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holiday gift guide . . .books

i am #obsessed with books.  in my mind, there is no greater gift to give or to receive than a beautiful coffee table book or a hardback copy of a great new read. even if you aren’t crazy for books, every trinket, tchotchke, or potted plant in your house looks better when set atop a pedestal of gorgeous books.

regardless of whether your gift relates to the personal interests of the recipient or is a new release for the avid reader, with a clever inscription from you on the title page, the book will serve as a quiet reminder of a time, a place, a love, or a friendship, every time the book is opened.

in this age of digital everything, the weight of the book in your hand, and the crisp turn of the pages, the slight whiff of ink that lingers when opened, are all cues to slow down and enjoy a moment – to disconnect from all the craziness. is there a better gift???? feel me?

below, i have hooked you up with some of the most awesome offerings of season.

because ’tis the season of amazon prime, i have linked you into amazon so that you can grab all those savings (discounted books! free shipping! no tax!)!!  you can thank me later!



gypset living, by julia chaplin. in her third book for assouline, julia opens the door to the fascinating and dazzling homes of jet setting bohemians, artists, and other laid-back-but-super-chic people known as gypsets (gypsy + jet setter = gypset). this book tops my list. while i could never live in a truly bohemian style, i find the way of life fascinating and inspiring. . . for the fashionista or the would-be decorator in your life. $32.11 at amazon.


omg. yes please by amy poehler is. killing. me.  hysterical!!  for your best girl friend or anyone needing a laugh.  you cannot lose with this one. $17.39 at amazon.


every one of her cookbooks is a gem, but this one, make it ahead by ina garten, is arguably the best. why? because we are all so busy. this book helps you get dinner on the table each week and make entertaining (what is that?? it has been too long for me) more doable instead of a completely exhausting chore.  every mom with kids needs this book.  word.  $21.00 at amazon.


this primer of classic design, in with the old, classic design from A to Z, by jennifer boles, is my favorite.  i cannot tell you how many times over the past year i have picked this up to teach myself everything i didn’t know about the elements of classic (think billy baldwin) design.  for the would-be decorator or shelter magazine junkie on your list.  she’ll will definitely thank you.  $24.59 at amazon.


this new york times best seller cannot be missed.  in not that kind of girl, lena dunham, writer, producer, and actor from the hit hbo series, girls, tells us what she has learned.  lena is widely lauded as one of the most original young talents in writing today.  you will love her writing style.  she is hilarious, wise, and fiercely candid.  for you or your besties.  $16.80 at amazon.


because we would all like to lose a lb. or two and no one wants to give up taste. in the skinnytaste cookbook, light on calories, big on flavor,  gina homolka, author of the wildly popular and number one go-to for slimmed-down recipes, the skinnytaste blog, brings us a collection of her best recipes that taste like full calorie but keep you slim in the middle. for the mom or cook in your life. $17.50 at amazon.


i’ve posted on this one before, but i could not help myself.  this book is just so gorgeous and such a delight to flip through.  have friend who is an entertainment junkie, always buying a people or us magazine or watching e! news?  this book, young hollywood by claiborne swanson frank, is for her.  this collection of portraits of hollywood’s hippest and hottest is extraordinary.  $47.50 at amazon.


in color by tory burch is fantastic journey through bold and subtle colors. from clothing to photos to interiors, tory pulls out the colors, people, fabrics, and photos that inspire her. i love pulling this book out when i need to fire up my creative juices. $32.50 at amazon.


by caroline

holiday gift guide . . . for the woman in need of pampering (you)

below, i have hooked you up with some indulgences for the woman who does it all and never stops.  the woman who keeps up with everything and remembers where everyone put stuff and when everyone’s events are and makes sure we all have winter coats and tennis shoes and things such as these that fit.  the woman who coordinates all the christmas gifts for both families and remembers to get all the nieces and nephews and aunts and uncles and teachers and neighbors their gifts.  for the woman who remembers to take the christmas card photo and order the cards and address the cards and stamp the cards and mail the cards.  for the woman who gets dinner on the table during the week and gets the kids to bed.  for the woman who does the laundry and straightens up and fills, runs, and then empties the dishwasher.

simply, for the woman who does it all.

that’s you, right???  i mean, come on. are you kidding me???

here’s hoping you score the indulgence you deserve this holiday season.  but, as i am quite sure you know by now, sometimes you just have to make things happen.  we can’t click “forward” for you.  whether it is this email or one from someone else, when you find that thing you want for christmas, we give you permission to forward it to your significant other and simply say “this would make a great christmas gift!!!!”

fingers crossed!



