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red carpet report . . . the sags

the sag awards are, to most of us, the award show between the globes and the oscars where everyone wears their 2d runner up — the dress that did not win the competition for the oscars, and also did not win 1st runner-up slot for the globes. . . until last night. there were a – LOT of gals that fumbled at the globes working hard for redemption last night.

below are my top ten. . .


emma stone in dior. . .
perfection.  nailed it.  my choice for best dressed.  love.


rashida jones in ungaro. . .
every now and then a girl comes along that can wear a heavy bang. this is one of those girls and this one of those moments. i get that most people probably hate this. but i am crazy about it. it just looks so fresh and cool. and spot on. and what? modern. super love.


felicity jones in balanciaga. . .
this is one of those where i just could not find a photo that did the dress and the styling justice. trust me, this one was supercalifragilistic. every detail was perfection. the coloring was just dreamy with her complexion. . .


julianne moore in givenchy. . .
i love a red head in green. this was spectacularly simple yet exquisite in every detail. love the styling and her hair especially. . .


jennifer anniston in vintage galliano. . .
whew! i like classic jen: great tan. great hair. great bod. simple dress. i don’t like the “pushing the fashion envelope” jen that showed up at the globes. i think she got the message. soooo glad classic jen came to the sags!


kiera knightly in erdem . . .
someone else’s globes experiment was a bust . . . (Eira-Kay Ightly-Nay). love this purple erdem confection. it plays up her still fab figure and thin arms and her hair looks great. love this. much better than a riff on old dutch masters. . .


viola davis in custom max mara . . .
i just. love. this. i just do. it is so perfect for her i cannot imagine anything that she will ever wear will ever look as good. expertly tailored. those shoulders . . . that skin. wow. love.


claire danes in marc jacobs . . .
thank you carrie mattheson for taking your meds and going for full hollywood glamour!! when claire does full face and hair and pulls on a figure-flattering frock, you just can’t stop her! this is fab. and, after the globes, i am not even going to say anything about maybe her hair is maybe over done.  i am just going to skip that. . .


sophia bush in vivienne westwood. . .
fab! great work. love me some vivienne westwood. the corset is perfection on her slender frame. the hair looks fresh and modern. . .


camilla alves in donna karen. . .
gorgeous. omg. she is amazing. . .
could someone please tell matthew mcconaughey to stop it. seriously. . .


some thoughts on people who didn’t make the list . . .

julianna margoles . . . so close and yet so far away. she just can’t seem to get there. it’s a hair and make-up thing, i think. also, this dress makes her look kind of busty and she is a rail. i just don’t love it.

Julianna Margulies

julia roberts . . .
no. wrong. wrong. wrong. wrong.  did she borrow someone’s jumpsuit?  who sent her out of the house with this on???  julia has enough clout to tell the seamstress she is just going to have to let a couple of the seams out and re-hem the pant legs.  no excuses here.


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there was just a hint…

this past weekend there was finally some much needed sunshine and we warmed into the 60’s. now i know that will be short lived (hello! a chance of snow flurries; i didn’t mean that fast a turnaround) but whenever that happens i can’t help myself but start drooling over the spring items that are flooding my in box. but i don’t want to buy something that will just sit in my closet for the next three months waiting for it to warm up for good. so this time of year when making a “spring” purchase, i first look in my closet to see how i can “warm” it up with layers so it gets some good use right now.

here is a sweater i found on shopbop. with a touch of linen it definitely screams spring but i also know the cold will be coming back with a vengeance like… today. here are a couple of ways you can wear it now and what you can do to wear it later.



winter look:

black jeans and long sleeve t-shirt with over the knee boots

stuart weitzman lowland boots

stuart weitzman lowland boots

now for the spring look:

depending on how cool it is keep the long sleeve shirt or if it is warm enough make it a short sleeve. add a pair of white jeans and a pair of flats and voila an entirely new look for a new season.



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chanel meets whole foods and yep another give away



beautycounter is a skin care and cosmetics line whose mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone. the line was born in an effort to create a safe yet effective line that everyone can use no matter your age or skin type. but it needed to work obviously and be safe; hence chanel meets whole foods.

i was lucky enough to try this relatively new beauty line and the word that kept popping into my head when trying to describe it was “clean”. I just felt clean whether it was using the body lotion or the am or pm face lotion.  katie bell, a consultant here in birmingham was kind enough to sit down with me and give me the 411 on beautycounter and also give me some statistics of  everyday cosmetics that are sitting on your counter right now. it will make you want to drop everything and head to Europe (but that is a whole other story)

as a breast cancer survivor, katie wanted to “clean up” and as she explained “food was easy” but the items we put on our skin was another story. did you know that our cosmetics are not regulated by the fda and that while europe bans over 1200 ingredients from its skin care products for being unsafe the united states only bans 11. yep? i know. may be it’s because there have been no laws regulating our skin care products since 1938. shall i go on…

 beautycounter consists of both skin care and cosmetics. i was fascinated by the skin care and the results that i’ve seen. the skin care consists of two different lines. for example, the essential line is a coconut base which can be used for all skin types. however the one that i focused on was countertime, their anti aging line, which helps lighten the skin and even skin tone. hello 40’s this one is for me.

