New Name | Hot Look


This look from the Fall Runways is Kill. Ing. Me.  OMG.  Are you dying???? If my post on Tuesday was about my favorite look from the Spring Collections, today’s is about the hands-down hottest look so far for Fall.  And that’s without even seeing Chloé or Céline or any of my normal faves.  And, this time, the winner is from a brand I had never heard of before:  Brock Collection. Brock Collection is a husband and wife team, Kristopher Brock and Laura Vassar, that launched their brand about 3 years ago.   Take one look at Laura Vasser and I think you will feel like I do:  girl crush!  She is gorgeous and oozes cool girl chic.  And, so maybe I am having a tough time separating the clothes from my desire to be Laura Vassar. […]

Totally Extra Capes


It turns out that “extra” is another hip new word that all the kids are saying these days.  The Popsugar article I read last week (forwarded to me by one of my favorite bloggers, Vanessa Culpepper of explains it means something over the top as in “your tiara is so extra.”  Right.  Got it.  I can see how a tiara is totally extra. Want to know what else is totally extra for Fall?  Capes.  That’s right.  Capes.  They are so huge that you are really going to have to get in on this.  Earlier this week I was running around pulling some things for a column I am working on for a local magazine (watch for more news on that) and I stumbled across an amazing leather trimmed cape in 100% cashmere […]

summer beauty: the japanese scalp brush | bonus: resort report


i feel my summer hair sitch coming on . . .  like when i move a little piece of hair out of my face or tuck it behind my ear and it feels all crunchy????  from the pool to the drenching sweat that is summer outdoor activity in the south to washing the hair way too often to the hair dryer to the curling iron to crunch. . .  that is where you’ll find me . . . until now!!  OMG . . . this thing is amazing.  the japanese figured out a decade ago that the world could really use a better brush and got on it.  the s-heart-s scalp brush (whatevs on the name) puts all it’s energy into the scalp which, it turns out, yields dividends all the way down […]

the basics: white denim | bonus: in the news


i can’t imagine not having them.  but, do you have a pair of white jeans that are actually flattering?  me either. here’s the deal:  you HAVE to own them.  and you WANT to wear them.  but, when you go to put them on, you feel like your legs have def looked better, right?  there has to be a trick or a key or a headline that i missed on the subject of hitting the right note with white denim. wish i had the answer to this one for you.  i am still looking myself.  but, here are some things that i have learned: if your white jeans are too tight, i.e., they pucker on the side seam, your legs will look heavier than they are.  white (and lightly colored) denim seems to be much more […]

culotte or not?


i busted out my culottes for the first time yesterday.  oh yeah,  i did. and, i am not going to lie. . . i felt self conscious. and then my husband started making jokes. . . but he ALWAYS makes fun of EVERYTHING i wear (his favorite sport, to be sure, but always in a loving “can’t i tease you?”  kind of way.).  that he teased is nothing new.  but this time i felt vulnerable.  and i am a bold, unflinching “earlier adopter” of fashion that strikes my tastes. and yet. . . so, i am torn.  i honestly think they look great in all the pictures i see.  i get the practicality – easier than a skirt for running around. they are modern.  they were comfortable.  they are perfect for this […]

so gorgeous. . .


before you peace out on me because you think runway picts are to fashion what a double shot of espresso is to a regular cup of coffee (too strong), hold up!  you totally, totally have to check these picts out. . .  the row released it’s pre-fall 2015 collection yesterday and it. is. amazing.  under ordinary circumstances, it takes me about two to three months to find the genius in mary kate and ashley’s the row.  but I do.  come around, that is.  i always eventually think they are pure genius. but pre-fall collection released yesterday had me at hello. this is where it is at my friends. . . this collection makes me so excited about fashion and totally stimulated about possibilities! why?  because everyone can cut a fabulous silhouette in these […]

going brogue . . .


hey guess what?  it’s me again.   here to tell you that another super masculine flat shoe is en fuego and that you HAVE to have it.  that’s right.  i. am. not. blinking. what are you going to do about it??? hold up, hold up!  er’body just chill.  you can totally make this work.  and you are going to love oxfords.  promise.   i had resisted, myself.  but now, i am in love!!  here is what happened:  i got all comfortable in flat shoes this summer and fall with my stan smith adidias and my chloe cork wedges.  and then it got cold and, really, i do not have any winter shoes that do not have a heel.  and i was kind of missing the comfort although, honestly, i am not sure […]

#nyfw recap1


it is not possible to get your head around how many shows have already taken place in so little time since #nyfw started. never fear, stylebriefs is here to give you the quick and dirty. below i have teased out my favorite looks so far and the trends i am spotting. . . stay tuned . . . xo, cg first up . . . derek lam 10 crosby next up . . . bcbg max azria brand to watch . . . tome  

coat check . . .


that it is predicted to be almost 100 degrees outside this weekend is not lost on me.  because, who can think about a wool coat while they are saying “cooling centers” and “heat stroke” on the local news?  not me, right?  wrong!  if you wait until it is actually cold enough to wear a wool coat, every good looking one is sure to be sold out in your size.  and this is going to be a great year for coats!  below, I have hooked you up with three prize winners that hit the racks this week at zara that you HAVE to consider and some of coats from the fall 2014 runways that surely served as inspiration. xo, cg

talking about a revolution . . .

yo, listen up! there’s a revolution going on. you heard it here first. sexy fashion is being overthrown by elegant practical fashion and it is happening right under our noses. tom ford and marc jacobs, kings of all things sexy and sultry, have abdicated their thrones and fashion queens, clare waight keller of chloé, mary kate and ashley olsen of the row, and phoebe philo of céline – all women in their 30s and 40s- have stormed the castle. with women now at the helm of fashion’s most powerful houses, fashion is becoming increasingly more centered on what is flattering and practical and comfortable and less focused on things that look good only if you are in your 20s and weigh 90 pounds dripping wet. these very modern fashion queens seem to […]