Not everything that glitters is gold…sometimes it’s silver

The other night I was meeting a friend for drinks after work and she came in wearing the most fabulous silver shoes. She had worn them to work with a simple pencil skirt and short sleeve blazer. I was intrigued by the pairing and she explained to me that she treats her silver heels like a neutral. That comment has stuck with me. I love it. So I immediately went home and bought these silver heels from Schutz. I’ve worn them with a pencil skirt like my friend, with pants and even jeans. As a side note I came across the Schutz brand when I was looking for a new tan pump. I love Stuart Weitzman pumps but honestly I treat my pumps pretty harshly so I needed something at a lesser […]

Splurge or Save

  I’ve really wanted to make this a regular post for a while. Y’all know from last week’s post that I splurged on this Frame blazer which meant other items in my cart had to go back. But luckily my research has found some very good items that look like a “splurge”. All of my “save” items in the picture came from Banana Republic and in fact if you read my Frame post then you know my lesser cost leopard blazer came from Banana Republic as well. This outfit with a few tweaks can take you from day to night. During the day, carry a larger handbag with a small hoop earring and in the evening add a statement earring and may be a red lipstick. Find links to all these pieces […]

Spring’s Best Transition Piece: The Trench

I am certainly not the only one who loves a trench.  We all do, right?  But, I feel that the trench is especially well designed for pre-spring days that are cooler (often by twenty degrees or so) during the morning.   When a lightweight trench is layered on top, it can be cinched tight to provided added warmth by morning and thrown over the shoulders or left un-tied by afternoon. There are some amazing pieces out there this Spring.  I consider a trench a wardrobe basic that warrants a hefty investment.  Having said that, there are some gorgeous options that don’t necessitate a deep purse scrounge.  Try this one from Topshop, this one from Zara, or this one from Club Monaco. My favorite one out there right now is this one from Theory, which […]

Burnt Orange

I’ve been trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe (see here) and with Halloween upon us orange has been my inspiration (not that Tennessee Vols orange) but a rich dark orange. I discussed orange last summer here but orange really  reminds us of fall. I’ve put together a few ideas below. Look, you can wrap this Banana Republic scarf with my new favorite Equipment blouse or this JCrew dress. Pair the Zara waist coat with these white Theory pants or back to the JCrew dress. Add these heels. Take the Equipment blouse with these Paige black jeans and add the heels or the Zara waist coat. Or simply add this Tory Burch watch for just a hint.  Take this cashmere sweater with the black Paige jeans or the Theory pants. You […]

i love my arms

i admit it. i have really good arms (thanks to pure barre) so i try to accentuate them while concealing some other body parts that aren’t my favorite. we hear it all the time dress to showcase your best feature. in the summer it’s easy, sleeveless is everywhere so you can imagine my delight when i’ve seen the sleeveless turtleneck everywhere this fall. personally i like a chunky sleeveless knit, not a a cotton or merino wool that lays close to the body. personal preference but i think it is more flattering by having a thick knit on top with either a pencil skirt or skinny jeans. don’t go thick and flare. not flattering at all. check out the mood board below but the sleeveless turtleneck is a way to drift into […]