but i’m not the only one that loves beautycounter; jcrew features their essential lotions on their website and gwyneth paltrow features beautycounter on

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lustro face oil is luxurious blend of seven radiance-boosting oils. it also has jasmine oil which provides a sweet floral scent. you can use it by itself or in your moisturizer to give your skin that dewy look without looking too greasy.

finally birmingham friends katie and her friend dawn are hosting a beautycounter and stella and dot show today. click here for more information. a perfect opportunity for you to hear more. i know was intrigued and have a few more products on the way.

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sign up to follow our blog via email (enter below) OR follow us on instagram AND tag two friends in comments and you could be the lucky winner of the lustro face oil that will be a life changer for those of us well into our forties and above.  winner to be announced Monday at 9pm.

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by caroline

#retrograde . . .


okay.  whew!  i am just going to go ahead and get it out there. . . and i know what you are thinking even before you peace out on this post.  i get it.  it’s totally normal to think i have completely lost my mind on this. but, srsly. . .  i really do think it is a thing. . .

mercury is in retrograde today.


i am not a superstitious person.  and, i am a christian.  none of these things have to do with mercury in retrograde.

so yesterday morning when i got to the gym and started my daily download to martha (she is so patient with me!), i started with “it’s like there was a force preventing me from getting to the gym this morning.”  among other things, i had noticed as i was leaving for the gym that my husband had left his car lights on.  so, i stopped and went in and got his keys so i could turn them off.  but, his car would not let me turn the lights off.  i wasted, like, 10 minutes trying to get the d@#m lights off! i finally gave up and headed to the gym.

then, when i got home from the gym and we got my husband’s car taken care of and all that craziness ended, i was in the middle of getting ready when the electricity went out.  what???  then i remembered getting the postcard last week advising of “service interruption” today.  f! and, i was supposed to start my cleanse but now i could not use the blender because no electricity.  then, wait . . . f! f! f!!!!  how am i going to get my car out of the garage without electricity to raise the door????  ugh!

and then . . . i said to myself, “i bet mercury is going into retrograde.”  and then i googled it.  and guess what?  mercury IS going into retrograde . . . TODAY!!!  and that means the strongest pull was yesterday.  i KNEW it!!!!

so what does “mercury in retrograde” actually mean? well, it is a phenomenon where mercury (the red planet) appears to move backwards in its station.  wait, what?  so, if you looked at the sky every night and tracked the planets and stars, you would notice that, because of the earth’s axis around the sun, the planets in the sky move “stations” (places?)  ever so slightly from east to west every night. and mercury usually appears to be in forward motion (if you tracked it). but, the earth moves faster than mercury (or is it slower??).  so, there is a period of time when mercury appears to be moving backward (if you tracked it – staring at it tonight, it will not appear to be moving!!). like when you are driving in the far left lane and you start to pass a slower moving car on the right and, for a few seconds there, the other car seems like it is moving backward — but it isn’t, it just isn’t going as fast as you are???*  it’s like that.  you with me?

so, if you believe that the gravitational pull of the moon can move the waves of the ocean, it is not a far leap to believe that this sitch with mercury could be a drag on the earth’s circuit — and, thus, our circuitry.  it is pretty commonly believed (see recent articles here and here) that this pull causes things like electronics and travel to screw up.  flights get cancelled.  the reservation got lost.  the electricity goes out.  you forget to put the caraffe under the coffee filter before pressing “on.”  the alarm doesn’t go off.  you know, all those little annoyances of life that are really no big deal but can drive you up the wall!!

also, it is supposed to be a time of miscommunication.  you aren’t supposed to start new projects or sign contracts or do anything new during this period (if you actually think it’s a thing).  they say to wait until mercury is “direct.”  use the time instead, they say, for reflection and research.  you will have a clearer head once the phase has passed.

how long does this last?  well, about three to four weeks.  and, the strongest pull, as i mentioned, is usually at the beginning and the end.  and, also, this happens about three times a year.  i really only notice every now and then (like when i have a day like yesterday). to be sure, i just don’t have time to plan my life around mercury (can i get a high five on that???).  so, i never plan for it.  it just happens.  but, i do always feel some weird comfort in knowing that there is something afoot and that it will pass.  you can now call me crazy.

but, if you are like me and you now have to know just a little bit more, check here and here for the DL.  until february 11th rolls around and mercury turns direct, here’s hoping your travel and electronics run according to plan!



 *pretty sure some english teacher and my mother told me never to begin a sentence with “like when.”

