It’s getting serious ya’ll… Shoe Version

Did you get the email that Shopbop is having its sale. Yep, save up to 25% off on some Spring essentials. with code GOBIG17. Get on the bandwagon because it is time and I’ve got a few must buy items in the shoe department. I’ll have more as the week goes on. Have fun!! Pedro Garcia Wedge Sandals: Ok peeps this isn’t the first time I’ve let you know about this must buy. Seriously I know it is an investment but I promise you will wear them ALL THE TIME! Every friend that has taken my advice and bought these shoes never ever regrets it. Go Buy Right Now! Tory Burch Flip Flops: These are a classic and if you have any idea that you will be at the pool sometime in […]

Low Tied . . .

Let’s face it:  even though it doesn’t really seem like the MVP of your whole pool sitch, the pool/beach shoe is a total baller in its own right.  What we are really looking for here is something completely effortless that kind of goes away. . . And, if it doesn’t?  Well . . . you’re left looking like a rookie — straight from the farm leagues, right?  I mean how hard do you have to work to get it wrong??? Actually, it’s a lot easier to get it wrong than you would think.   Here’s where my head is:  I am not wanting a challenging buckle situation.  I don’t want a clunky wooden clog.  I don’t want thick or heavy ankle straps.  No heels over an inch high or a steep pitch.  I love a slide. […]

Well Suited

Yo!  Guess what???  Spring break is, like, now.  I know.  You ready?  Me either.  The good news is that there actually is enough time to order stuff, and get it here, before you leave.  This week (I have MWF this week) I am going to focus on a different, but equally important, element for your beach sitch each day.  Today, suit options.  Wednesday and Friday, I’ll hit you back with cover-ups and sandals, respectively.  But, you better get on it, girl, times a wastin’ . . . Let’s start with this:  If you have a perfect body or love your abs and your arms and your derriere, you really don’t need any help here from me.  You can probably handle this sitch pretty well on on your own.  And, if you are looking for […]

Track Star


Guess what is a really big thing this Spring??  Track pants.  Hold up, hold up, hold up. . . don’t peace out on me until you have heard me out.  I can feel your eyes rolling even as I right this, but just hang with me for just a second. . . Last September during the Spring 2016 shows, Claire Waight Keller sent five or six different looks down the runway at Chloé that included extremely chic track pants — that’s right, track pants with the stripes down the side — and then Alessandro Michele sent a sweet pair of embroidered bell track pants down the runway at Gucci.  Then, Tory Burch included two different types of track pants in her Fall 2016 show last month.  And, now, open any fash mag […]

Burnt Orange

I’ve been trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe (see here) and with Halloween upon us orange has been my inspiration (not that Tennessee Vols orange) but a rich dark orange. I discussed orange last summer here but orange really  reminds us of fall. I’ve put together a few ideas below. Look, you can wrap this Banana Republic scarf with my new favorite Equipment blouse or this JCrew dress. Pair the Zara waist coat with these white Theory pants or back to the JCrew dress. Add these heels. Take the Equipment blouse with these Paige black jeans and add the heels or the Zara waist coat. Or simply add this Tory Burch watch for just a hint.  Take this cashmere sweater with the black Paige jeans or the Theory pants. You […]

Weekend Uniform


Here’s what happens with me just about every Saturday: I have to run around doing a million things all day long; I don’t want to look like crap because I know I will see a ton of people; but, really, I do NOT want to have to put a lot of effort into this; AND, this is important, I HAVE to be comfortable.  Feel me??? Never is there a better season for a uniform than Fall.  I just feel like this is when I get to relax on Saturday and still look super fash.  How?  There’s a simple formula.  Start with a great and comfortable pair of dark denim like these by Madewell or these by Mango (you know I am pushing high waisted jeans (so much more comfortable!!) and also I love it […]

tory has gone sporty

let’s be real for a minute. if i could get away with wearing athletic wear to court i would be draped in spandex from head to toe but alas i have to wait till i get home before i throw on my running shoes. but when tory burch announced she was coming out with a new athletic line, tory sport, i just might be one step closer to the dream of wearing athletic wear to court. it shouldn’t be too surprising. tory burch started with purses and ballet flats and has built up a multi billion empire in a little more than a decade. also she designed a stylish fit bit bracelet and necklace that we can wear with our lbd as we head out on the town keeping up with each […]

ladies of luxembourg gardens | #fdf: tory’s hip pad in paris


after being at the playground at luxembourg gardens in paris for less than 30 minutes, my son declared, unsolicited, that “paris is better than disney world!!!!”  booyah!!  oh, yea!  oh, yea!!  score two points for outdoor activities and non-tech entertainment!!!  too bad we had to travel half a world away to get there. but, luxembourg gardens were better than disney world for me, too. because, honestly, my first thought is not to throw on my new chloé frock to take the kids to play on a tuesday afternoon.  i think i was maybe more blown away by the ladies of luxembourg than any other venue in paris.  ooh-la-la! la-la! la-la!!   so very stylish. . . i hooked you up with a few photos below so you can feel their beat. xo, cg   […]

happy fourth of july!

happy fourth of july. i hope everyone has a fabulous day. with everything on the news it’s easy to be a little cynical about our country but compared to others we are truly blessed. ok so now the lecture is over one last outfit idea for the holiday. xo martha 1.marc by marc jacobs scarf 2. gap dress 3. tory burch wrap bracelet 4. tory burch flats 5. rebecca minkoff purse so we started the week with watermelon so let’s end with watermelon with a kick…the watermelon margarita! find the recipe here.

july fourth…pool days

so this week we are gearing up for fourth of july and whether you are going to be at the beach or the mountains or just staying at home we have you covered. 1. jcrew bathing suit 2. jcrew cover up 3. tory burch flip flops 4. mara hoffman bag so now that you’ve been invited to the pool what do you bring? how about picking up one of those fabulous watermelons you see everywhere right now and make a cool refreshing salad. there is nothing better to me than a juicy watermelon in the summer. i love the idea of combining watermelon with feta, having sweet and savory. this is a great recipe for all summer long but it is also an easy one to carry to your fourth of july […]