It’s getting serious ya’ll… Shoe Version

Did you get the email that Shopbop is having its sale. Yep, save up to 25% off on some Spring essentials. with code GOBIG17. Get on the bandwagon because it is time and I’ve got a few must buy items in the shoe department. I’ll have more as the week goes on. Have fun!! Pedro Garcia Wedge Sandals: Ok peeps this isn’t the first time I’ve let you know about this must buy. Seriously I know it is an investment but I promise you will wear them ALL THE TIME! Every friend that has taken my advice and bought these shoes never ever regrets it. Go Buy Right Now! Tory Burch Flip Flops: These are a classic and if you have any idea that you will be at the pool sometime in […]

Stick it in Neutral

This weekend I celebrated completing my yoga class (Yes; I survived!) by engaging in a little retail therapy. Before we head full into fall fashion I like to peruse the stores to see if anything peaks my interest so I can note it on my “must buy” list and budget accordingly. What I kept running into was a neutral high heeled sandal. I mean I must have seen this type of sandal at least in three or four retail shops. Not any neutral but a beautiful basic heel that we could be worn with jeans, at work, or on the town. It makes sense. At work I probably wear this Stuart Weitzman nude pump three or four days of the week. In fact I’ve told myself that the next time it comes […]


A few months ago I posted about faux furs here and then this past weekend I was perusing my Wall Street Journal and lo and behold, faux furs are hot. Even Stella McCartney, notorious anti animal, is in on the act. You got to feel good when something you talked about a while back is validated by the Wall Street Journal. But here is why I’m bringing it up again, the Christmas Party. I was talking to a friend yesterday and we were talking about what to wear to our Christmas party. I threw out there that one of my favorite “go to” Christmas outfits was my leather pants with a fur vest and I’m ready to go not to mention comfortable. From Right to Left… Adrienne Landau Fur Vest Jocelyn Fur […]

stick a pin in it

With a husband that is 6’2″ I like my heels tall. Plus there is something about practicing law that I just feel a little bit more in control when I’m wearing high heels and towering over the men. As the weather turns a little cooler it is time to take a look at what boots I need this fall to help round out my wardrobe and I’ve decided I need these boots by Sam Edelman (1), a stick pin high heel that will look great with pants or pair with a dark tight and wear with a pencil skirt or midi skirt. Who is going to mess with me when they see walking down the street  wearing these killer heels? The point (no pun intended) is the boot with the pin-thin stiletto is […]

it’s baaaak….

well i thought all was lost. two years ago i really wanted the vince leather pencil skirt but i decided on the leather pants instead and of course i just told myself that i would buy the skirt the next year. so last fall i was ready to whip out my credit card and purchase  my coveted skirt but alas it was not in their fall rotation. what?! how could they do this to me? didn’t they know that i had saved my pennies and was ready to splurge. eek. i was just devastated but wasn’t going to settle and decided to wait it out to see if the powers that be would rethink that disastrous decision. lo and behold my patience has paid off. the vince leather skirt is back in […]

yes…i’ll take mustard on that

so caroline told us about the color marsala but do you know that mustard is getting a lot of play time? i prefer to think of it as “gold” and because i tend to wear a lot of “black and gold” see bio here ( i love my commodores whose colors happen to be black and gold) i feel set in this department. but i also started thinking what other color combinations could i come up with to go with my gold/mustard pieces.  think about your skin coloring. also be aware of your skin tone. those with cool skin tones should wear gold/mustard close to your face. if you have a warmer skin tone, it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear the mustard/gold just wear it on the bottom and a “cooler” […]

it’s a real clunker

caroline told us about the over the knee boot, which i absolutely love. it is a versatile piece that can be worn a ton of different ways. but the other boot that has been getting a lot of play time in my in box is the the boot with the chunky heel. it seems everywhere i turn that is what i’m seeing. i get it the chunky heel is practical. i don’t have to worry as much about falling over as i do when i wear my stilettos. i’ve usually would have paired my chunky heel with a skinny jean but i think a more innovative idea is to pair your chunky ankle boot with a flirty dress or skirt that is slightly above the knee. don’t try this look with a […]



Want to know the Sunday Punch TKO for Fall?  Wait for it. . . .  OTKs.  That’s right.  Over-the-knee boots. Back it up.  WTF?  How is the normal girl supposed to bust out some OTKs for just the average day?  Simple. These babies are perfection with every dress or skirt you own for Fall that is just above the knee or with your skinny jeans and a fab coat. And, so how/why are they a TKO?  So, what happens is that when you wear them with all your fall/winter dresses that hit just above the top of the boots, the OTKs really become this magic shoe/boot/legging thing that creates a lean line straight from the ankle to the hem-line.  And, voila:  legs for days.  Plus, they are comfortable and keep you warm in the winter. […]