word?) killing me how cool peeps are looking with their blouses and sweaters tucked in their high-waists with their cropped flare denim and lady-like pumps and quilted bags. And you can either wear a belt OR rock the high-waist sans belt.  Mind. Blown. So, you know it just about time […]

5 Minute Fix – #NYFW


Who can handle a full dose of Fashion Week?  Really, who?  Not me.  And, I totally love fashion.  But, I always need a moment.  I mean, sometimes I am pretty sure that shoulder pads and peg-leg, high-waisted pants are a bad idea.  Or, like, sailor suits literally straight out of L’il Rascals are never going to work.  But, I don’t know, sometimes I need to minute to think.  And I can’t do that when there is way too much fash coming at me at one time. But times like this call for fearless fashion bloggers to persevere in the name of service.  To push harder.  To last longer. I am pleased to announce that . . . I have the total fashion week hook up in a sweet scroll of 5 minutes or less!!!! […]

It’s all in the jeans. . .


Instead of “harder, better, faster, stronger,” that which makes us cooler these days is, indeed, “lighter, looser, higher.”  Jeans are front and center on the streets of New York Fashion Week and if your jeans are not a faded or destroyed version of rather loose fitting Levi’s then you might as well stay home. . . . Wait, what? It’s true.  The only denim that matters these days, IMHO, are faded and destroyed Levi’s, cropped (or rolled) just above the ankle, and with a straight but narrow leg. Is this giving you some major heartburn?  I know.  It’s a tough transition.  We have all gotten used to the look of dark, narrow denim.  It’s going to take a minute to get used to the look of Levi’s on your body again.  And, if […]

Let’s get this party started!


Today’s the big day!  New York Fashion Week officially kicks off the Spring 2016 Season this morning with shows starting at 9 am EST.  But the visual delight actually got underway yesterday with smaller brands (who won’t host live runway shows) releasing stills shots of their Spring lines and, then, the street style photos starting to roll in.  Below, I brought just a tiny taste of the best from yesterday. And this year, we are in luck!  It’s never been easier to follow along and keep abreast of what’s coming down the runway for two reasons.  First, you get the hook up from me and Martha.  (obvi)  Second, has revamped its position on social media and Fashion Week and has decided to become a major player.  It just launched Vogue Runway last […]

ladies of luxembourg gardens | #fdf: tory’s hip pad in paris


after being at the playground at luxembourg gardens in paris for less than 30 minutes, my son declared, unsolicited, that “paris is better than disney world!!!!”  booyah!!  oh, yea!  oh, yea!!  score two points for outdoor activities and non-tech entertainment!!!  too bad we had to travel half a world away to get there. but, luxembourg gardens were better than disney world for me, too. because, honestly, my first thought is not to throw on my new chloé frock to take the kids to play on a tuesday afternoon.  i think i was maybe more blown away by the ladies of luxembourg than any other venue in paris.  ooh-la-la! la-la! la-la!!   so very stylish. . . i hooked you up with a few photos below so you can feel their beat. xo, cg   […]

streets of paris . . . hot guys. cool chicks. hip cafés.


it’s not that every one or every place in the 6th arrondissement of paris is chic.  that is definitely not the case.  it’s just that they have more than their quotient.  you just can’t walk around anywhere in the world and literally stumble across this many incredibly chic and cool people and places.  not greenwich village.  not silver lake.  not brera.  not wynwood.  not hackney. not williamsburg.  no where.  and that is huge. . . and it’s the guys, really.  when the guys are playing their fashion game up this high, i think the ladies have no choice but to follow — or lead, as it may be. and perhaps there is a synergy.  the 6th is chocked full of so many hip little cafés, brasserie and nouveau gelato places that more people […]

suede shift | bonus: coachella street style


i am still on the hunt for a dress to wear to my nephew’s graduation. while the bcbg frock from monday’s post (check it here) could be a rockstar, i am afraid it may be coming on a bit strong for a more understated event.  and then i found this amazing little suede number by warehouse & other brands . . .  suede is HUGE for spring and this color is just perfection — not only is it very flattering for most complexions, but this blush shade is on trend for spring.  add the price point and this is a MAJOR yes for graduation or something, right???  here is my mood board for graduation . . . 1.  warehouse suede a-line shift dress, $196 2.  brooke gregson 18-k rose gold diamond earrings, $2530 3. […]