tiffany-t-square-bracelet-gold-stylebriefs-holiday-gift-guidetiffany t square bracelet in gold.  a single one of these on your wrist = perfection with just about everything from your bathing suit to your sunday suit to your birthday suit (oh snap!).  it’s time.  classic jewelry is never a mistake.


jimmy choo riley suede tote in ink.  i don’t know when i have come across a more beautiful and practical bag.  if you came to our saks event you know that i am truly ca-razy about this bag!!!  not sure that the picture does it justice.  quite simply the best bag for fall, for now and for the foreseeable future.  this bag looks great with jeans.  this bag looks great with your sunday clothes.  this bag looks great with everything.  it makes you more sophisticated just in the carrying of it.  it goes with black, tan and everything in between.  you need this bag.  I need this bag.



jo malone red roses cologne.  since medieval days, red roses have been the symbol of love, longing, and desire.  and if you’ve ever stuck your nose to the center of red rose, you know why.  it’s primal.  there is nothing more elegant (or loin stirring) than this single note fragrance by jo malone.

j-brand-aiah-biker-jacket-stylebriefs-holiday-gift-guidej brand aiah biker jacket.  come on, you need this.  really, we all need this.  look no further.  this is the perfect biker jacket.  word.  it hits all the right notes and all the right places.  the leather is to die for.  you can dress it up and i don’t have to tell you that you can dress it down.  and, are you ever going to buy this for yourself? probably not.  let your hubby/boyfriend/parent treat you this time.  it’s the perfect christmas gift.


mini silk slip by olatz.  with all that you do, you really, really deserve to feel beautiful.  every time you slip into this (wonder where the name came from?), you will feel beautiful — whether you are wearing it under your clothing or simply to bed at night.  it comes in a million colors — your favorite is there, too.  and, you know you won’t indulge yourself with this on the average weekday but you will never, ever regret having this slip.



hermès 32 mm reversible leather belt kit with black/tan belt strip and gold plated buckle.  because this never goes out of style.  because it retains its value.  because it goes with everything.  isn’t it time you had a nice belt instead of a million trendy ones?

by martha, gift ideas for the teenage girl

ahhh the elusive teenage girl gift guide

i am so grateful for my daughter, she tells me exactly what she wants for christmas. she does allow me to throw in a few “surprises” but for the teenage girl in your life here is your road map with a range of prices.


taylor swift’s new album 1989. if you are an adult you are either a fan of tay tay or you are OMG if i have to hear her sing one more song about her imaginary boyfriend then…but as a teenage girl you are infatuated and this is a must christmas gift. the song that is getting all the play is blank space.  a great stocking stuffer. just don’t tell spotify.


kari kampakis is a local author and she has recently released the book the ten ultimate truths girls should know. it is a must read for teen age girls and mothers alike. it is a down to earth read of how we can all be kinder to each other and what really should matter.  i honestly wish this book had been around when i was a teenager. it is a book that if our girls read and adopt these “truths’ our world would be a much happier place without all the drama. also if the mommas would read it, there would be less drama in our own lives. my daughter already has this fabulous book but i plan on buying it for my niece.


i also love these sweet as honey personalized scripture cards that are  for the special person in your life. i admit i gave these last year to my daughter. she keeps them by her bed and every morning she turns off her alarm and then picks the next card. it is a daily reminder on how God is thinking about us everyday. i have them at work myself and before i turn on my computer i pull my own personalized card and it sets the tone for the day. while i’ve posted these under teenage gifts check out the website, jennifer kline has developed scripture cards in seven different categories.


last year it took an act of congress to get my daughter out of bed, this year she sets her alarm to make sure she is up in time to get “it”just right for school. so i thought a curling iron would be a great idea to help her get “it” just right and btw they have come a long way since we were using them. i promise you will make the teenage girl in your life one happy little girl if she finds this under the tree.



i love rebecca minkoff and so does my daughter. unfortunately she recently took my purse and i haven’t seen it since so i thought for christmas i would buy her one of her own with the hope that i mine returns because i really miss it..


so we are just getting started for the season. the elves, caroline and i, are busy making this christmas season one of your easiest ever with ideas for gifts for your friends and family alike.









by martha, gifts for mom

what to get the woman who has everything…yep your mom

i don’t know about yall but my mom is hard to buy for but over the years i’ve hit a few home runs and i thought i might share some of my gift ideas. first, my mom doesn’t want a lot of “stuff” but i love buying her things she wouldn’t buy her self either because she thinks it is a luxury or i’m trying to get her out of her comfort zone. so…let’s begin.

to this day my mom says this is one of her favorite gifts (my dad’s too). she loves that it takes the chill off her on those cold damp days and is just like security blanket (a really nice one).



