#frf . . . ode to lavender

agreed.  it’s a dicey call. . . it could go horribly wrong.  it not only takes guts, but precision.  but when it is good, it is amazing. . . lavender at once renders a room more regal, more refined, more complex, more ephemeral.  it’s crazy. . . that it does all that.  but it really does.  and, it sets my mind on fire . . . whenever it is done right, that is.

when i had my very first home, i put a ban on all things purple and lavender.  and then i came across an amazing lavender chesterfield in a shelter mag one day that stopped me dead in my tracks.  like paul on the road to damascus, my eyes were opened to the beauty of a world i had previously shunned.  i began noticing how designers like john saladino and jeffrey bilhuber use lavender to add complexity and depth to their palette and scheme.   and, so, many years later, i made the lavender chesterfield happen in my own den (despite it’s prior ban).  it’s the very first thing you see when i walk in my back door.  and, it makes me very happy.

for this fab room friday, i have hooked you up with a super sweet scroll of fabulous rooms with lavender touches.  enjoy, happy friday, and have a great weekend!!!



the cover of T magazine’s recent design issue


saladino . . . 


 from remodelista . . . 


saladino . . .


frilly lavender loo featured in this month’s t magazine . . .


the chesterfield that got it all started for me. . . 


from vogue living . . .


saladino . . .


steven gambrel . . . 


kelli ford kirsten fitzgibbons . . . 


david kaihoi


celerie kemble . . . 


jeffrey bilhuber . . . 


jeffrey bilhuber . . . 


michael s. smith . . .


saladino . . .


katie ritter . . .


kelli ford and kirsten fitzgobbons . . . 


kelli ford and kirsten fitzgbbons . . . 



suiting it up

i’m in trial this week so i’m wearing a suit everyday. before you go that sucks, it really doesn’t. it is much easier to dress for a day in court than just a day in the office. i’m like the president, i just pull a black or navy suit and run out the door. i’ve got too many other decisions to make to worry about what i’m wearing.

but don’t fret there is a way to spice it up a little…the blouse. here are a few of my favorites from vince.

ps enjoy 25% off with promo code FFVNS15. you’re welcome.

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 8.52.56 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-11 at 8.55.11 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-11 at 8.56.49 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-11 at 8.56.11 PM




suede shift | bonus: coachella street style

i am still on the hunt for a dress to wear to my nephew’s graduation. while the bcbg frock from monday’s post (check it here) could be a rockstar, i am afraid it may be coming on a bit strong for a more understated event.  and then i found this amazing little suede number by warehouse & other brands . . .  suede is HUGE for spring and this color is just perfection — not only is it very flattering for most complexions, but this blush shade is on trend for spring.  add the price point and this is a MAJOR yes for graduation or something, right???  here is my mood board for graduation . . .


1.  warehouse suede a-line shift dress, $196

2.  brooke gregson 18-k rose gold diamond earrings, $2530

3.  jennifer zeuner pia lariat rose gold chain necklace, $180

4.  chloé coral elle clutch bag, $1390

5.  kendall conrad concave wood bangle in black ebony, $260

6.  kendall conrad arc ring in carved ebony, $200

7.  emerson fry thin strap shark heel, $325

i am cray-ZY for street style picts, and the picking is good when there is a festival where all the bright young things gather together. while these looks from coachella don’t merit a literal translation into my day-to-day life here in birmingham, they inspire me to keep my edge.  the wavy locks, the sun-kissed skin, the glasses, the hats, it all works together to add a ultra-hip air to everyday.

below, just the gals who killed it at coachella. all serious ridiculousness has been removed.  you will have to go directly to the fashion mags if you are looking for all the foolish fashion.  you’re welcome. . . .  enjoy!



photos courtesy of wmagazine.com, vogue.com, elle.com, and harpers bazaar.com






































let’s go clogging

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 7.39.33 PM


i love the weekend wall street journal. it was one of my favorite xmas gifts my parents gave me. it is just the right amount of intellect because let’s face it i don’t have the time to read the paper everyday. so this weekend when i was perusing i saw an article on clogs.

the seventies are back baby so this may be the time to give them a try. let’s bring out the flares, put flowers in our hair and put on a pair of clogs.

so i’m showing a few versions. personally i like the clogs with a strap. i’m a fast walker and i tend to slip out of the mule variety. i also want a nail head; it adds depth to the shoe. go neutral; most of the ones that i’ve seen are neutral but with this trend you don’t want to go bold. let the clog do the talking and go get your freak on.


Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 7.41.40 PM

jeffrey cambell clog

jeffrey cambell clog

jeffrey campbell clogs

jeffrey campbell clogs


best dress?

from weddings, to graduations, to summer cocktail parties, it’s always a dress that you need in spring.

this year, i need a dress for my nephew’s graduation and it is time to start shopping!  may is just days away!  if i don’t get this sitch wrapped up soon, i am sure to end up with something that looks awful and does not fit.  (hate that!).

i am coo coo for this amazing bcbg dress from the max azria runway collection.  it is everything.  for starters, the kimono belt is HUGE for spring.  (recall #nyfw recap here and my post on the tie belt here).  the soft, romantic vibe and floaty feel of this dress is totally on point AND will be the perfect foil for the smoldering hot days of summer in the south.  the missing back panel will require the “appropriate undergarment,” to be sure, but with that in place, i think i can rock this baby to all my important events this summer.

