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i wanna rock n roll all night and party everyday…

this past weekend i went to the kiss def leppard concert and i felt inspired, especially when flipping through this month’s bazaar and saw a fashion layout on “biker chic”. how awesome is that because let me tell you you are going to see a lot of biker chick at the kiss concert. see below. just an fyi, that’s me on the right just in case there was any confusion.

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yo, sporto!

based on the popularity of lulu lemon, and the size and number of stores that have popped up in the past five years, it’s a pretty good bet that you, like me, spend a good amount of time during the week in work-out attire.  where martha and i live, it seems almost like an addiction — er’body wears them some work clothes er’where!   despite the amount of time i spend in work-out clothes, i have a very small collection of functional pieces and most of those pieces have seen their better day . . . what?  i just end up spending my money on other things  . . . like clothes that i don’t wear as much as my work-out clothes . . . .  at some point this has got to change.

lucky for us a couple of heavy hitters are entering the arena and there are some white hot options!!! just launched, which has an enormous platform of options — from sports to designers . . . . seriously, anything you could be looking for to keep you looking fly at the gym or starbucks on saturday is covered!  also, one of my new favorite designers, emerson fry, has launched an activewear line that is fabulous!!!  i need a gift certificate for my next gift receiving event!!  (hint! hint!)  below, i have teased out a couple of my favorites!!




emerson fry element crew, $128, yoga capri, $158, and unisex surf short, $128. i am totally diggin’ this look, top to bottom. white capris are ordinarily a non-starter for me, but i think they look great with the navy shorts which would hide all of my “tough” spots (or what i like to call my “T&A” – thighs and a**!!)



emerson fry sun racerback set of two, $138. i get so tired of black . . . this graphite/navy hits the perfect note of dark and classic. well done!


bodyism lily stretch sportsbra, $80. i love the cut of this bra — certainly should avoid the uni-boob and it promises to accommodate high-intensity work-outs. of all things, my sportsbra needs freshening up! and often!


bodyism “I am shiny” paneled stretch jersey leggings, $145 at these are totally fly — i love the idea of mixing it up a little!


nike roshe run mesh sneakers, $85 at bright colorful sneaks are the only sneakers to have these days and i love the orange/pink/yellow color combo . . . very summer . . .


this desert sands cotton terry top by splendid is perfect to throw on after a workout. i am absolutely crazy for it! $105 at


for all you media addicts, the jawbone UP24 bluetooth activity tracking band will help you keep track in style! $150 at

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life is just a peach…

especially when it is incorporated in a cocktail. peaches are in season right now and in honor of the weekend, i thought i would post a summertime cocktail. as a bonus it is easy peasy

peach cocktail

peach cocktail





  • 2 oz. Stoli peach vodka
  • Splash of cranberry juice
  • Splash of orange juice
  • Splash of Champagne
  • Peach slice

Shake first three ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker, then strain into glass. Add Champagne and garnish with peach slice.



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hoop dreams . . .

i am not the girl with the extensive jewelry collection . . . .  i am more the type to find a couple of nice pieces and wear them day-in-and-day-out without change until i stumble across another piece that captures my fascination.  it is only when i am seriously moved that i change my jewelry.  i know martha (who has an amazing jewelry collection) is cringing as she reads this!!!  but i get hooked on a vibe and it could last 10 months to a year.  i am pleased to report, now is THAT time – i have found a new earring!!   the fall/winter 2014 collection for céline featured a black hoop with everything. . . and i . . . am . . . CRAZY for it!  céline is not sold online, so i will have to muster my courage to call a store and inquire about pricing (being ready to pretend to have poor cell service and then hang up quickly if the price is out of my league).  also, they do not feature the hoops along with the other jewelry on the website (maybe they are not yet available?).  i have already conducted a huge internet sweep for a good knock-off (love a good knock-off!) but so far no major contenders . . .  but there are two options i am working on.  while there is little chance that the $6 pair from amazon will somehow miracuously not look like they cost $6 when it arrives next week, with the free shipping offer, it is def worth a shot.  also, i found a pair of black-plated sterling silver at gemologica (?) that is promising but i have no idea what to expect.  fingers crossed!!  there is still plenty of time — you can’t keep your hoop dreams down . . . xo, cg (more later on the shear socks and pointy-loafers . . .) celine-black-hoop-earrings celine-black-hoop-earrings-black-dress celine-black-hoop-earrings-black-overcoat celine-black-hoop-earrings-black-pants-white-top celine-black-hoop-earrings-black-shear-dress celine-black-hoop-earrings-blue-white-pleated-dress


at $6.16 from amazon with free shipping, i do not have my hopes up high for these hoops. i’ll keep you posted. . .


at $72, these black-plated sterling silver (???) from gemologica were worth a shot as well . . . more promising that the $6 pair but, still . . .



why “mesh” it up?

mesh is hot right now and not just in basketball nets or the bottom of a gym bag. i’ve seen it everywhere and it looks like it is going to be one of those pieces that we see even as we head into fall.