this rosewater that caroline posted about here. would be a great gift for the woman that is hard to buy for. i love the idea of giving her something that will make her feel younger because goodness knows after raising me there might be a few gray hairs that she has fondly named after me.


what mother wouldn’t love a picture of her grandchildren; now put one in a beautiful frame. this sterling silver frame is a keepsake and one she will cherish. if you don’t want to spend that much money, i’ve created the picture journal at my local camera store and my mom loves it. i’ve chosen a theme and picked pictures to fit the theme. a great gift and an even better price and plus you get points for creativity.


i’ve given mom flavored olive oils to cook with or even just drizzle on a simple salad. she doesn’t want another cook book or another kitchen gadget but she is a great cook and this is something that is so simple but is so welcomed. it isn’t something she would normally buy herself which makes the gift even more special.

one more, i love the pono necklaces by joan goodman. yall know that i use statement necklaces to change up an outfit entirely and i’ve found that the pono necklaces by joan goodman is a classic with a twist. they get my mom out of her everyday look without making her feel too uncomfortable and she tells me every time she wears one she gets compliments. these necklaces can be found locally at shop etc jewelry and i know if you were interested then the ladies would be happy to help and can ship.



and ps merry xmas mom

by caroline, fall 2014, Fall Fashion, handbags

what’s new . . .

hey!  guess what?  zara just got a new bag in that is to die for.  this navy, croc-embossed leather bucket bag has its finger on the pulse.  it has everything you need to stay at the peak of chic this winter. and at $179, it’s totally do-able.  christmas gift??

get it while it’s hot. . . i guarantee this one will be sold out soon!!


by caroline, holiday

shaken, not stirred . . . part three

i solemnly promise that i am totally done with the cocktail party dress guide.  just a soon as i am finished with this post!  but, seriously there are so many amazing looks out there that i just couldn’t stop once i got started.

if you aren’t looking super fly this holiday, you do not have me to blame!!

and i promise i will learn how to do a mood board sometime soon!!

don’t forget about our jeans giveaway.  read martha’s post from yesterday on what to wear for thanksgiving lunch, leave a comment telling us your favorite thanksgiving tradition and you could be the lucky winner of a new pair of jeans from fab’rik!!



are you dying?  i. am. dying.  i can totally see this two-tone bronze and silver sequin dress with from topshop with black opaque tights like these and some cute little booties like this. grab a fab little bronze clutch like this and a couple of rose gold bangles like these? maybe some eddie borgo pavé stud earrings like these (on super sale!!).  perfection!

zara-chain-strap-long-jumpsuit-stylebriefs-cocktail-party-dress-guidei am feeling this gorgeous navy jumpsuit from zara with a killer tuxedo jacket like this from j.crew.  with this neckline, you totally have to do a choker like this one.  and, my go-to single strap sandal like this by tory burch.  (i know.  i KNOW.  but, you could get these from saint laurent or these from givenchy, but why pay 3x for the same shoe??).  this clutch by clare v. would be out of this world.  i seriously cannot get over how chic and sophisticated this number is!




this cluster beaded top by tibi with a full skirt like this??  and our go-to tory keri sandal??  and this little beaded box clutch. so sick, i think i caught the flu.



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what’s the turkey dress code

we are a week away from thanksgiving and i can’t wait. it is a time that we give thanks for all of our  blessings without it being cluttered with all Christmas mania that seems to start earlier and earlier.

my family is headed to the mountains where the air will be crisp and a fire will be blazing all day long. we are casual for our thanksgiving meal (thanks mom!) which means jeans and a warm sweater and some cozy boots. below is my “classic” thanksgiving look but you can wear this the next day when you are hitting the black friday sales.  let me mention this real quick. these aquatalia boots are the most comfortable thing i own. they are weatherproof and hold up well to the elements. they are an investment but i’m going on eight years with mine and they look like i just pulled them out of the box. (sorry for digression)

for my birmingham peeps that’s lucky for you that jeans are part of my thanksgiving outfit because we are giving away a pair of jeans to one of our lucky stylebriefers. fabrik homewood has graciously given us a gift certificate and we want to show the love (some exclusions apply).

we are so lucky that fabrik recently came to birmingham. fabrik is  reasonably priced and my experience has been that the sales associates truly want to help you find the perfect outfit but also give you space to find it on your own because nothing bugs the you know what out of me when a sales associate hovers over you. won’t get that experience at fabrik; just helpful advice and just the right amount of attentiveness.

so…what do you have to do to win? Just comment  below and let us know what is your favorite thanksgiving tradition. caroline and i’ll choose one and you’ll be off to fabrik homewood to pick out your new favorite pair of jeans. but hurry, we’ll draw friday afternoon.