while i had high hopes for the remainder of bcbg’s spring 2015 runway collection, it seems like a complete bust (at least online).  all of the other frocks don’t even look good on the models. ouch!  no way they will look good on my body in real life.  ugh.  so sad.  so much potential.

the problem?  they totally ditched the tie belt on all the other pieces (except one where they ditched the one shoulder look).  critical mistake.  epic.

below, i have hooked you up with a comparison of a couple of the bcbg runway looks and the real-life companion.  what do you think . . . pass for fail?

and, hey! turn the volume up and rock your way into monday morning. . .


bcbg-runway-spring2015-best-dress-stylebriefs bcbg-runway-spring2015-best-dress-stylebriefs bcbg-runway-spring2015-best-dress-stylebriefs bcbg-runway-spring2015-best-dress-stylebriefs bcbg-runway-spring2015-best-dress-stylebriefsbcbg-runway-spring2015-best-dress-stylebriefs

bcbg-runway-spring2015-best-dress-stylebriefs bcbg-runway-spring2015-best-dress-stylebriefs

bcbg-runway-spring2015-best-dress-stylebriefs bcbg-runway-spring2015-best-dress-stylebriefs bcbg-runway-spring2015-best-dress-stylebriefsbcbg-runway-spring2015-best-dress-stylebriefs



cancun, mexico

cancun, mexico

as i’m sitting hearing looking out my window at work i’m thinking of last week when my view was quite different which led me to start thinking about the margarita. i know, crazy but something about the margarita. it was the only alcoholic drink that i craved when i was pregnant and i went all around town looking for a non-alcoholic one but alas it does not exist.

so here are a few of may favorite recipes to tide us over until we can hit the beach again.

the basic:

the basic

the basic

1-1/2 oz. silver tequila

1 oz. cointreau

1/2 oz. fresh lime juice

splash simple syrup

salt rim

combine all ingredients in an ice-filled cocktail shaker. shake until cold and strain into a chilled salt-rimmed glass.
pomegrante margarita

pomegrante margarita

2 oz. tequila
splash of cointreau
splash of lime juice
splash of pomegranate liqueur
2 oz. sour mix
lime for garnish
mix 2 oz. of tequila with a splash of cointreau, lime juice andpomegranate liqueur. top off with 2 oz. of sour mix. squeeze in some fresh lime juice and shake over ice. serve over ice in a salt-rimmed glass. garnish with a fresh lime wedge.
i love the pomegranate and when you combine it with a salted glass, the sweet and salt make a sweet combination (no pun intended)
strawberry margarita

strawberry margarita

3 1/2 cups strawberries 
2 1/2 cups crushed ice
1/2 cup tequila
1/2 cup fresh lime juice 
1/4 cup sugar
3 tablespoons cointreau (orange-flavored liqueur)
lime wedges (optional)

beauty bits | classic black (liner) is back

black liner is so classic it can hardly be called a trend, but it does seem that the width of the lines on our lids tend to ebb and flow with the seasons. . .  today, we are in luck!  black is back, baby, and in a big way.  this season’s runways were replete with models rocking a heavy lid.  and this month’s T magazine, which keeps it finger on the pulse, heralds the dawn of the day of the heavy black liner (read the story, battle ready, by emily cooke, here).

as the times points out, just how you rock your liner is personally revealing.    from grunge-y heroin chick to vampy sex kitten, from warrior to major beauty-ista, your liner tips your hand.

so, the prob with this sitch is that the liner pen is unforgiving and it can be hard to glide the lid with a steady hand.  there are a million beauty bloggers on youtube that can hook you up with a how-to on the black liner, but when i am in a jam, i really need a professional. and, i think you know the one everyone in both the fashion and the hollywood set turns to for the best heavy lid . . . my girl, charlotte tilbury.  catch her how-to on the “feline flick” here and the rock chick/smokey bedroom eye here.

and, if there are two things we love here @stylebriefs, it’s YOU and charlotte tilbury.  subscribe to our blog via email, below, and you’ll be entered to win a Feline Flick Quick Fine Line Shodo Pen by charlotte tilbury!!  yay! already follow us and want a chance to win?  email us at stylebriefs@gmail.com and tell us who you referred.  we’ll enter you in the drawing for every friend that subscribes!  yay!   

or, don’t leave things to chance. . . buy charlotte’s feline flick here. i also like bobbi brown’s long wear gel liner because it really does stay put (get it here).  either way, i highly recommend a smudger brush like this one.  use it to smudge some dark shadow over the top of the liner to soften the edge.  trust me!  it takes the pressure to be precise out of the equation.

below, i hooked you up with a super sweet scroll of some black-eyeliner icons and a couple of runway pics to help you feel the warrior vibe.

and, as always, head over to our favorite bloggers for their beauty bits posts today.  buffy has the detes on an awesome eye cream at www.stylegathering.com.  heather, now in her second trimester, has discovered a fabulous skin care line that caters to expectant mothers on www.mylifewellloved.com.  and amy lemley bailey hooks you up with some killer beauty inspo at www.myscoop.us.


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icon photos courtesy of pinterest. runway photos courtesy of style.com


audrey hepburn


bridgett bardotkate-moss-black-eyeliner-stylebriefs

kate moss


angelina joile


georgia may jagger


cara delivigne for saint laurent, runway spring 2015


tom ford runway, spring 2015


georgia may jagger for marchesa, runway spring 2015


calvin klein collection, runway fall 2015