Easy Breezy

There is nothing easier than summer dressing when you have a couple of go-to dresses and some sporty shoes.  It’s the 5-minute fashion fix and it’s fool proof.  I am loving this one from J. Crew (*30% off through today with this code).  And, file under #tbt – I am loving my new Tevas!!  They look great with summer frocks and crop jeans, too.  Super fresh!  Get them on sale for $30 right now at saks.com – no code needed. xo, cg J. Crew silk smocked waist dress. *$158 or $110 on sale, j.crew.com. Isabel Marant set of 2 gold-plated and beaded necklaces.  $121, netaporter.com Warby Parker Everett Navy shades.  $95, warbyparker.com Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre in Blondie.  $22, nordstrom.com Muzungo Sisters Sicilian Straw Pom-pom tote, $370, matchesfashion.com Teva Flatforms in french blue, $29, saks.com

Easter Basket Ideas

I feel a little funny blogging about Easter baskets on Good Friday and moreover why is it called Good Friday when Christ died on the cross on this day. (here is an article I found that gives some insight) But we will be celebrating on Sunday and Easter baskets are certainly part of that tradition. When you have a teenager, Easter Basket ideas seem pretty remote but no teenager wants to give up the Basket; they know a good thing when it hits them. But with Spring Break upon us plus a teenager’s birthday, the Easter Basket is the farthest from my mind. But so I won’t have a disappointed teenager on my hands here are a few last minute gender neutral ideas that you can pick up at any drug store […]

Beach Bag Beauty Basics

What’s the inside of your beach bag sitch?  I have this idea that my beach bag is permanently sitting on go — just sitting there waiting for the next trip to come along, already packed up, no thought required.  And, then, I’m all “Wait . . . what??  Who used up all my sunscreen???  I swear this was full the last time I used it.”  Or “Ew, yuck!!! Who didn’t put the cap back on???  Nasty!!”  Or “Is this already all gone???” and you try and bend the lip gloss stick to see if you can swipe the sides to scrape one final use out of the tube.  And you turn your bag upside down and a 1/2 cup of sand falls out.  And then you realize that you are the culprit and no […]

Top Fashion Moments of 2015


When I look back on it, 2015 seems like a watershed year in fashion, though I am not sure I appreciated the magnitude as it was unfolding.  By year-end, we saw our outlook on shoes, jeans, sunglasses, and decade-focus had shifted.  Pretty seismic changes on the Richter scale of fashion.   And I wonder what that reflects in our culture, generally.  Or is it just that, in the digital age, fashion flies as swiftly as the zeros and ones that carry it into and out of the smartphones we hold?  We shall see. . . In any event, I have enjoyed a look back with an eye toward what really moved the needle of fashion.  But tell me, what did I miss??? xo, cg   Year in Review: Top Fashion Moments of 2015  Chloé’s Fall […]

the beach edit . . .


yikes!  are you ready????  me either!  this weekend officially kicks off beach season and it just dawned on me that my cover-up needs to hit refresh.  and, i need to be spending money on a cover-up right now like i need a hole in my head.  at $79, this fab dress from zara hits all of the right notes and will be perfect over a swimsuit.   the straw tote is literally a steal.  with all this money i am saving, i am now kind of in the mood to splurge . . . if you’re having a hard time feeling summer coming on, maybe this will help . . . xo, cg   sandals | hat | cover-up | bathing suit | sunglasses | straw tote

kate’s closet . . .


can you even imagine what kate moss’s closet must look like?  thanks to british vogue, we no longer have to wonder. they hooked us up with photos of what it looks like to have the best closet, like, ever.  i’ve teased out my favorite shots below (all from her closet) but you can fetch the full story, released yesterday, with plenty of fantastic photos of Kate’s home, here. enjoy! xo, cg “My handbags are arranged by: black vintage, black daytime, bling evening, Chanel, colourful daytime and, lastly, simple clutches.. I usually carry a classic Louis Vuitton bowling bag.” “My wardrobe is brimming with Louboutins – the classic black Pigalle stiletto in patent or matt black leather is my go-to shoe. I have so many pairs that Christian designed a style with a […]