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i just can’t do it

i was enjoying my favorite xmas gift, the weekend edition of the wsj (thanks mom and dad) and saw this article that stripes are making a comeback. no no no! how can this be? don’t they know that women don’t wear stripes for fear that it will make them hippy. now you’ll recall that caroline already told/warned us of this trend. see here and here. however in my never ending quest to stay on top of it i did a little homework to see if my fear of stripes had diminished because let’s be honest the hips haven’t diminished over time.

here is what i found out: 1) wide stripes just aren’t going to do it for me. i know i sound a bit irrational but i see this dress  and just cringe. i mean if olivia wilde can’t pull it off how am i supposed to?

2) so i started poking around and found that thin stripes work for me. now it has to be on top; i still can’t wear a horizontal stripe skirt like this:

3)less is more. i think with any trend one should dip your toes in before diving head first unless you are absolutely sure about it. since i’m not completely sold i think i may try this blouse or these pumps because sometimes it’s easier to try a trend on your feet or even an accessory like this wallet. the point i’m trying to make my “i just can’t do it”  turn into a “maybe i can” if i’m willing to give it a shot



by caroline, spring 2015

did you hear that?

shhhh . . . listen . . .

listen to the ground:
there is movement all around.
there is something goin’ down
and i can feel it.

on the waves of the air,
there is dancin’ out there.
if it’s somethin’ we can share,
we can steal it.

and that sweet city woman,
she moves through the light,
controlling my mind and my soul.
when you reach out for me
yeah, and the feelin’ is bright,

then I get night fever, night fever.
we know how to do it.
gimme that night fever, night fever.
we know how to show it.

night fever
the bee gees,
saturday night fever (c) 1977.

the seventies are back, baby.  and, really, it’s more than a feeling. (should i stop there or keep going?).  while the 70s might have been just another brick in the wall the past couple of seasons, this spring is an all out bohemian rhapsody for the american woman.  (boston, pink floyd, queen, and guess who.  not bad.).

below, i have hooked you up with super sweet scroll of the seventies beat that designers are laying down for spring.  feel the groove and go with it . . .


chloé. . .


marc jacobs . . .


saint laurent . . .


 gucci . . .


gucci . . .


chloé . . .


saint laurent . . .


chloé . . .


gucci . . .


saint laurent . . .


 marc jacobs . . .

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 1.31.38 PM

gucci . . .


runway photos courtesy of

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#frf . . . carrier and company

my first love, even before fashion, is interior design. . .  everyone who is a shelter magazine junkie, raise your hand.  k.  i think you can see my point.  and, i have been itching to bring a smidge of design up in here.  so, i have shamelessly, shamelessly stolen the title “fabulous room friday” from one of my favorite, favorite blogs, la dolce vita by interior designer paloma contraras (you really should be following – her blog is amaze-balls).  then, i changed it up only as much as i feel like my high school english teacher would require to avoid a plagiarism challenge (she was a really laid back chick). introducing my new column “#frf”.  what do you think?  too close??? of course, the best thing i could do here is come up with my own fantastic title.  but i am drawing a blank.  how about you???  got any ideas?  (if you have a title that i can totally steal, dm me!!).

today, i thought i would start with my new favorite design firm, carrier and company, helmed by Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller, a husband wife design duo.   perhaps carrier and company is the best place to start for this column because their work has not only been featured in all the major shelter magazines — which is a tremendous accomplishment in its own right — but their homes have also been featured in Vogue and W and they seem to be the design darling of the fashion set — including anna wintour, editor of vogue, fashion designer jason wu, and jay fieldon, editor of town & country.

what i love about carrier and company is that each of the homes they have decorated is so different.  it goes without saying that the rooms are all well designed.  but, in flipping through their portfolio, you quickly realize that Jesse and Mara’s calling card is personality of the person and the place.  that is, you can actually see both the personality of the homeowner and the place in which the home sits in the interior decor.  and what incredible personalities they have had to work with!

below, i have hooked you up with arguably my favorite room by carrier and company — though, if pushed, i would totally get conflicted because there are just so many crazy good rooms.  this is the main public space of the cooper’s neck, long island beach house of catie marron, former features editor of vogue.  the home was featured a couple of years ago in vogue (to view a .pdf of the here).

so, what is so super fab about this room?  everything, really.  blue and white is my favo-favo-favorite color combo.  but the use of ochre along with the blue and white, set against the clean white back drop and natural fiber rug is just beach house perfection, am i right??? the room is a little old fashion and a little cool and cutting edge at the same time.  i love the modern plaster chandelier with the traditional upholstery pieces and blue and white delftware.  the room looks curated rather than decorated. and that is a home run in my book.  love!  [insert heart eyes kitty cat emoticon here].

check out carrier and company’s portfolio for yourself here - it will leave you wanting more and asking when their book will be out . . . . enjoy!





photos courtesy of carrier and company