The One Spring Trend You Will Not See Me In…Gingham

Gingham has been everywhere I look. It is one of the Spring Trends we are being encouraged to wear.  See article here and here. Not for me. I wore gingham everyday for 12 years and the day I graduated from high school my gingham days were over. But if you didn’t wear gingham everyday growing up then I’ve got some Spring looks you need to check out. xo Martha Plus a few items you may want to try.  

What’s Fresh: The Shirt Dress


It’s that time again!  It’s time for sunny skies, margaritas, and a fab shirt dress.  That’s what I said. . . a shirt dress.  It’s huuuuuge this year, especially if it is blue-ish with a white stripe.  Both Vetements (known for their edgy street/boho vibe) and Versace (known for all things over-sexed and fitted) sent blue and white striped button-downs down the runway for Spring and the fad is spreading like wild-fire.  I think my favorites are the ones from Reformation, Pixie Market, (a total knock-off the the much more expensive Vetements version), Caslon (what a bargain!), Asos (amazing deal and I love that it’s sleeveless and has that great self-tie), and especially this one from Scotch & Soda (the midi is totally where it is at this year and this stripe hits the perfect pitch).  Speaking of bargains, […]

5 Minute Fix – #NYFW


Who can handle a full dose of Fashion Week?  Really, who?  Not me.  And, I totally love fashion.  But, I always need a moment.  I mean, sometimes I am pretty sure that shoulder pads and peg-leg, high-waisted pants are a bad idea.  Or, like, sailor suits literally straight out of L’il Rascals are never going to work.  But, I don’t know, sometimes I need to minute to think.  And I can’t do that when there is way too much fash coming at me at one time. But times like this call for fearless fashion bloggers to persevere in the name of service.  To push harder.  To last longer. I am pleased to announce that . . . I have the total fashion week hook up in a sweet scroll of 5 minutes or less!!!! […]

ballin’ on a budget| resort report


and, really, who doesn’t need a beautiful “go-to” dress in your closet for summer weddings, receptions, dinner party, museum events, etc.???  me!  wait. . . not me?!?  wait.  what??  i found a sick new brand that is literally going to blow up the affordable luxury, pretty dress market.  self-portrait spins dress confections with gorgeously fluid lines and detailing that look like they cost a stack (srsly) but actually cost the same as a tory burch frock.  (for example, compare self-portrait to these totally MAJE specimen by chloé, valentino, jason wu, and edun). it’s crazy.  who can make affordable look totally gangsta AF?  self-portrait’s han chong, that’s who.  a graduate of central saint martins (think stella, phoebe, and claire, to name a few) chong saw a void in the “special yet accessible” market place and stepped in to carpe […]