i first saw mesh this spring and was a little leery of it. would i look cheap? would my peeps think i was going all rap star? but then when caroline and i were over in atlanta i saw this vince mesh sweater and we both agreed that it was a must purchase. i love this look because in the summer it still looks cool even though it is hot outside. plus bonus; it’s on sale!



i have paired it with shorts for a casual look and even worn it into the office with a pencil skirt. this fall i plan on pairing it with a pair of skinny jeans or pair of gray slacks as a great transition piece. now this particular sweater is oversized so you will want to keep it slim on the bottom.

here are a few more options… all on sale





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jessica’s jeans . . .

you may have seen the feature in this month’s vogue on jessica de ruiter, a stylist from LA. . .


jessica’s feature in the back of vogue.


i will go ahead and admit that i am bordering on a SWF girlcrush on this girl.  her style is to die for.  what i love the most about it (and most want to emulate) is that it comes off as so authentic (please tell me how to blatantly copy her style while coming off completely authentic myself????).   anyway, i was recently re-introduced to jessica through one of my favorite blogs, jeans stories, which did a feature on jessica’s no stretch levi’s 501s.  that’s right.  not since college have i even said the words “Levis 501s.”  she TOTALLY blindsided me with this blowback to the late ’80s/early ’90′s and, better still, they just look so good and fresh (maybe it’s her flat stomach and skinny thighs??)

in any event, this caused me to pick up my quest (last dropped in about 1990) for the perfect faded levis.  turns out it is even harder now.  but hopefully, i know a thing or two more about clothes and my body.  jeans stories recommends as a “close second” Levi Orange Tab 1960 606s — which are completely sold out nationwide (but if you find them, you HAVE to tell me!).  so, i ordered a pair of 501s from  i took jessica’s advice and bought them super tight (turns out levi’s “waist” size equates to your actual waist and not your hips (unlike most jeans), so order down).  when i put them on, the look was immediately familiar and, i’ll admit, somewhat disappointing.  but, there was work to be done.  i had them cropped, like jessica’s, and i opted to narrow the leg just slightly. freshly back from the tailor this week, they need some breaking in and a lot of washing and drying.  however, i think i’ll get there.  and, i feel confident a higher-waisted and vintage wash jean will be THE jean for fall.  fingers crossed!

below are some pics from the jeans stories feature and jessica’s advice on the perfect jean. also, i included the saint laurent ads that have me convinced we all need us some high-waisted, lighter wash jeans for fall. enjoy!



What Jessica says about:
1. THE DENIM – “No stretch! If a jean that’s tight like this in the bum and thighs has too much stretch it’s going to hug everything and look more like a legging. Supertight stretch doesn’t look good on me – or I don’t like it on me, personally. When I think of jeans I think of this and not a showing-every-curve-in-your-leg kind of thing.”
2. THE LENGTH – “It’s not a capri, it’s just a little crop, one or two inches above the ankle bone. I like to see an ankle. It’s flattering on every body type, especially if you have curves, which most women do. The scrunchy ankle just doesn’t look right. On me. (But maybe it does on a lot of people.)”
3. THE LEG – “It’s not a boyfriend – it’s not baggy – it’s just straight enough so that it doesn’t hug your ankle or your knee. If it’s too tight at those two points then it looks like a skinny. I love the way a straight leg pulls away from the back of your leg below the calf. It’s like a little kick, and it looks great with a loafer, ballet, or brogue.”
4. THE WAIST – “Technically, it’s a high-rise. But it’s not too, too high. It should sit just above the hips and hug you a little. I love wearing a jean like this with a belt, braided or flat. Mine are all leather with brass or gold hardware to match my jewelry. You can see – the top button has ripped a little because I buy them too small in the waist and squeeze myself into them. I like them that tight. Eventually they loosen up, but in the beginning I have to use force to get them to button!”
5. THE WASH – “Lighter blues just feel right to me right now. It’s not too distressed, no holes, just a good, really worn-in indigo. I’ve started to think I need a pair like these ones I’m wearing that are darker and maybe a little looser in the leg, but still very tight on top and at the waist. I don’t know why. It’s just in the air.”





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what i learned from my summer vacation

“rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the blue sky, is by no means waste of time” sir john lubbock

on the way to our summer vacation, i read this quote in a magazine and i thought, perfect timing. it is hard to slow down. if it isn’t a fire at work, it’s home obligations, it is the never ending “to do” list and you feel so guilty for sitting down even for a minute and not crossing off the items; but, you know we need to pause sometimes; our bodies and our minds need to stop and recharge. plus the list is never going to get completely crossed off because there will be new items to add to that list

we went to mexico for our summer vacation; we had never done anything like that before and i was forced to unplug. it was beautiful. sleeping late, taking afternoon naps, eating late meals; things i never allow myself to do at home.

but i learned a few things too. first when i come home from work, i need to turn off the cell phone. whatever it is can wait. i don’t need to see emails, or check facebook, i need to recharge. second, coming home and visiting with neighbors or just reading a book in the backyard can help me recharge. now i’m not naive enough to think i can recreate a vacation to mexico by making these few changes but it can help. besides, are we going to remember the list that never got completely done or times we spent with friends and family.